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Affordable Ikea Hacks to Upgrade Your Home



When it comes to moving into a new home or revamping a room, many individuals seek inspiration and essential items from Ikea. The Swedish company is renowned for its exceptional designs and reasonable prices. Nonetheless, some people believe that Ikea furniture lacks individuality. Nevertheless, those who express such doubts may not have witnessed the stunning makeovers achieved by cleverly modifying basic Ikea furniture. At a fraction of the expense, the options for revamping these items are infinite and include everything from creating a snug reading corner to constructing an envy-inducing kitchen island that would put Bed, Bath & Beyond to shame.

Kallax Kitchen Island Hack

What You’ll Need: A Kallax unit, castors, inserts, Lamplig chopping boards Estimated Cost: $95* Kitchen islands are highly desirable for their functional and aesthetic benefits. However, building one can be an expensive venture, unless one uses creative solutions. UK-based blogger Jen Lou Meredith found an affordable way to create a small island by repurposing a Kallax unit and two Lamplig chopping boards as a wooden countertop. With a cost of around $90, this DIY project is significantly cheaper than purchasing a pre-made island from sites like eBay.

Helmer/Alex Desk Hack

What You’ll Need: Two Helmer/Alex drawers and a wooden top Estimated Cost: $100* The popularity of remote work has soared, but not everyone has access to an ideal workspace at home. If you’re tired of working at the dining table and hesitant to splurge on a stylish desk, a visit to Ikea may offer a simple solution. Shift Interiors presented an easy hack that involves using either two Helmer or Alex drawers and a wooden countertop to create a desk that rivals anything found at Bed, Bath & Beyond at half the cost. Simply secure the countertop by nailing and gluing it onto the drawers, and voila!

Billy/Kallax Platform Bed

What You’ll Need: Billy or Kallax units, bed platform, brackets Estimated Cost: $200+* Under-bed storage is a popular solution for maximizing space, but it can easily become messy and disorganized. Fortunately, Better Homes and Gardens has a brilliant idea to optimize this valuable square footage. The publication suggests using Kallax or Billy units to create a platform bed with storage, a project that is slightly more challenging but well worth the effort. While the original design featured now-discontinued Expedit units, the Kallax or Billy units can work just as effectively. With the cost significantly lower than that of a pre-made unit on Amazon, this DIY project is an ambitious yet worthwhile endeavor.

Sektion Cabinets Built-In Pantry

What You’ll Need: Ikea Sektion high kitchen cabinets Estimated Cost: $600+* Blogger Brittany Makes has amazed the internet with her stunning kitchen pantry that looks like it was custom-built by professional carpenters. The secret behind this beautiful creation is the use of three Ikea Sektion high kitchen cabinets. While the cabinets themselves aren’t inexpensive at $201 per unit, the project was much cheaper than having one custom-made. Brittany and her husband ordered DIY shaker doors to cover the cabinets, then painted them a stylish grey hue that gave the entire pantry a stunning aesthetic. With its impressive look and Insta-worthy appearance, this DIY project is a fantastic way to make a statement in your home.

DIY Wooden Headboard

What You’ll Need: Ikea Malm Bed frame and Stikwood Estimated Cost: $250* The Ikea Malm range is known for being affordable, but its appearance can be quite plain. However, this range is perfect for a little creative upcycling. Blogger Sugar and Cloth breathed new life into her Malm bed frame with Stikwood. Stikwood offers adhesive wood panels in various colors and textures. Simply stick the wood panels to the bed frame, and voila! You now have a bed that looks like it was custom-made for Instagram. The best part? It’s not too expensive at around $200 for the bed and $50 for the Stikwood.

Cowhide Ottoman

What You’ll Need: Koldby Cowhide Estimated Cost: $200* An ottoman is a versatile addition to any living space, but buying one can be quite costly, especially as they are trendy now. However, with a little bit of creativity and some handy tools, you can make your own unique ottoman. This hack involves using an old ottoman or finding a free one online and using a staple gun, liquid nails, upholstery foam, and Koldby Cowhide from Ikea. Although it’s not the cheapest hack, the end result is impressive and adds character to any room.

