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Ironic, Clever, And Hilarious Answers To Test Questions



We all remember that feeling of horror when it was time to take a test at school. These bright pupils created some of the funniest and most creative answers to questions they had zero idea about.
Some of these hilarious test answers are just too clever for their own good. Check out some of the most ironic and comical responses to these quiz questions.

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Remember when you were a kid and you spoke without thinking? Children are always honest, and don’t always have the social skills and polite manners to know when actions and words border on inappropriate. These students are no exception.

Expand The Equation

Peter’s teacher didn’t seem to be in the mood that day. He was asked to expand the equation, so that’s what he did. He physically put more space in between the algebraic variables. Unfortunately, he got the question wrong, despite his creativity.

Clever Communism

Everyone is equal, right? Communism involves two major social classes: the working class (those who work) and the capitalist class (those who employ the working class). Both social classes benefit from this structure. He wasn’t necessarily wrong.

“Oh Dear!”

This young man decided to throw in an answer that had little relevance to the entire scientific question. He took the last sentence, got an idea, and ran with it. His teacher was quite taken aback, but the question wasn’t marked wrong!

Hugh Jackman

Though this student got the question marked wrong, his or her teacher made a little comment showing some appreciation for their imagination. The teacher obviously knows who Hugh Jackman is. Not even X-Men can save this student from failing.

Animal Rights Activist

Why in the world are “fit” and “hit” the only options for this question? This student felt dumbfounded as well, and made a point to explain his or her choice in their answer. A future animal rights activist is in the making.

Beyoncé Inspiration In Astronomy

This young girl is clearly a Beyoncé fan, using her lyrics from “Single Ladies” to illustrate the fact that she didn’t study her Saturn facts the day before the science test. The teacher who corrected the answer in red pen wasn’t having it, but seemed to have enough of a sense of humor to explain why.

Demonstrating A Risk

There is nothing more risky than leaving an answer blank on a test, or putting an answer you absolutely know is wrong. However, this clever student decided to use his answer on the quiz to actually demonstrate risk itself, as a concept. Putting “This” down in the answer spot showed he risked getting the question wrong. But, he got it right!

Taco Bell Goals

Children are too young to understand what is considered a “dream job,” and so they don’t pass judgment on occupations like working at McDonald’s or Taco Bell. To some children, that is their dream at the time. This little girl looks up to her mother, and therefore wants to work at Taco Bell, just like her.

Thinking Outside Of The Box

This incredibly smart young man chose an answer that couldn’t be closer to the truth. Isn’t racism, in simple terms, the classification of living things? Putting humans into separate categories and keeping them that way?

A Plant In Jail

When you don’t know the answer, improvise. That is what this student did on his science quiz when he couldn’t remember the diagram of a plant cell. He did follow directions, drawing a cell and identifying the different parts!

Miranda Has No Eyesight

Being blind could perhaps be the reason that Miranda saw nothing when she looked down into her microscope. It was a perfectly understandable justification. This teacher wasn’t feeling kind today.

A Wine Lover

One innocent female student took a silent jab at her mother when she illustrated her drinking red wine and declared she wanted her to “do less” of this behavior. Hey, at least she put a smile on the mother’s face and drew pretty hearts around her.

Abe Lincoln

An answer like this is enough to make you roar with laughter. As most people know, the 16th president was assassinated by actor John Wilkes Booth on April 14, 1865. Lincoln was attending the play Our American Cousin at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C. The Civil War was just about over.

Forging A Signature

Forging your parent’s professional cursive can be quite a challenge, but most troublesome, rule-breaking children know that they have to at least use their parent’s first and last name! This bright young boy just went with “Mom,” because that’s how she would’ve signed her name, right?

Not Getting To 100

Warren is a realist. Warren knows that he will most likely not be alive in 100 years, so he drew a picture of what he would look like when that time finally came. Here is his lovely tombstone! What a somber, yet practical kid.

Heartless Giraffes

The short giraffe in the diagram couldn’t reach the leaves on the tree, so it died. This depicts Darwin’s theory of biological evolution by the process of natural selection, which is choice “B.” The compassionate student who took this test, however, chose to write in her own answer.

Mr. Romance

The four fundamental interactions on Earth are Strong Nuclear, Electromagnetic, Weak Nuclear, and Gravitational. The strongest is the Strong Nuclear force. This teenage boy had a romantic soul. He put “love” as the strongest force on Earth. Is he even wrong?

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games, a film released in 2012, is essentially about a televised competition in which teenagers must fight to the death, with only one victor. This student found the film to be an inspiring solution to overpopulation, and thus the answer to this test question when he didn’t have any better ideas.

