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Ferrari Corsa Clienti Programme. Track Day For The Rich!'



Ferrari Corsa Clienti Programme has been set in motion many years ago by the ever so popular exotic car manufacturer Ferrari. The Corsa Clienti Programme allows approved ferrari owners too join in on racing action by getting their feet wet in either a Ferrari Challenge, XX, F1 or GT car. In some cases the Ferrari Client can even compete in championships if the money is right. Ferrari supplies the car, logistics and race support at the track. Sounds like huge money!
“As part of the non-competitive activity run by Maranello’s Corse Clienti department, there are two technical collaboration programmes involving a select group of owners who have acquired a Ferrari FXX or a 599XX, produced exclusively for track use. Taking their names from the car models, these two special research and development programmes involve the “owner-test drivers” at events organised by Ferrari at some of the most famous race tracks in Europe, Asia and North America, with the aid of a group of engineers and a team of professional drivers.”



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