Apothecary-Style Nightstand

What You’ll Need: Rast drawers and fancy handles Estimated Cost: $60* The Rast chest of drawers is a versatile and affordable piece of furniture that can be transformed into something truly unique. Thrifty and Chic showed off their creativity by using a router to add carved lines to the front of the drawers, giving it the appearance of an apothecary table. By adding three fancy handles to each drawer and painting it, they were able to create a piece that looks much more expensive than its $35 price tag. The best part is that the unpainted, untreated pine of the Rast chest allows for endless possibilities for personalization.

Rast Dresser to Farmhouse Style Dresser

What You’ll Need: Rast dresser, paint, wax, sandpaper Estimated Cost: $70* Crafters love the Rast dressers for their versatility and potential for customization, and This Old House took advantage of this by transforming it into a charming farmhouse-style dresser with some creativity. The blogger added trims to the top, bottom, and front of the drawers, painted it, and distressed it with wax and sandpaper to give it an aged appearance. While it may require some practice, the end result is a unique piece of furniture that could even be sold on eBay. At around $35, the Rast dresser is an affordable option for a furniture DIY project.

Whimsical Lampshade

What You’ll Need: Regolit lampshade, string, soft toy Estimated Cost: $10* With just some string, a glue gun, and a soft toy, a crafter named Anybody Home transformed a simple $4.99 Regolit white paper lampshade into a whimsical hot air balloon. By winding and gluing the string into a circular shape, they created a basket for the cuddly toy to sit in, while the lampshade acted as the balloon. This unique and cute addition to a child’s room is sure to stand out and add some personality to the space.

Playroom Seating

What You’ll Need: Ikea Samstad bench, MDF Estimated Cost: $80* When it comes to creating a cozy corner in a child’s room, it can be challenging to find enough space for their toys. However, a thrifty crafter from the UK, The Ward Home, shared a fantastic idea on Instagram in 2020. By using a Samstad bench with storage and a piece of MDF, they created a stylish and practical piece of furniture. The addition of stick-on crystals gave the bench an extra touch of glamor. While the bench itself cost around $70, the total cost of materials was around $30. This project was a hit on Instagram, attracting many other DIY enthusiasts.

Hemnes Shoe Storage Hack

What You’ll Need: Hemnes shoe rack, fancy handles, wood paneling Estimated Cost: $130* The Hemnes range is a step up from Ikea’s popular Malm range in terms of design, but with a bit of creativity, Hemnes furniture can still be transformed to create something unique. HeatherMoxieDIY demonstrated this by using stick-on wood panels to create a Hemnes shoe rack with a brand-new look. Heather also replaced the cabinet handles to complete the transformation. This DIY project is just one of many that the YouTuber has shared, showcasing how a little bit of effort can go a long way in making something ordinary look extraordinary.

Knuff Magazine Holder Turned Door Organizer

What You’ll Need: Knuff magazine holder, glue Estimated Cost: $10* Magazine holders are not just for magazines! A clever DIYer discovered that they can be used to store a variety of items and even be mounted on the inside of a cupboard door. By using a Knuff magazine holder and strong glue, you can create a handy storage solution that keeps items organized and out of sight. Whether you need to store cleaning products or extra supplies, this easy hack is a hit.

Besta TV Stand Turned Reading Nook

What You’ll Need: Besta TV table, padded cushion, doors Estimated Cost: $250* Book lovers can create their very own reading nook without breaking the bank by using a Besta TV stand, which costs around $190. Real Simple Home took this idea to the next level by adding Norse Interior doors to hide the storage, giving it a chic and polished look. Once you add an upholstered cushion, blankets, and throw pillows, you’ll have a cozy spot to curl up and read your favorite novel.

DIY Ivar Folding Screen

What You’ll Need: Ivar ends, rattan material, glue Estimated Cost: $100* Ikea, known for its inventive displays in their stores, has also come up with some hacks themselves. Their website provides instructions on how to make a chic screen using Ivar ends. With each end costing around $14 and at least six required, along with a roll of rattan from a fabric shop, a glue gun, and some hinges, the rest of the process is simple. Cut the rattan to size, line up the hinges, and create a folding screen that can be used in various rooms.

