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Moments Caught On Elevator Security Cams



Let’s face it, nobody likes using the stairs when there are these very handy things called elevators that require zero effort whatsoever. However, one look at this list of bizarre and hysterical photos from elevator security cameras and you might be opting for those stairs after all.
But how many of these images are actually hilarious, and how many of them are just downright ridiculous? You’ll have to see for yourself, because these patrons surely got more than they bargained for.

Star Wars Elevator

Most people using an elevator prefer a moment of quiet, but for this man (who was deep into a conversation on the phone), he got the total opposite. The doors opened and a host of Star Wars stormtroopers, jedi, and ewoks flooded the elevator… and of course Darth Vader as well. The poor man was both annoyed and terrified, especially when the elevator eventually cleared out, leaving just him and Vader standing there alone.

The Stuck Pug

A moment like this would send any dog owner into a panic attack, but fortunately the pug wasn’t harmed due to some quick thinking by a good-hearted bystander. Case in point – make sure your leashed pet is with you on the elevator before the doors close!

The Hungry Delivery Man

There’s nothing wrong with getting hungry on the job, but there definitely is a problem with eating the customer’s food! This security camera caught a Domino’s delivery man using the momentary privacy to munch on the customer’s pizza. You gotta feel bad for the guy who’s probably been delivering pizzas all day and hasn’t gotten a lunch break, but you still can’t just eat somebody else’s food, man.

Hitting a Wall

We’re all familiar with the term “hitting a wall”, but for these elevator riders it turned out to be literally true. When this elevator malfunctioned and opened onto a wall instead of a floor, the riders panicked. One man, however, wasn’t about to be stuck with a bunch of strangers, and within minutes he hacked his way to freedom.

Beware The Masked Man

This guy certainly wasn’t expecting to see this when the doors opened. No words were spoken, and the masked man just stood there silently. Needless to say, the frightened man hopped off as soon as he could and probably thought about taking the stairs.

The Un-Private Privy

You’re getting on an elevator and the doors open to… a man doing his private business? Don’t worry, this is all just a somewhat-elaborate prank done by comedian Tom Mabe. But the cameras caught every laugh and stare that he got from unsuspecting riders.

Bee Careful

If I were on an elevator with a beekeeper holding live bees I’d probably stand back too. Fortunately, this was just a setup for a prank. The “beekeeper” pretended to lose his balance and dump the boxes over, yelling at the other guy to keep his head down. He then proceeded to throw confetti around in the elevator and poke the poor man with a toothpick. The measures some people will go to for a practical joke!

Mortal Heart Attack

This footage was captured by a funnyman named Yousef Erakat who dressed up like various characters from Mortal Kombat (a video game series) and greeted riders with air kicks and some in-your-face growling. Many found it to be a funny and harmless prank… that is until a group of not-too-pleased guys nearly beat him up. Guess some can’t take a joke.

So You Had a Bad Day

This older gentleman was just minding his own business when he observed his riding companion face-first in the corner, obviously coping with some sort of terrible day. The man asked him if he’s alright, but got no reply. So, unsure what to do, he just got out when the doors opened and left.

Caught In a Heist

In a scene that could only be from Grand Theft Auto, this businessman was enjoying a moment of silence when the doors opened and a gang of armed robbers in masks flooded inside, clearly having just left the scene of a crime. The startled man didn’t quite know what to make of it, until one of the thugs revealed himself to be the man’s friend. The whole thing was an elaborate (and fairly clever) prank.

Mind the Gap

Walking in high heels is difficult enough, but this woman clearly forgot just how careful you have to be in them. One wrong foot placement in just the right spot rendered her shoe totally stuck, and the situation devolved into her on all fours in a race against time before the doors could close.

Dead Man Riding

This woman was a bit perplexed when a coffin was wheeled into the elevator. Then she got a little nervous when the guys who brought it in stepped out momentarily and the doors closed, leaving her alone with the mystery rider. Suddenly the doors snapped open and the coffin’s occupant nearly fell out. Much to her relief, the whole thing had been set up as a hoax, but it didn’t make her jump and scream any less!

The Creepy Girl

Elevator rides can be nerve-wracking on some people, but seeing this when entering an elevator would be stressful for anybody. Most likely this was some joke, considering that she looked exactly like the creepy girl from The Ring, but considering that she never broke character as dozens of people entered and exited, you never know.

Breaking the Glass Floor

While this may not be from an elevator, visitors to Chicago’s Willis Tower did have the scare of their life on this elevator-size glass balcony. The balcony was already scary enough at a dizzying height of 103 stories, but when visitors heard a cracking sound coming from beneath their feet the experience went from scary to downright terrifying.

Eye Candy

Have you ever stepped into an elevator with some someone you immediately had weak knees for? Well, it seems that’s what must have transpired here, because this woman can’t seem to wish this guy would talk to her any harder. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to notice, or is pretending not to…

Getting Sticky

People don’t like their privacy being invaded, and that was especially true for this woman. One look at the security camera up in the corner and she was promptly spitting out her gum and attaching it right over the lens. Some people just really value their privacy.

