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1971 Nissan GT-R Skyline 2000GT-R For Sale $250,000



1971 NISSAN GT-R Skyline

“Nissan stripped the GT-R down to its bare essentials, as they intended to conquer the Japanese Grand Prix series, and conquer they did. The Hakosuka Skyline racked up an indomitable 46 straight and outright class wins and more than 50 overall wins over a three-year run, cementing the GT-R legend.


Today, an unmolested and original Skyline 2000GT-R is an exceedingly rare sight, as they are difficult to find even in Japan and are rarely seen outside their domestic market. Despite the fact that it was never sold outside of Japan, the Hakosuka GT-R has attained a legendary stature among enthusiasts. As the Hakosuka is the forefather of the fabled “Godzilla” GT-Rs (R32, R33, and R34) and an inspiration for the current GT-R supercar, it represents not only Nissan’s period dominance in motorsport but also an ongoing commitment to engineering, innovation, and competition success.

One cannot overstate the rarity and burgeoning interest of these exciting and very entertaining sports cars. To find a low mileage, sympathetically restored, and virtually original example in the U.S. is an opportunity not to be missed, and one that is unlikely to be repeated any time soon.

*NOTE: Serious inquires only. Please no sales solicitation calls.”

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