Sultan Lade Bed Slats Wall Hanger Hack

What You’ll Need: Luroy bed slats, wall hooks Estimated Cost: $25* It appears that Sultan Lade bed slats are no longer available at Ikea, but fear not as Luroy slats can be used instead for a similar purpose. To create a trendy piece of wall storage, all you need are two heavy-duty wall hooks and the slats. Simply hang the slats on the wall using the hooks and you’ve got a practical and visually pleasing storage solution.

Proppmätt Cutting Board Clock

What You’ll Need: Proppmatt cutting board, clock hands Estimated Cost: $10* Kristina Steinmetz of Ich Designer decided to create a unique clock by using a $4.99 Proppmatt cutting board from Ikea instead of a normal timepiece. After drilling a hole in it, she inserted clock hands to turn it into a charming and unconventional clock face. While it may not appeal to everyone’s taste, it’s certainly an innovative way to repurpose an ordinary item.

Billy Bookcase Cat Hangout

What You’ll Need: Billy bookcase and a specially-made cat basket Estimated Cost: $60* While not exactly a hack, many companies have come up with products that complement Ikea items to enhance their functionality. One such example is the wicker cat insert created by Swedish company New Swedish Design that fits perfectly in a Billy bookcase. The cat insert features a perfectly shaped hole that allows cats to easily climb in and out, making it a comfortable and cozy home for them. No glue or drilling is required; all you need to do is buy the insert and watch your feline friend’s world transform for the better!

Trofast Kids Desk Area

What You’ll Need: 4 Trofast units Estimated Cost: $250* Parents often turn to Ikea for their children’s storage needs, but sometimes it can become monotonous. However, creative minds like Pretty in Pink have found ways to inject new life into Ikea’s products. By placing a small wooden bridge between two Trofast units, they created a unique and practical desk for kids. They even added smaller Trofast units on the wall for additional storage space. Overall, it’s a clever and stylish solution for any kid’s room.

Small-Space-Friendly Stowaway Work Space

What You’ll Need: Micke desk, Nilserik stool Estimated Cost: $140* Sometimes, you don’t need to transform Ikea furniture to make it better, you just need to think outside the box in terms of placement. Ikea has a clever idea for those who want a workspace that can be easily concealed at the end of the day. The Micke desk and Nilserik stool can fit inside a wardrobe, creating a small-space-friendly stowaway work area. The desk and stool are both affordable, with the desk costing $80 and the stool $60, making it a great option for a teen study space or makeshift office.

Under Bed Drawer Storage Boxes

What You’ll Need: Small boxes such as Hyvens, Kvarnvik or similar Estimated Cost: $30* Design Love Fest came up with a simple and inexpensive solution to keep the built-in drawers of a storage bed organized. Instead of letting things get cluttered and messy, she used small boxes from Ikea to organize items inside the drawers. There are various types of boxes available at Ikea, including cardboard and fabric ones, so you can choose one that fits your budget and preferences. This clever hack makes it easy to find what you need, saves time, and helps keep things tidy.

KURA Bed Pirate Hideaway

What You’ll Need: Kura bed, wood planks Estimated Cost: $200* Kura beds are a unique offering from Ikea, as they are reversible and can be turned into either a normal twin bed or a cabin bed. One creative buyer took this idea to the next level by transforming it into a pirate hideaway using planks of wood. The bed itself costs around $180, and with the addition of some inexpensive planks, it becomes a cool and imaginative play area for kids. Spending $200 on something this fun and unique is definitely worth it, though it’s important to have some DIY skills before attempting this project.

Farmhouse Dining Table

What You’ll Need: Ingo table, paint, extra wood Estimated Cost: $150* The Ikea Ingo table may seem like an unremarkable piece of furniture, but with a little bit of creativity, it can be transformed into something truly spectacular. That’s exactly what East Coast Creative did with their project. By using extra wood and keeping the Ingo table as the base, they created a beautiful farmhouse dining table that looks completely different from the original. A custom-made table like this could easily cost over $1,000, but this DIY version was done on a budget.

