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25 Coolest Car Gadgets And Accessories



Our team has put together an exclusive list of the 25 coolest car gadgets and accessories on the market. You can add them to your own wishlist or even buy them as gifts for your loved ones! Please click the links in the article to learn more about each product and to purchase them today.

1. KeySmart Pro With Tile Smart Location
Let’s play some word association. When we say ‘keys,’ you say… What? ‘Lost’? You wouldn’t be alone. Which is precisely why KeySmart has enhanced the world’s simplest key organizer by integrating with Tile™ Smart Location. Organizing and keeping track of your keys has never been easier! Keep all your keys in a simple sleeve, and locate them anywhere using the Tile™ app. There is a better way to keep track of your keys, and this is it.

In the event of a collision, the Black Box is your best witness. Engineered with its own G-sensor, this dash cam captures footage and audio in the moment, ensuring you’ll always have a second pair of eyes if you find yourself in an accident. It records in crisp 1080p resolution day or night and boasts an impressive 120-degree recording angle that will capture every important detail. And, thanks to its compact design, you can stick it directly on your windshield without obscuring your line of sight.

A car charger and power bank in one, the PowerItUp Adapter lets you charge your device on the road and take some extra juice with you wherever you go. Plug it into your vehicle just like a regular charger and reliably power up en route to your destination. Once you arrive, you can take it with you on foot and keep your devices energized with its beefy 3,000mAh battery. Plus, with Overcharge and overcurrent protection, as well as a replaceable fuse, you can trust that you’re safely charging your devices wherever you go.

4. VogDUO Car Charger Go
Keep your devices powered and charged up on the road with the Charger Go from VogDUO. This charger provides two fast-charging USB-C outlets to keep all of your devices ready to go at a moment’s notice.

5. GoSafe S780 Dash Cam with Sony Image Sensor
Looking for a great dash cam that records well in low light? Shouldn’t everyone be? Check out the GoSafe S780. With its revolutionary Sony Starvis sensor, the S780 delivers remarkable performance in those tricky dusk driving situations. Plus, thanks to its dual-channel system, you can record both the front and rear of your vehicle at the same time. Now that’s insurance.

When you’re driving at night, it pays to be safe and the GoSafe S37 Dash Cam gives you an extra sense of security. This cam uses Sony’s Exmor sensor to record high-quality 1080p HD video day, night, or in any weather. It even has adjustable exposure values to guarantee top-notch video resolution. With a variety of built-in recording modes, this dash cam will work for whatever purpose you need and ensure you always have a video insurance policy.

Jealous of your friend’s fancy parking sensor in her new car? Don’t worry, they got played because adding an extra pair of eyes to your car is significantly cheaper than a new car. Just get a FenSens. This license plate-based smart wireless parking sensor installs on any car and alerts you when you’re getting too close to objects so you know when to stop. The easy-to-use app launches instantly even if your phone is in your pocket so you’ll always have that added sense of security.

The sturdy GoSafe 228 will handle any situation like a champ. Made to withstand the harshest of weather conditions, this dash camera automatically turns on when you turn on your car and records at an 120° angle view and in 1080p full HD resolution, for high quality videos, day and night. The GoSafe 228’s slim and sleek quality design allows for low-profile surveillance, whether you’re using video mode, motion detection mode, or camera mode. And to playback your videos, this dash camera comes with a 1.8″ LCD display, and, includes a built-in G sensor to automatically lock and protect the file when it detects an any impact, making the GoSafe 228 ready for any ride life throws you.

It’s the 21st century and the law dictates you keep that phone out of your hands while driving! Keep your eyes on the road without having to sacrifice your navigation with this universal smartphone clip. This holder clips onto your dashboard and allows you to adjust your phone’s angle for your best view. Don’t get ticketed for holding your phone while driving when it’s so easily avoidable.

Cars have a tendency to get smelly over time. Cleanse the air with this Car Air Ionizer & Purifier! It easily plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter or power socket and works quickly to purify the air, bathing it in a fresh forest smell. Meanwhile, it emits ozone and anion to clean and revitalize the air in your car, removing nasty odors and cigarette smoke.

There are many car smartphone mounts on the market, but none quite so versatile as the Gravity X. This revolutionary mount secures your phone in just seconds by locking into any gap on the car’s dash or on the plastic trim. By utilizing the weight of the phone itself, the Gravity X allows you to lock a phone securely in place with one hand, making it supremely easy to operate and safe for use while driving.

Breathe better with the AirFresh S10D Air Purifier! In just six minutes, this device completely cleanses the air in the car or other small space using its next-gen dust detector to release positive and negative ions to kill bacteria and harmful PM 2.5. It can cover an area of up to 10 cubic meters and is easily operated with just a wave of your hand. Treat your lungs better – it just takes a few minutes.

