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31 Greatest QBs of All Time – Ranked



Good quarterbacks are few and far between in the NFL, and every team strives to find the one that can lead them to a Super Bowl victory. But exceptional QBs are one in a million, and few ever find greatness to a degree that cements themself in permanent glory in the Hall of Fame.
Patrick Mahomes just won his 2nd championship, but is his future brighter than all that came before him? Does the strength of John Elway’s arm factor in, or is Montana just the best because of his domination? Is Brady still the G.O.A.T? The debate will go on forever, but we think we have the best QB rankings around…

31. Joe Namath

The Jets won Super Bowl 3 because of Namath, and he almost single-handedly helped urge the NFL to merge with the AFL because of their victory over the Colts at the time. He had an incredible arn, and is the one of the best Jets in history, and forever will be remembered for his legacy in the most pivotal days.

30. Cam Newton

Despite being traded, Cam Newton still went down as the best player in Carolina Panthers history. He was a multi-dimensional QB, and kept defense on their toes with his legs as much as his arm, and his young age means he still has many promising years ahead. acclimation year in New England, he should be back to regular form as the team rebuilds in 2021.

29. Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan has had quite the career in Atlanta, where impressive stats have surely outnumbered his championships, but it doesn’t diminish his career production. He’s a top 10 all-time passer and touchdown thrower, and undoubtedly has gas in the tank to pad those stats. He was also an MVP in addition to one All-Pro nomination and four Pro Bowl nods.

28. Bart Starr

You can’t say enough about Bar Starr, and though most would insist he deserves to be higher, he was truly “The” QB of his time. The 7 combined championships and 152 TDs are something to behold, and his 2:1 win-lose ratio is magnificent. But truthfully, he was the most productive QB of his day and age, and although he broke barriers, his stats were just the beginning.

27. Jim Plunkett

Jim Plunkett is one of the most notorious Hall of Fame snubs of all time, as he is the only Raider QB to win 2 Super Bowls at QB, despite overcoming substantial odds in the beginnings of his career. He finished with 164 passing TDs and almost 26,000 yards, but somehow, his shortcomings still hold him back for historical recognition.

26. Ken Stabler

Stabler’s wins nearly doubled his losses, and his lone Super Bowl victory and four Pro Bowls for the Raiders proved he was one of the best in the ‘70s. He was MVP, and nearly 28,000 passing yards later, he redefined how the NFL would market a QB.

25. Phillip Rivers

After 16 impressive seasons for the Chargers, Rivers played his final season for the Colts. He’s thrown an insane amount of TDs, has about a 65% completion rate, and has more than 60,000 passing yards. His one criticism, however, will always be that he was unable to win a championship.

24. Len Dawson

Dawson was a QB who played for four different teams, but he also won twice the amount of times he lost, wherever he went. Back when passing wasn’t the biggest focus, 239 TDs and nearly 29,000 yards was a lot, and his trophy case filled with all types of awards pads his case.

23. Sonny Jurgensen

Oddly enough, despite making this list, Jurgensen is one of the few Hall of Fame QBs who actually finished his career with a losing record. Oh well, because he still through for over 32,000 yards and 255 TDs, and he was a constant Pro Bowler despite being able to deliver in the playoffs.

22. Dan Fouts

Another Chargers great, Fouts may have had a rough start in the NFL, but when paired with Coach Coryell, he helped the Chargers become one of the best offenses of his era. The six-time Pro Bowler may not have won a Super Bowl, but his release and arm strength was one-of-a-kind.

21. Warren Moon

Warren Moon was a man on the move, but he’s still the quintessential QB when it comes to the Oilers. And don’t forget his career started in Canada, where he won 5 championships. His numbers were exceptional, and his offense was incomparable, cementing him as one of the best ever.

20. Terry Bradshaw

The Steelers and Terry Bradshaw became the perfect pairing at the perfect time, with the QB leading the team to four Super Bowls thanks to his clutch playoff performances and versatile style of play. He rushed for 32 TDs, threw for 212, and had a solid record of 107-51.

19. Jim Kelly

Before he became the legendary coach, he was an incredible QB. He dominated for the Bills, leading them to 4 straight Super Bowls, though he unfortunately was unable to win any. He was a true competitor who was as consistent as they come. His stat lines certainly reflected that.

18. Russel Wilson

People may have scoffed at this ranking a few years back, but there’s no debating that Wilson redefined the dual-threat QB position in modern times. He already has nearly 100 career TDs, 31,000+ passing yards and a 3:1 TD-INT ratio. His 4,000 rushing yards are also something to reckon with, and he has years to go…

17. Ben Roethlisberger

It’s hard to believe that Big Ben is still as lethal with his arm at the end of his career, but the two-time champ has always lit up the field, approaching 60,000 career passing yards. Though he’s had struggles in the locker room and with injuries in the past, he only has had a single losing season in his career with the Steelers.

16. Steve Young

The 49ers and Steve Young were the perfect follow-up to the Montana era, and though his career only spanned 8 years, number 8 made the most of it, winning a Super Bowl, reaching the Pro Bowl seven times, and hurting teams both in the air and on the ground. His dominance in the ‘90s made him a certain Hall-of-Famer.

15. Roger Staubach

The Cowboys have had some great QBs in their time, but Staubach was the most unique. Joining the league after serving in the military, his record was undeniable at 85-29, and his efficiency was off the charts. He won 2 Lombardis, and probably could’ve competed for a lot more if his career didn’t start at 29.