Toddler Learning Tower Stool

What You’ll Need: Bekvam stool, pieces of wood Estimated Cost: $45* Toddlers enjoy being in the kitchen and participating in cooking activities with their parents. However, it can be unsafe to let them sit on regular chairs. That’s where this hack comes in handy. By using Bekvam standing stools, you can easily transform them into safe kitchen stools for toddlers. With screws, glue, and carefully cut and sanded pieces of wood, you can create a safety cage around the top, preventing the kids from falling and ensuring a stress-free bonding time.

Kallax Pet Rabbit House Hack

What You’ll Need: Kallax unit, mesh Estimated Cost: $70 Who says bunnies can’t enjoy Ikea furniture too? Instead of spending a fortune on a bunny mansion, one clever hacker used a Kallax unit to create a cozy home for their furry friend. By adding mesh, MDF, and other bunny necessities, the unit was transformed into a pet rabbit house. The total cost of the project was under $100, not including the rabbit itself. This hack is proof that with a little bit of creativity, you can create a unique and affordable space for your pet.

Wood and Brass Sideboard

What You’ll Need: Stockholm sideboard, legs, brass strips Estimated Cost: $500* Stylish sideboards can transform a room, but they often come with a hefty price tag. High-end designs can cost over $1,000, but why not try a DIY approach? Blogger Kristi Murphy created a stunning wood and brass sideboard by adding geometric brass strips and modern feet to a Stockholm sideboard from Ikea. While the Stockholm sideboard costs around $450, the DIY version is still cheaper than buying a brand-name piece.

Shelf Upgrade

What You’ll Need: Shelves, Beige and natural marble contact paper, gold spray paint, scissors, drop cloth Estimated Cost: $70-100* Alicia Tenise, a blogger, has shared an Ikea hack to transform black, boring shelves into a stunning mixture of gold and marble. To achieve this look, you will need the shelves, two rolls of beige marble contact paper, one roll of natural marble contact paper, two cans of gold spray paint, scissors, and a plastic drop cloth. Assemble the shelves and spray them with three coats of gold spray paint, leaving them to dry for half an hour. Then, cover the fiberboard with beige marble contact paper and the glass shelves with natural marble contact paper. Finally, assemble the shelves to complete the transformation. This hack is an affordable way to upgrade your shelves and add a touch of glamor to any room.

Plexiglass Lack Hack

What You’ll Need: IKEA Lack table, double-sided tape, acrylic plexiglass, Estimated Cost: $50-$60* You don’t need any special tools for this IKEA hack except for one crucial step: cutting the acrylic Plexiglass. The hack involves using scissors and double-sided tape to attach the Plexiglass to the Lack table frame, creating a unique, modern bedside table. If you go for the smoky, acrylic look, you can achieve a cube-like appearance. Ich Designer advises that finding someone to cut the glass for you should be easy, as long as you have the measurements of your Lack table.

Plant Stand Upgrade

What You’ll Need: IKEA PS 2014 plant stand, 3 wooden trays, super glue, flat socket cap screws, eight connecting cap nuts Estimated Cost: $150* To transform your IKEA plant stand into a more luxurious-looking Acacia Wood Plant Stand, Sugar & Cloth has created a simple DIY project. First, assemble the plant stand as directed by IKEA. Then, attach flat socket cap screws and eight connecting cap nuts to the wooden plates using super glue. Use clamps to hold the plates in place while the glue sets. The resulting stands look more refined than the standard plastic ones and give the impression that the planters are floating.

Tripod Lamp DIY

What You’ll Need: 28” Nymo, 14” wood circle, drill, three square wood posts, screw and screwdriver, 1 ½” washer, 2 ½” circle drill bit saw, 1 3/8” hole saw drill bit, leather strapping, light cord, printable template, command wire hooks Estimated Cost: $200* With a bit of DIY skills, you can easily upgrade your IKEA Nymo Lamp Shade. First, measure and mark the center of the wood circle, and use a 2 1/2″ saw to cut out a hole in the center. Next, use the printable template and a 1 3/8″ saw to cut three circles around the outer edge of the center circle. Once done, line up the center hole of the wooden circle against the lampshade’s center hole, thread the bulbs through the holes, connect the bulbs, washer, wood circle, and lampshade. Cut the posts and use leather strapping to secure them together, and voila! You have successfully completed this Kristi Murphy idea.

