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Formula One Champion Niki Lauda Dies At Age 70



The Austria Three-Time Formula One World Champion Niki Lauda passed away at age 70 on Monday. Lauda won the Formula One World Championship in 1975, 1977 and 1984.
During the 1976 German Grand Prix Lauda had a massive crash that trapped Lauda in his racecar as it was on fire. This crash left him hospitalized with massive third degree burns all over his body and almost died due to inhaling hot toxic fumes from the fire and race car components burning.
Niki passed away Monday evening just eight months after receiving a lung transplant and being hospitalized for numerous infections during the beginning of 2019.
Toto Wolff, the team pricipal and friend to Niki paid an great tribute online to the Formula One Champ, “”His passing leaves a void in Formula One. We haven’t just lost a hero who staged the most remarkable comeback ever seen, but also a man who brought precious clarity and candour to modern Formula One. He will be greatly missed as our voice of common sense.”

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