14. Johnny Unitas

Colts legend Johnny Unitas was the original G.O.A.T. All he did was win, securing 3 NFL championships in the previous era and one Super Bowl in the modern one. He won 118 total games, and threw for more than 40,000 yards when that was unfathomable, and his 290 TDs set him apart from everyone else at the time.

13. Fran Tarkenton

Minnesota’s greatest QB of all time hit 47,000 passing yards and 342 TDs, but his 3,700 rushing yards and additional 32 TDs is what made Tarkenton a superstar. He made the Pro Bowl nine times, and left the NFL leading every QB category in the books. He was truly ahead of his time, pioneering what a mobile quarterback could do.

12. Otto Graham

So many older era QBs get forgotten, but Otto Graham deserves the hype. He went 57-13 in his career, and threw for 23,000+ yards and 174 touchdowns, with an additional 44 TDs on the ground – a feat at the time. His 3 championships with the Browns make him the franchise’s last great QB.

11. Drew Brees

With all signs of things coming to a close, Brees’ career is nothing to be light about. His passing titles for most yards and touchdowns thrown are just some of his many accomplishments, in addition to his Super Bowl, numerous other awards, and borderline unbelievable stats. His 20 seasons brought some of the most explosive offense ever, and people won’t ever forget about it.

10. Aaron Rodgers

No matter the season or the roster, Rodgers comes to play every season, and he’s become one of the best to ever do it. He’s got a championship, over 50,000 passing yards, and still a few years left in the tank. He learned from Favre, but somehow his interception to TD rate is much lower, and his incredible arm talent has made him a sure-fire Hall-of-Famer for a while now.

9. Brett Favre

Speaking of Favre, he comes just one spot ahead of his current counterpart. Favre was explosive, and no one slung a ball like he could. While you can debate him versus Rodgers, Favre has more Pro Bowls and MVPs, and will probably finish with more TDs. His reign of the ‘90s was phenomenal, and he may have had his best season in 2009 for the Vikings.

8. Eli Manning

While most people will wonder why we’d put Eli Manning this high, his career is undeniable. 57,000 passing yards, 2 Super Bowls against the best team in his era, outstanding leadership, and some of the best playoff quarterbacking the league has ever seen. His clutch qualities alone made him legendary, and he may have been even better if the Giants had a better team in his prime.

7. Troy Aikman

Most kids today will know Aikman from the booth, but his tenure for the Cowboys was more noteworthy than almost any. Aikman’s 3 TDs for Dallas came in their golden era, and those around him surely aided in their dominance of the ‘90s. He was one of the most accurate and clutch QBs in big games, and though he didn’t throw as much as some, he managed the offense masterfully.

6. Dan Marino

As far as QBs go, you couldn’t print a better blueprint than Dan Marino. He displayed the perfect mechanics, arm capabilities, in addition to quality footwork. He consistently lit up defenses in his career, and though he never won a Super Bowl, he got in the playoffs constantly. Winning the big one could’ve been the icing on the top of the list, but alas, he still is considered an icon.

5. Joe Montana

Montana defines the best days for the 49ers, and though many would rank Montana higher thanks to his 4 Lombardis, they were really the only dominant team of the 80s. He also put on a clinic for the west coast offense, and put up 40,000+ yards and 273 TDs despite not going deep often. Montana wasn’t touched in his day, and he rightfully falls into the top 5 greatest ever.

4. Patrick Mahomes/em>

Although Patrick Mahomes still has a long way to go before he can stake a claim as the Greatest of All Time, he has already established himself as one of the all-time greats in the NFL, and he likely has many years of his career ahead of him. While surpassing the record of Tom Brady may seem like a difficult task, Mahomes has already won two Super Bowls at the age of 27, which is the same number that Brady had won at that age. Furthermore, Mahomes has the support of a legendary coach in Andy Reid and a Hall of Fame tight end in Travis Kelce, so the Kansas City Chiefs look to be a force to be reckoned with for years to come. As of now, the future looks bright for Mahomes, who has solidified his status among the top quarterbacks in the league, and with more performances like his latest one, he could ultimately stand alone at the top of the quarterback pantheon.

3. Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning’s intelligence, poise, and talent behind center may never be replicated again. No one called the no-huddle like he did, and his 72,000 passing yards and 539 TDs are largely thanks to his impressive orchestration. He effectively acted as the offensive coordinator, and picked apart defenses weekly. His two Super Bowls and five MVPs only help his case.

2. Tom Brady

Here come the criticisms. While Brady’s 7 Super Bowls in 10 appearances are insane, he’s always done it with good teammates and better coaching. While his rise from nothing is admirable, he has become the golden child of the NFL, and seemingly wins crazy awards just because he’s Tom Brady. His lopsided winning record and stats are incomparable, and probably better than anyone else’s, but it’s hard not to argue his situation and competition was a bit easier.

1. John Elway

When constructing the perfect quarterback, Elway should be your model. The man made it to 5 Super Bowls in the NFL’s toughest era, ultimately battling back to take home two in his final seasons. His legs, arm, leadership, and composure made him a QB the team could count on to do whatever it took, and he was the main reason the Broncos won any championships. Elway was everything coaches and fans want in a QB, not to mention he was an incredibly likeable guy.

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