Swap Out Besta Legs

What You’ll Need: IKEA Besta, Pretty Peg Maj knobs, Pretty Peg Elsie legs Estimated Cost: $190* The IKEA Besta can be personalized using this versatile and straightforward hack from Pretty Pegs. To achieve maximum effect, purchase the Besta with grey fronts. Remove the original legs and knobs. Then, attach the Pretty Peg Maj knobs with a drill and screws. For the legs, use the universal fitting plate to add the Pretty Peg Elsie legs. The result is a cuter Besta with added golden accents.

Stacked Billy Bookcase With Chalkboard

What You’ll Need: Billy Bookcases (Single- and Double-Width), Cut-to-fit vinyl chalkboard sticker Estimated Cost: $120* Joanna Henderson has created a concept for creating the perfect storage solution by mixing and matching IKEA’s popular Billy Bookcases. By attaching a single-width Billy Bookcase to a double-width one, an “end” is created that frees up a side panel. You can then attach a chalkboard sticker, cut to fit the panel’s measurements, to create a memo board in addition to the storage unit. These bookcases can be customized to suit your needs and can be an excellent storage solution for any room in your home.

Stepstool Media Unit Hack

What You’ll Need: Bekvam Step Stool, 2 Fonnes Doors Estimated Cost: $30* Transform your Bekvam Step Stool into a media unit by adding two Fonnes Doors, creating a new piece of furniture at a low cost of around $20, plus $10 for the additional materials needed to connect them. You can also substitute the Fonnes doors with other sturdy materials like MDF sheets, scaffolding boards, or salvaged floorboards, as long as they can support the weight of the items placed on top of them. To make the unit fit your decor, you can paint the Fonnes or Bekvam in your desired color.

Add a Pop of Color

What You’ll Need: Ivar Cabinet, Rust-Oleum spray paint, handsaw Estimated Cost: $69-$89* With just a budget of $70, and a handsaw, you can turn your basic Ivar cabinet into a bright and funky piece of furniture using this hack. Simply cut four wood spindles to size using a handsaw, sand them down, and then spray paint them with Rust-Oleum neon pink or another bright color of your choice. Once the legs are dry, attach them to the cabinet for an elevated and colorful look. It’s an affordable and easy way to add some personality to your furniture.

Racka Curtain Pole Plant Display

What You’ll Need: Racka Curtain Rod Combination Estimated Cost: $6.99 per rod* Transforming a simple item into something unique is a great example of this hack. The IKEA Racka curtain rod, which comes with all the necessary fittings, can be used as a plant rail to hang plants, either real or fake. It is one of the least expensive hacks on this list, with the option to choose between black, gray, or white. Using macrame plant hangers, which cost between $20 and $30, can add a boho touch to the plant display.

Snidad Rattan Basket Lampshade

What You’ll Need: Snidad Rattan Basket Lampshade, lightbulb, drill, hanging cord, spray paint (optional) Estimated Cost: $45* To stay on-trend with the use of natural materials in home accessories, try this simple IKEA hack that will turn a boring light shade into a designer-worthy piece. Use a Snidad Rattan Basket as a lampshade instead. With little effort, you can remove the basket handles, spray paint it any color of your choice or leave it natural, drill a hole in the base, and attach a hanging cord and bulb. The Snidad basket is versatile and can be used to create a rustic or bohemian vibe in any room in your house.

Ekby Hallway Console

What You’ll Need: Ekby Drawers, Wicked Hairpins adjustable hairpin Legs, drill Estimated Cost: $157* Transforming a simple IKEA furniture piece into a trendy hairpin-legged console table or shelf has never been easier with this Ekby Alex Shelf hack. The plain white drawers cost $49.99 and have a 4/5-star rating on IKEA. First, stack the Ekby units and attach the Wicked Hairpins Adjustable Hairpin Legs to create a modern, space-efficient solution. The console table is perfect for a living room or hallway, and you can always paint the Ekby drawers in popular 2021 colors like Urbane Bronze, Maple Leaf, or Pale Apricot for a unique vintage look.