Breathe better with the AirFresh S10D Air Purifier! In just six minutes, this device completely cleanses the air in the car or other small space using its next-gen dust detector to release positive and negative ions to kill bacteria and harmful PM 2.5. It can cover an area of up to 10 cubic meters and is easily operated with just a wave of your hand. Treat your lungs better – it just takes a few minutes.

Breathe better with the AirFresh S10D Air Purifier! In just six minutes, this device completely cleanses the air in the car or other small space using its next-gen dust detector to release positive and negative ions to kill bacteria and harmful PM 2.5. It can cover an area of up to 10 cubic meters and is easily operated with just a wave of your hand. Treat your lungs better – it just takes a few minutes.

Don’t futz with your smartphone while driving. There, now that we’ve got that out of the way, if you absolutely must look at your smartphone while navigating or reading instructions, do it hands-free with the ExoMount Ultra. With the strongest suction cup technology, ExoSeal, the ExoMount sticks to any dash and rotates 360º so you can view your phone any way you’d like.

Window breakers and seat belt cutters have become pretty standard fare on emergency tools considering the possibility of being in a car crash, but how do you keep track of a tool that you literally never use unless you’re in an accident? Here’s an idea, use it as your car charger. That’s exactly what this Ztylus innovation does, plugging right into your car’s outlet to charge your phone when you need it, or just be handy in case disaster strikes.

Nothing is as essential as focusing on the road. That’s why the Rotating Car Phone Stand features a powerful suction cup that attaches to your windshield or dashboard to hold your phone, while you do the driving. It keeps your smartphone securely in place, but also adjusts 360-degrees so you can easily use it for maps, music or as needed.

Finally, a gadget to help Android and Apple lovers live in harmony has arrived! This handy 6-foot MFi-certified charging cable will keep your trusted devices powered from a distance, so you won’t be stuck slouching over a pesky outlet. This must-have cable is compatible with both Lightning devices and micro USB devices, so a difference in platforms won’t be the difference maker in your relationship.

Quick disclaimer: Don’t use this universal car mount to play Pokemon Go and drive. Now that that’s out of the way, do use this universal car mount to easily and safely view your smartphone’s GPS or the GPS device of your choosing. This sturdy, flexible car mount attaches firmly to your dashboard or windshield with ease and orients any way that works for you.

Things happen. Your car air gets dirty, your phone runs low on battery. But now you’ve got the stone to kill both those birds. The AIR quickly purifies the air in your car by removing smoke, toxic fumes, dust, pollen, pet dander, and even unfortunate mystery smells. To boot, it has two USB plug-ins to charge up your phone battery while it cleans. Now that’s a breeze.

Need a second set of eyes to vouch for you in the event of a car collision? This compact Dash Cam will record full HD footage right from your dashboard, providing a convenient and objective way to clarify how any accident unfolded. Especially valuable for its G-Sensor emergency recording function, which activates upon detecting any abrupt turns, this device will provide you with peace-of-mind and added security during your highway jaunts.

22. CHOETECH Air Vent Fast Wireless Qi-Certified Car Charger
Drive safer—and charge faster—with this 2-in-1 powerhouse. Combining a 360-degree phone mount with a quick wireless charger, the CHOETECH Fast Wireless Car Charger safely holds your Qi-compatible phone, while delivering up to 10 watts of rapid charging power. This charger securely clamps onto your car’s air vent and delivers 360-degrees of maneuverability to give you the best angle to safely view your phone on-the-road. It’s engineered by the expert team at CHOETECH with over-charging, over-voltage, over temperature and over-current protection, so you can trust your device powers up safely on the go. CHOETECH is one of the top providers of wireless chargers and consumer electronics, offering strict quality control and supreme quality since 2013.

23. Car Windshield Reversible Cover Protector: 2-Pack
Keep your car prepared for all seasons with these reversible protectors. The blue side protects your windshield from harsh winter conditions and helps keep heat in while the silver side reflects the summer sun and keeps the car cool. It’s the simplest way to control your car’s climate and avoid getting into an extremely uncomfortable car.

24. Ridy Distracted Driving Alert Device
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the ways in which we solve problems and Ridy is no exception. This remarkable device uses machine vision analytics to determine whether you’re concentrated on the road. By continuously analyzing blinking frequency, eye movement, and other facial expression patterns, Ridy can determine when you’ve gotten a little drowsy or become dangerously distracted. Perfect for parents with young drivers, late-night drivers, or anyone making a long drive, Ridy installs fast and is completely non-invasive — unless, of course, you’re driving distracted.

25. QLYX Smart Magnetic Car Mount
There are smartphone car mounts, and then there’s QLYX. This ingenious “car wearable” combines the convenience of a magnetic smartphone mount for easy hands-free use of your phone while driving, with a remarkable app that vastly expands your driving experience. QLYX offers real-time traffic data, driving statistics, active weather forecasting, and much more automatically as soon as you sit down in your car. If you love to stay connected while driving, you need QLYX.

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