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Hilarious Animals Caught Misbehaving



If you own animals, you know at one time or another, you took your eyes off them and they decided to be mischievous. Stealing food, breaking out of enclosures, bullying fellow animal friends – there’s no shortage of bad behavior animals, especially pets, are willing to get into.
What’s even more funny though is when you catch your pet, or any creature in the act of doing something they know they’re not supposed to. With smartphones so handy, we’ve been lucky enough to document these hilarious moments forever, so enjoy a good laugh at these misbehaving animals.

Not This Time

When this dog tried to cozy up on his bed in front of the warm fire, he was disappointed to see that the cat had already beaten him to it. Never mind him, the dog decided to take a seat right on top, unamused by the cat’s unwillingness to move somewhere else. No matter though, as the duo likely wound up enjoying the warmth nonetheless.

Guitar Ferret

Not only are ferrets small and elusive, but did you know they’re also musically inclined? At least this one thought he was, until he ended up inside the hollow body of his owner’s guitar. The little guy must have been slippery enough to fit in through the small space, but he may have a harder time trying to get out. His owner more than likely had to pull some strings…

Cold Cow

Every living being is looking for some warmth during the cold winter months, but for animals like cows, it’s hard to get inside anywhere for obvious reasons. However, this cow is as inventive as they come, choosing to venture on top of someone’s BMW to escape the snow on the already cold, hard ground. Props for creativity, but someone will have to buff out those dents.


Setting up your camera to take automatic pictures is a great cell phone feature — that is until something comes along to mess it all up. This couple was attempting to take engagement photos when they failed to notice a stray cat who didn’t like their display of affection in his territory, and his face says it all. “Keep that to yourself,” he was probably thinking.

Face Nap

When their humans sleep, oftentimes pets will follow suit. For this particular dog owner, crashing on the couch was all he wanted to do. Apparently his pup agreed, proceeding to find the best way to rest his little head on a nice pillow, even if it meant sleeping on his owner’s head. There’s no telling how this guy stayed asleep, but it sure made for a nice photo op.

Squirreling Around

Photobombing appears to be a routine hobby for animals everywhere. For this pair trying to capture a nice shot in front of a lakeside setting, they were surprised to see a curious squirrel hop in front of their camera. Not only did they get this hilarious picture, but they seemed to enjoy his interest in the camera as well. Unfortunately for them, he came out more clear than they did.

Bed Nappers

All pets have their designated sleeping spots, and for most, that would be their favorite bed. However, in a household that has multiple pets, sometimes there’s a bit of confusion as to who should be napping where. This dog didn’t seem too happy with the fact that his two feline friends jacked his bed, but luckily for them he’s too nice to chase them off.

Pizza Cat

One benefit of having a cat that you don’t have with a dog is that they’re probably not going to try and take your food. But that doesn’t mean they can’t still make your meal a target… This orange cat clearly only saw the open chair and disregarded the piece of pizza, that is until he laid on the warm slice. Probably going to be too hairy to eat though.

Bigger Dreams

More often than not, when you put both a dog and a cat in the same household, one usually bosses around the other. And most times it feels as though the one in control is the cat, who basically will not tolerate any nonsense from the more aloof pup. This kitten knew that if he asserted himself, no way was the dog going to try and ruffle up his comfy spot. Poor dog is going to have to find somewhere else to sleep tonight unfortunately.

Padded Preference

At some point, cats will somehow manage to get into just about everything in your house. Who can blame them, they’re curious animals, but when they infiltrate your bathroom products, no one would be happy with them. These cats definitely enjoyed themselves under the bathroom sink, but after being caught, maybe they’ll think twice next time.

Bed Swap

For some reason, it always seems that cats will elect to choose the largest, comfiest spot available whether it’s theirs or not. For this poor dog, having his bed taken meant he had to retaliate, but that only left him with a makeshift pillow. When are these cats going to show a little respect to their four-legged counterparts?