Ikea “Quilt” Rug

What You’ll Need: IKEA Mats, sewing equipment Estimated Cost: $5-$8 per mat* A homeowner on a budget found a creative way to make a large rug without spending a lot of money. Instead of buying a costly rug for $200-$400, plus $20-$30 for delivery, they used nine IKEA mats and sewed them together to create a personalized and affordable solution. IKEA mats are relatively inexpensive, ranging from $5-$8 each, depending on their intended use. By sewing them together, a large and unique rug can be created using simple materials and a sewing machine.

Trones Headboard Storage

What You’ll Need: Trones Shoe Cabinets, drill Estimated Cost: $24.99 per cabinet* Transform your headboard into a storage powerhouse with the IKEA Trones shoe cabinets. For just $24.99 each, you can stack these cabinets to create a storage headboard that’s perfect for storing clothes, pajamas, and other items that you want to keep hidden away. Measuring 20 ½ x 15 3/8 inches, the cabinets are designed to be combined and come with a 4.8/5-star rating on IKEA. Plus, the tops of the cabinets have a slight depression in the surface that’s perfect for storing your wallet, cell phone, and keys.

Mosslanda Jewelry Shelf

What You’ll Need: Mosslanda Shelves, hooks and eyes, back hanging ledges Estimated Cost: $15* The Mosslanda Shelves are versatile pieces that can be repurposed as a jewelry organizer by turning them upside-down. To achieve this, you need to attach hooks and eyes and back edges on the bottom side of the shelves. This will allow you to hang your necklaces and earrings, and have them organized and easily accessible. The top (now underside) of the shelves can be used to store makeup and other accessories. It’s essential to secure the shelves tightly to the wall to prevent them from falling. You can also paint the Mosslandas in a soft pink or any other pastel color to match your decor. Each Mosslanda shelf costs $9.99 and measures 21 ¾ inches.

Paint Your Wall-Mounted Ivar

What You’ll Need: Ivar Cabinet, paint, wall-mounting equipment Estimated Cost: $80* The Ivar pine cabinet is a simple storage unit that can be a little dull. While it looks nice with a white home, adding a pop of color can make it more exciting. To upgrade the basic pine unit, simply take your Ivar and your chosen paint color and use Frog tape to create designs with the paint. Wall-mounting the cabinet is a good idea for a kids’ room or play area to create maximum floor space.

Spray Paint Your Skruvsta

What You’ll Need: Skruvsta Swivel Chair, Spray Paint Estimated Cost: $140* The Skruvsta Swivel Chair is an excellent choice for those who work from home. It is a safe chair that features pressure-sensitive brake castors. Available in various shades of gray and white, it is a comfortable chair despite its small size, as per most reviews. If you’re looking to add a touch of color to this IKEA classic, you can spray paint the legs gold, neon, or any other hue that complements your home office decor. Adding a faux fur pillow or a fluffy throw can complete the look, as suggested by Alicia Tenise. In total, this hack, including the Skruvsta, costs $140.

Regolit Statement Piece

What You’ll Need: Regolit Lamp Shade, feather boas Estimated Cost: $30* If you’re looking to add a funky touch to your home without breaking the bank, this hack is for you. Designer lamp shades can cost hundreds of dollars, but with the Regolit pendant lamp shade from Ikea priced at $4.99 and feather boas for around $5 each, you can create a statement piece at a low cost. Start by hanging the Regolit securely, and then use glue or tape to attach the feather boas to the lampshade. It’s recommended to opt for a light-colored boa to allow light to filter through. To keep the shade clean, simply blow dry it periodically to remove any dust.

Lantern Turned Terrarium

What You’ll Need: IKEA Borrby lantern, waterproof adhesive sealant, terrarium materials Estimated Cost: $20* (Borrby & Sealant) To bring a touch of nature inside your home, creating a terrarium using the Borrby lantern is an affordable option. Begin by assembling the lantern and preparing the surface for the waterproof adhesive sealant. Apply the sealant to the bottom gaps of the lantern and the sides to create the frame for your terrarium. Next, add a layer of gravel at the base, followed by a screen, soil, and plant, and cover with moss. If desired, decorative charcoal or rocks can be added on top. Finally, mist the terrarium thoroughly and place it in a space away from direct sunlight.