Disco Lift

What would you do if the elevator doors opened and you were face-to-face with dancers groovin’ to disco? Most people would probably laugh out loud, but not this woman. One look at whatever shenanigans was happening inside and without hesitation she turned and headed straight for the stairs.

The Hair Sniffer

Nobody likes being trapped in an elevator with a stranger, but it’s especially worse when you’re trapped with a weirdo. Well, this poor woman got stuck with the king of weirdos who liked tasting hair. No thanks, I’ll get off here.

Getting a Bit Crowded

The absolute worst is being stuck in a crowded elevator, but this poor guy was feeling cramped in an elevator with only two other people. That’s because he was the center of some hilarious (or mean) joke involving two people who had no concept of personal space. Somehow, though, he doesn’t seem to mind very much.

Up and Away

Riders of this seemingly-normal elevator in Coca-Cola’s headquarters were in for a real surprise when the elevator suddenly malfunctioned and shot straight up into the sky, exactly like in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. One woman frantically pressed all the buttons trying to stop it, but to no avail. Fortunately for them, the “window” was actually just an LCD screen, and the whole elevator was just a rigged simulation. Good one, Coca-Cola!

Dance Off

Most law enforcement is pretty uptight and serious, but this El Paso sheriff and deputy took advantage of some down time to get groovy, even going so far as to challenge each other with various comedic dance moves. Even in a difficult job like law enforcement, sometimes you just gotta let loose.


Elevators offer temporary privacy, but sometimes people will use that as an opportunity to get away with some rather unethical things – such as these Russian redheads. That’s what security cameras are for, though, because the ladies were found and ordered to scrub it all off.

That’s a Stretch

Sometimes a good stretch is exactly what we need after a long, hard day, but this young woman took things a bit to the extreme. She lifted her leg straight up into the air in a 90 degree split and nearly grazed her fellow co-rider’s face. She didn’t seem too pleased about it, either.

Mess With Her, You Get The Claws

Very unlucky people will get into an elevator with someone who’s about to rob them, but that’s what security cameras are for. When this footage was reviewed, however, they didn’t see a helpless victim who was being mugged, but rather a fearless woman who was attacking her mugger like a karate master. Looks like he picked the wrong woman to steal from!


Word to the wise: if you’re trying to transport something large via elevator, make sure it’ll fit inside! That’s what these two guys learned when they attempted to transport a large sheet of glass. They managed to get it inside alright, but totally miscalculated its dimensions. The doors closed on the panel and the elevator began to lift with part of the glass still on the other side. Despite frantically pressing the open door button, the glass completely shattered.

The Watermelon Incident

This man was casually taking the elevator and munching on a delicious watermelon when the doors opened to a couple arguing. Before even entering, the woman grabbed the melon and hurled in straight at the person she was yelling at. The poor guy was flabbergasted and now had to go track down another watermelon.


Imagine hopping on an elevator and suddenly you’re face-to-face with a celebrity. Well, for several Oxford students, that’s exactly what happened. Famous actor Shia LaBeouf (who’s well known for his odd antics) decided to do a 24-hour elevator challenge, because why not. Elevator cameras recorded a lot of very happy students that day!

Make Room For Kitty

Tenants of this apartment complex in China were curious when they found this cat taking a ride every single morning. Turns out this highly intelligent feline lived with a family inside the building. Every morning it would let itself out and wait patiently for someone to come and call the elevator. Then it would hop inside, ride it down, go for its morning walk, and then go back up.

Keep Your Distance

Normal people going about their day weren’t at all prepared for this sight. This young girl stood ominously to the side holding a very creepy doll and glaring at people. The girl was so unnerving that it caused everyone to stay back, and some people were understandably freaked out. The whole thing was just an act, but the cameras caught it all.

Dance Revolution

Be careful next time you decide to break out into spontaneous dance inside an elevator, because the security cameras might just rat you out! This woman was clearly feeling pumped after an invigorating workout, and decided to keep the good vibes going all the way home.

Marriage Proposal

Kids do the darndest things, and that includes impromptu marriage proposals. This group of kids was taking the elevator home from school when one of them knelt down and took a plastic ring from his pocket. The girl shied away while the other boy laughed at the fact that this was all being recorded on camera.

The Skittish Passenger

These two were just standing in silence when suddenly the man on the right started punching his bag out of the blue. An action like that would get anybody’s attention, but what surprised the older man is that he didn’t stop – instead he just started swaying around and swinging his arms. Needless to say, the other man got off asap and took the stairs!

Down and Out

Those unfortunate souls that ventured into this elevator in Japan were in for a rude awakening. People would enter and select a floor, which would instantly signal the trap door beneath them. Fortunately these people were only victims of an elaborate prank, and there was a safety pad located directly underneath them.