Bathroom Pants

Dogs are known to be loyal companions, but where do you draw the line? Yes, it’s fun to bring your dog along anywhere you’re able to, but when your pup finds comfort in your pants while you’re using the bathroom, that’s probably a little too far. This furry friend seems comfortable, but he also appears a bit confused as to what’s going on.

Unwelcome Visitor

Dog sitting for your friend can be a fun experience, especially if you get to give your own pet a buddy to keep them occupied for a few days. But that can all backfire if your friend’s pup starts sitting on yours. This bulldog doesn’t seem to appreciate the Lab’s lack of respect for personal space. Probably doesn’t like that he’s being photographed either.

No Denial

For the sake of scavenging, dogs have never been shy about rummaging through the trash. But usually when they’re caught, dogs are submissive about what they’ve done, yet this husky seems proud of his actions. Though his owner was probably unhappy with the behavior, he can at least be proud that his dog took the time to bring out the paper towels to clean it all up.

Coffee Cat

Why is it that cats manage to get into everything? For this person, pouring a cup of coffee around his feline didn’t turn out to be a good idea, as the cat willingly stuck his paw right inside the mug. When the owner decided to pull out his camera and capture the moment, the cat stared him down, as if to say, “What? It’s nice and warm inside.” We’ll assume he takes his coffee black.

Fur Cushion

Some dogs just really love to hop up and chill on the couch, but you know what’s even more comfortable than a nice cushion? Bothering your fellow furry friend by taking a seat on them! This Lab thought he’d be funny and sat right on the napping kitty, who looks a bit appalled by his brother’s behavior. Seems the dog got a kick out of it though.

Spartan Bird

Most people with a bird feeder will tell you that not all of the visitors get along very well, especially when the place is overpopulated. But some birds, like this one apparently, are straight up savage, showing no remorse and literally kicking out some of their peers. In this amazing shot, a bird apparently took one too many bites to set off his peer, resulting in an early exit.

Tough Recovery

No living thing, human or animal, deserves to be bothered after an operation. But this German Shepherd’s fellow house cat disregarded those rules, as his curiosity took over. While the dog was likely on some medication and trying to catch some Z’s and recover, the cat stepped onto his cone to inspect what exactly it was that was on his head. Hopefully the shepherd was sedated enough not to notice.

Face Attack

When cats navigate around looking for places to spray their odor and mark territory, you’d think they’d choose a private space they find sacred, away from any other thing. However, this cat had other plans, as it decided to hop right on its owners chest and emit the stench right into his face. This has to be the worst surprise your pet can give you, right?

Llama Surprise

If you’re going to decide to take engagement photos with animals around you, it’s almost guaranteed you’re going to have a few bloopers. Curiously, this couple chose to visit a forest full of llamas to take some nice photos, but one disgruntled member of the pack seemed to take issue with the camera. But you can’t say it didn’t result in a one-of-a-kind memory!

Bad Timing

Some things you just don’t see coming, and that was the case for these ladies, who were clearly more focused on their birthday photo rather than what the dog was up to. Wine glasses and sign in hand, the two women smiled for the photo, having no clue that the dog was taking a number two. This is hilarious, and exactly why we’re thankful we can take more than one picture, because we’re sure the dog would be embarrassed himself.

Indoor Goat

Whoever decided that bringing a goat indoors was a good idea probably didn’t have their thinking cap on. Known to be rambunctious in their natural habitat, it was no surprise that this particular young goat riled himself up to the point of leaping directly at the young woman watching over him. While we can expect that the result of this situation wasn’t great, at least she can be proud that this iconic moment was captured.

Walking Partner

It’s no secret that dogs enjoy heading outside for a nice walk, but it’s probably not desirable that the one holding the leash in this case is a cat. While the cat seems to be treating the leash as a toy, all the dog is trying to do is sniff! The bigger question here remains where exactly the pet owner is. You can’t imagine this dog is going to put up with the cat for long.