Lack Board Game Tables

What You’ll Need: Paint, stencils, Lack table Estimated Cost: $20* Consider turning your family’s favorite board game into a permanent fixture in your home using the Lack side table, stencils, and paint. For just $9.99, you can purchase a 22″ x 22″ Lack side table, which is part of a series that also includes wall shelves and storage units. Transforming the Lack into a board game is simple: just paint the game board onto the top surface of the table using stencils. This way, you won’t have to worry about losing any pieces or damaging the board. Plus, the large surface area will make gameplay easy and comfortable. However, make sure to plan and draw out the design carefully before you begin painting.

Soderhamn Ottomon

What You’ll Need: Soderhamn Ottoman, fabric, sewing equipment Estimated Cost: $200* The IKEA As-Is section occasionally offers good deals, and with some DIY skills, you can turn a rough item into something beautiful, just like Rebecca Propes did with her Soderhamn Ottoman. Even if you can’t find this particular ottoman in the as-is section, you can still repurpose it to fit your interior design. All you need is the ottoman, fabric, and sewing ability. Rebecca used Poppy Peacock fabric from Joanne Fabrics to reupholster the Soderhamn, and turned furniture legs from Lowe’s to replace the metal ones, but the legs replacement is optional.

Tall Billy Built-In

What You’ll Need: Billy Bookshelves, extension cabinets, wooden ladder Estimated Cost: $750*(With Ladder) In just five seconds, IKEA sells a Billy bookshelf, making it a popular choice for those seeking stackable shelves that can reach high heights with extension cabinets. The Makerista successfully transformed a nook in her home with these bookcases, complemented by an unfinished maple wooden ladder ($527) to complete the built-in look. To ensure stability, make sure that everything is firmly attached to the wall, and consider adding a rolling ladder as a finishing touch (although it’s not recommended for children to climb on it).

Marius Fur-Topped Stool

What You’ll Need: Marius Stool, faux Mongolian fur, superglue, brass spray paint Estimated Cost: $25* For just $5.99, the Marius stool from IKEA is a great buy as it can hold up to 220 pounds. Although it comes in neutral colors, you can easily spruce it up by adding some faux Mongolian fur and repainting the legs. To achieve this, simply attach the faux fur to the top of the stool using superglue and repaint the legs with a brass color for a modern look. You can find faux Mongolian fur on Amazon for $10.99, but ensure you have enough before starting the project. It’s better to have extra fur than not enough.

Myrheden Memo Board Trellis

What You’ll Need: Myrheden Memo Board, faux ivy, wall hangings Estimated Cost: $40* For less than $50, you can recreate this stunning nature-inspired design featured on IKEA UK’s Instagram page using two or three Myrheden Memo Boards, faux ivy, and wall hangings. Each memo board costs $14.99 and can be easily attached to the wall. Weave the faux ivy through the boards to create a green, vined, natural décor piece. A 12-pack of faux ivy is available on Amazon for $8.99, and you don’t need a lot to complete this look.

Ivar Chair + Paint and Twine

What You’ll Need: Ivar Chair, primer, paint, twine Estimated Cost: $60* To give your Ivar chair a stylish upgrade, start by priming the chair. Then, repaint the chair with your preferred color, such as a chalky tone from Annie Sloan or Rust-Oleum. Next, take Mustard Yellow Bakers Twine and tie it to the back of the chair, as close to the base as possible. Wrap the twine tightly around the chair until you’ve finished wrapping the entire chair back, then tie off each section neatly. This DIY hack will transform your Ivar chair into a trendy piece of furniture.

Upgrade Your Kid’s Play Kitchen

What You’ll Need: IKEA Duktig, paint, blonde wood handles Estimated Cost: $120 Instagram accounts @ellebear and @camcam_cph transformed the IKEA Duktig Play Kitchen into a stylish and chic play area for kids. The Duktig Play Kitchen is a complete set with a cooktop, sink, and faucet, among other things. The play kitchen costs $89 and has a 4.8/5-star rating on the IKEA website. @ellebear repainted it in a soft blue and blonde wood, while @camcam_cph added bedding, cushions, and wallpaper to complete the look of the room. The room transformation was featured on Dane Studio’s Instagram page.

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