Out You Go

Sometimes after a long day all you want to do is go home and relax. Well, whoever reviewed this footage got a front row seat to a true butt-kicking when this woman got extremely upset at a fellow passenger who wouldn’t stop dancing in the middle of the doors. She didn’t take kindly to that, however, and she swiftly grabbed him by the neck and threw him out. Nobody has time for that kind of ridiculousness.

Hold the Door, Please

This little boy was holding the door for someone using his umbrella handle, but it was so small that the sensors failed to register it. The doors closed right on the handle which caused the mechanism to jam up, leaving the poor kid stranded inside for hours until technicians got him out.

Sneaking a Bite

This food delivery guy thought he was alone, but the cameras caught him red-handed sneaking a bite of the customer’s food and even taking a sip of their soup. So if you ever order food and some of it’s missing, now you know why!

Third Wheel

This nice woman was just trying to enjoy her elevator experience in peace when she was interrupted by this hot-and-bothered couple that just couldn’t wait to get home. The whole thing was a comedic setup, but her trying desperately to get away from their romantic embrace is still just as hilarious.

Down, Please

One mother was horrified when she got a call from her apartment building’s security office. Apparently her two toddlers let themselves out of the apartment and got on the elevator. What’s even worse is that the older child pushed a button and then left, leaving his younger brother behind. Guess that’s one way to get rid of pesky siblings!


One particular child custody case took a sour turn, and it all happened inside an elevator. The two warring couples clearly weren’t getting anywhere, so one of them decided to just snag the baby right from the stroller and claim it as their own.


The only thing worse than being stuck in an elevator is being stuck in an elevator for days. This man was working late and was the last one to leave. He was finally heading home when the elevator stopped and absolutely wouldn’t budge. To make matters worse, he had left his cell phone on his desk and it was Friday, which meant everyone was gone for the weekend. The poor guy had to wait for 41 hours to be rescued, all while suffering from diarrhea.

Five Second Rule

CCTV cameras captured this guy casually chewing on some bubblegum, attempting to blow bigger bubbles before his ride ended. The weird part occurred when his bubble popped, leaving bits and pieces all over the wall and floor. He did the right thing by picking up the pieces, but apparently he didn’t want all this perfectly good gum to go to waste… so he popped it right back into his mouth.

Getting Some Blow-Back

An off-duty Kentucky police officer entered the elevator of his apartment building with his wife and took out his gun to inspect it. As he was putting it back in his pocket, however, the weapon accidentally went off and the bullet ricocheted off the metal wall and into his abdomen. Fortunately his wife was there to call for help, but the experience was still incredibly painful.

Jam Session

Imagine riding the elevator and breaking out into spontaneous song and dance. These two guys brought along their banjo and melodica for just such an occasion. For several hours the two musicians stood inside and waited to serenade unsuspecting riders. It worked, as some people started dancing around and even with each other.

Breaking the Silence

It can be very awkward riding in silence with others in an elevator, but these New Zealand cops decided to fill that void with some good vibes. One of them produced some pretty sick beats banging against the wall while others beatboxed. That’s one way to pass the time!


Imagine riding an elevator and the floor suddenly just gives way, and you’re looking down a huge shaft. That’s what people experienced when they entered the elevator in the LG headquarters. They were very relieved to discover that they were part of a rather elaborate joke. The whole thing was just a highly-sophisticated panel of screens beneath a plexiglass floor. Good one, LG!


You have to be extra careful these days what you touch, and security was none too happy when they saw this man purposely touching and wiping every surface he could find inside this elevator. Good thing there were cameras inside, because the man was arrested for his actions and the interior was promptly sanitized.

Dance ‘Til You Break The Elevator

This guy decided to use the down time to get his groove on, even using the elevator support handles for some extra boogying. What he didn’t account for, however, was that those handles weren’t exactly designed for pole dancing, because it quickly snapped in half. Nobody was harmed, thankfully, but that guy’s ego probably was.

Happy Dance

You never know what people are going to do in the privacy of an elevator, but this happy woman was caught doing a little jig. Perhaps she had just gotten a raise or a new car, or maybe she was just happy to be alive and well.

Getting Claustrophobic

Nobody likes being in a crowded elevator, but this poor gentleman was in for a shock when the doors opened and dozens of people crowded inside. The helpless man was forced to the back of the elevator, which just so happened to be made of glass so everyone outside could see him being squished against the wall.

Extremely Lucky

Sometimes things malfunction and break down, but this time it was almost deadly. This woman entered the elevator with no issues and then exited. As soon as she did, the ceiling caved in. If she had been standing there just 3 seconds longer, she would’ve been crushed by steel beams.

Just a Bite

Once again, some food delivery people just can’t seem to help themselves. And they always choose the privacy of an elevator to do it. That’s what cameras are for!

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