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3 Ways To Trick or Bypass Uber Surge Pricing



We all know the feeling all too well. It is 2:00am and you are trying to leave the bar. You pull up the Uber app and are forced to accept the 1.5x or 2x the normal fee fare. Most of the time you have no other option so you swallow the extra fee. Below are a few ways to bypass that extra money altogether.
We know there are horror stories out there from peak traveling times on holiday nights where a fare should have been $8 and turns into $60 or $90.
Walk A Few Blocks To A Surge-Free Zone

We can always use the exercise and if it is going to save you a chunk of money, this is well worth it. Most times the “surge zones” are not large and you can escape them rather quickly with your friends and get a cheaper fare. We even have a way to take the guesswork out of trying to find the non-surging area. It is an app called SurgeProtrector, the app taps into the API of Uber and shows you the “surge zones” with lower or normal fare charge. Pretty sleek! Surge Protector app even has the capabilities to call an uber for you also.
Upgrade Your Uber

As we all could assume, UberX customers would be targeted for surge charges because it would seem to be the bulk of uber’s business. What you can do if the surge charge is pretty high, you can think of requesting a Uber Select, Black or XL. Most times the difference of X to Black do not correspond with each other for the surge charge locations so you can eliminate the surcharge or equal the ride fare but get a way nicer car. Plus, you will look like a baller at the same price as jumping in that UberX Kia with a 2X surge charge.
Surge Drop Feature

Lets give uber some credit, they have included a feature now, “Notify Me If Surge Ends.” A push notification will be sent to your phone when the surge has either been lifted or has dropped in multiplication.
You Last Resort, Check Lyft!

If available in your area Lyft is another app just like uber that can get you home safe or to your next location.

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