Keyboard Kitty

For whatever reason, cats seem to find laptop screens and keyboards quite enticing. Any cat owner will tell you that now and again their feline friend will stroll right in front of whatever they’re doing, almost as if they were going to help you finish up the task at hand. Although it sure stifles your productivity, cats sure do look cute trying to “work.”

Ironic Literature

Now everyone knows the joke about your dog eating your homework, but when this terrier destroyed his owner’s Dog Training For Dummies manual, the jokes write themselves. The pup seemingly knows he was in the wrong, but at the same time, knows it was also fun. If only our pets never ripped anything up at all.

Puzzled Owner

Cats enjoy climbing on things, and they also enjoy plopping down wherever they please. As cat owners, this is usually fine, until our furry friend decides to prance all over our half-done puzzle. Then he gives you that look, like you’re the one who did something wrong! Sheesh, you’re lucky you’re so cute…

No Tolerance

Some of these little pets think they can just climb on top of anything, but their bigger counterparts are not going to put up with it if they decide to climb on them. This pug thought he was being sly, but once the Lab realized what he was up to, he decided to eject him off his back immediately. Just because you’re small doesn’t mean you’re not heavy!

Inflatable Jaws

When you head out for a day of fishing on your boat, the last thing you’d expect is to have a real life shark gnawing at your vessel. And it especially doesn’t help if your raft happens to be inflatable… This crew was lucky that they were able to make it back to shore, but the incident with this shark probably gave them a better adrenaline rush than the fishing would have!

Spilled Sugar

Just when you wake up and need to add some sugar to your morning cup of coffee, can you imagine realizing your cat destroyed the whole bag and spilled it on the floor? Well, this cat seems to plead guilty, but by the look of the aftermath, he also seemed to enjoy himself while doing it. Cleaning up, however, doesn’t sound nearly as sweet.

Destructive Bird

To those who let their birds loose around the house, maybe you’ll reconsider after seeing what this one did to its owner’s laptop. Apparently this colorful fellow took a fancy to the sounds the keys were making, so he decided to peck as many of them off as he could before getting caught. Although he probably didn’t know any better, this poor guy will probably have to spend his next few weeks in the cage.


Typically at your neighborhood barbeque you’ll find a few pets scrounging around for some scraps. Usually these are dogs, who are sometimes even given treats by the grill master, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. This clever kitty not only managed to steal an entire link of sausages, but he also escaped up into the tree to avoid a scolding. These are the natural scavenging skills you just can’t teach.

Not in There!

Sometimes it’s fun to bring your pup along for a bike ride so he can get some extra running in, but when you stop for a break and he has to relieve himself, lets just say you don’t want to put your helmet on the ground. This dog not only looks guilty, but he genuinely seems to feel bad about what he’s done. At least his owners learned a valuable lesson!

Monkey’s Teeth

Whenever you travel to a zoo or animal sanctuary, it’s always fun to get a picture with one of the featured creatures. However, that can all change if they start acting like this monkey, who not only stuck his hand inside this poor man’s mouth, but also lodged his teeth in the side of his face. At least he was able to get the unforgettable moment on camera.

Rooftop Bear

When you open a rib joint in the mountains, you don’t always expect it to be busy, but if no one’s showing up, something must be going on. In this case, passers by probably didn’t want to go inside considering the bear on the roof, who likely took a fancy to the nice-smelling meat being cooked inside. What you can’t see in this picture is that a wooden bear was already on the roof, inspiring the real bear to try it out himself!

Bowl or Bath?

After two gorgeous German shepherds had spent a lot of time outdoors, a nice cold bowl of water was in order. But just as they began enjoying some laps, a neighboring canine that happened to be walking by decided it was a nice opportunity to indulge himself. The unsuspecting shepherds had no clue how to react when he hopped right into their water dish, ending their water break. That wasn’t very kind of him…

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