Mr. Smart

Most likely from a third grade mathematics test, these questions ask a student’s basic knowledge of numbers and the reasoning behind how they are classified. Since this boy didn’t know the answer that snowballed off of question number six, he just kept it real and told his teacher, “Because I’m smart.”

Night At The Roxbury

A test, probably from a Sunday School class or Bible study class, asks questions about God, loving thy neighbor, and other aspects of religion and morality. The band Haddaway released a song called “What Is Love,” which consisted of the lyrics this student chose as an answer for question number five. The song was most known for being featured in the film, A Night at the Roxbury.

Bodily Actions

He wasn’t wrong. A poop is a solid formation, urine is a liquid, and a fart is a gas. Actually, excess gas in the intestines is medically referred to as “flatulence.” This kid was only in the fifth grade, so his terminology seems to work just fine. Did his teacher count these answers? We hope so.


Much like the “risk” example on our list, this one challenges the student to answer modestly, originally, or outside of the box. This student chose to answer with, “I am a rebel,” which is a four-word phrase. In deciding to not answer the statement in the emphasized three words, this student answered in four, making him a rebel indeed.


A second-grader that can lift 97 pounds is extremely odd, and unlikely. Marcus would have to be extremely strong in order to lift that much weight, considering most second graders are about 40 to 50 pounds soaking wet. This student answered honestly and realistically in regards to the ridiculous word problem.

Trivia Game

What else is a trivia game good for besides showcasing the random factual knowledge of competitive family members in heated holiday game nights? This fifth grade student discussed how he was not aware of the actual date of Earth Day, something he found interesting, and explained how the information might be useful in a certain situation.


Back in the ’90s, surfers and beach bums were known, stereotypically of course, to use words like “rad,” “bro,” “dude,” and “gnarly.” This math student had no idea how to answer this question, so he thought he would use some of his creativity to write out a “rad” expression of speech that one of these beach bums would say.

Mr. Inappropriate

In a mid-year class survey, students were asked to provide feedback on their teacher in terms of positivity, likability, participation encouragement, and future recommendations. The survey did not mean to ask about the teacher’s physical appearance or what did or didn’t draw the student to the teacher sexually!

Private Parts

We find it hard to really find this the student’s fault. Seriously, where the heck is that arrow pointing? Our first thought is a seatbelt, but the cartoon character appears to be in a regular chair and not a car seat. What could the other options be?

Bright Beams

Bright or high beams are typically used at nighttime, while driving through winding forest roads or fog. People try to avoid using bright beams due to the fact that they pretty much temporarily blind anyone driving the opposite way. This student, who didn’t mind cursing, felt that it was worth a point on a test to set the record straight.


PEMDAS is a math acronym used for memorizing the order of operations: parenthesis, exponent, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. This student, another curser, took a comical approach to the question he didn’t know the answer to.

No Sister

This young female student wasn’t lying…she was clear about the fact that she didn’t have a sister. Therefore, she could not answer the following questions because she didn’t have a sister to make these commands to!

Bacon Lover

Since bacon has absolutely nothing to do with astronomy, this student just used this question as an opportunity to present her love of bacon to her professor. Is this girl the offspring of Jim Gaffigan?

Mathematics And Animals

Since this female student knew that there were definitely polar bears and seals in the Arctic, she just used her simple math skills to illustrate the fact that there are six of them.

One Girlfriend To Rule The World

A Jay-Z can’t rule to world without his Beyoncé right? This guy knows what the deal is. He wants to first get a girlfriend, then kiss her, then rule the world. Sounds about right!

He Wasn’t Wrong

This third grade student did not technically put down an incorrect answer to the scramble question. He used all of the letters he was given! However, the correct answer was “this.”

The Zombie

What? This child thinks a brain is delicious. At least he found a humorous way to answer the question, since he obviously didn’t study for his science quiz.

Lonely Cells

What a poetic declaration of truth! The first cells ever sustained on Earth were probably really lonely. That’s true. Until other cells came along…

The Geography Lesson

Now, is he talking movement in terms of culture or traffic? He might be the same either way, honestly. Too bad his spelling errors totally diminish the credibility of his sarcasm.

Judy Is Mean

Judy decided to take matters into her own hands when she added a third answer option to this question. Her teacher seems quite frustrated, in regards to her comment, so maybe this isn’t the first time Judy copped an attitude.

Fat Shaming

There is trash in the water, so you aren’t supposed to want to swim with this boy. The student got the answer correct. However, being chubby has nothing to do with the dirty water. It’s just hilarious.

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