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Most Epic Wedding Dresses Of All Time



Many women spend their lives dreaming of the perfect wedding. They create scrapbooks, and their Pinterest becomes full of cakes, decorations, invitations. There’s so much to think about when it comes to planning the perfect wedding, but the most important aspect is the dress.
While brides only wear this gown for one day, they like to make sure that it’s unique, stylish, flattering, and absolutely stunning. Well, most brides like that to be the case, anyway. We don’t think these brides and their outrageous wedding dresses got that memo.

What a Load of Garbage

It’s amazing to see the world of fashion becoming more sustainable. In fact, it’s easier than ever to recycle old trash and transform it into clothing. It seems like this woman didn’t quite understand though, as she opted to use garbage for her wedding dress without transforming it into something beautiful.

Keeping Her Distance

If you’re the kind of person who likes their own personal space, then we really don’t blame you. While she wanted to enjoy her wedding day, maybe she didn’t want people coming up and hugging her throughout the day, so she opted for this cactus wedding dress to ward these people off.

A Happily Ever After

It’s always amazing to see the themes some couples choose for their wedding day, but it’s fair to say that we’ve never seen this one before. While it’s not uncommon for couples to dress up, this couple took it to the extreme with their Shrek and Fiona get-up. The green paint is a step too far.

Good Enough to Eat

Although your wedding day should be all about the love that you share with your other half, it should also be about the food, right? This is the one day of your life where you can spare no expense on the food, the drink, and the cake, and this bride obviously didn’t want to miss out on eating her cake

What a Baaad Idea

If you’re an animal lover, you may love the idea of including animals in your wedding ceremony, but not many take their sheep along for the ride. This woman is obviously a keen sheep lover because she also decided to order a wedding dress made entirely from sheep’s wool.

Meshing Together

It’s always amazing to look at the bride’s other half as she walks down the aisle. We can’t help but wonder what was going through this groom’s mind when he spotted his bride walking towards him. Did he love the mesh inserts? Did he wonder why the bottom of her dress looked like a toilet brush?

Double Trouble

There are many people out there who have dreams of marrying twins, and we have a feeling that these two may have come across someone with that same fascination. Either that or they’re getting married to each other. Whatever the occasion, there’s no doubt about the fact that these two look identical as they come.

Orange is the New White

Nowadays, it seems as though more and more couples are choosing to ditch the traditional white wedding for something a little more outrageous. For their big day, they opted to embrace their favorite color, and not only did his orange suit and gray baseball cap stir up chatter, her giant flower dress silenced them.

Bursting Her Bubble

Many brides begrudge spending a huge amount of money on their wedding dress because, in reality, they are only going to wear it once. When this woman geared up, she decided that she would fashion her own gown from some balloons instead. While it’s not to everyone’s taste, you have to admire the artistry.

Saving Some Money

Although this bride wanted cakes at her wedding, she was astounded by the amount of money it would take to hire a table for those cakes to go on. So, she obviously decided to merge two important aspects into one and transform her wedding dress into a cake table instead.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

It seems as though there are people around the world who can make a dress out of any material that comes their way. Sure, we can admire the fact that this is a creative dress that features some rather vibrant colors, but why would anyone want to wear a wedding dress made entirely from hair?

A Southern Belle

Taking photographs and posing for a photographer is something all budding brides enjoy. These are a great way to relive your dress and big day. We have a feeling that this southern belle probably loved looking back, even though her wedding attire is a little different from what most people are used to.

Keeping Warm

Booking a wedding during the winter months is much cheaper than during the summer, so this woman decided to alter her wedding dress to cope with the colder conditions. There’s no doubt about the fact that her body will stay warm with that cloud of fabric around her, but her arms probably won’t.

Center of Attention

Many brides find themselves getting nervous in the run-up to their wedding because they hate the fact that all eyes will be on them, and we have a feeling this dress is for those kinds of women. While this dress would certainly get heads turning, the hooded aspect of the ensemble means that most people can’t even see your face.

Pretty in Pink

A wedding is a personal event, and some women find that the day they plan doesn’t resonate with who they are and what they love. There are a few brides, however, who do decide to plan a day that revolves around their favorite things, and this bride even took that theme into her wedding dress.

A Little Scary

Everyone has their own vibe and their own theme to think of when it comes to their wedding day, and this bride wanted something a little darker. Not only is she wearing a carcass on her head, her makeup and the backdrop show she’s more of an alternative bride than your traditional one.

The Longer, the Better

Many women dream of having a long train on their wedding dress, and this woman was one of them. What she probably didn’t realize, though, was that she couldn’t drag it along as she walked down the aisle, and instead had to get all of her guests involved to ensure it didn’t get dirty.

Floating in the Wind

The world is full of people who want to push boundaries and try something new. We’re going to guess these are two of those people. They decided to get hitched in the middle of the desert, and it looks as though the groom is wearing a suit made from duct tape. That’s before we mention the plastic bag dress.

All Fired Up

It’s not every day that you come across a wedding gown that’s laden with flames. Considering this lady is standing with her back to the camera, we have a feeling that she was pretty proud of her dress and just how fired up it made her feel. Of course, this dress is pretty niche.

Baby Got Back

This woman obviously wanted something nobody else had worn before for her big day, but would anyone really want to wear a dress made from diapers? Let’s just hope that they are clean ones, rather than used ones. At least they would come in handy if any kids had accidents.

Feeling Gloomy

Even the most gothic of people love to celebrate the connection between lovers, and these two knew that they wanted to get hitched and call each other husband and wife. However, they also knew that they didn’t want to get married in the traditional sense. They wanted to create something a little more personal, and something a little darker. While this bride wore a white dress, it’s fair to say that her horns and her Doc Marten boots make the whole thing seem a little more alternative.

Ready to Pop

Some people like to really step outside of the box when it comes to their wedding day, and we’re gonna go ahead and assume that these two are some of them. It’s not every day you come across someone who wants to wear balloons as a wedding dress, after all. While we have to appreciate the work that went into this dress, we also have to appreciate the care and attention that this woman must have taken throughout the day to ensure that those balloons didn’t pop. That could have been pretty awkward otherwise.

Something Different

It seems as though many brides like to utilize balloons for their wedding dress, and we can certainly see the appeal. On the one hand, it’s something different, and something that very few people have seen before. On the other hand, though, there are some complications that would come with wearing these balloons. Not only would things get pretty hot and sweaty under there, but you’d also have to be on high alert throughout the whole day to make sure that you didn’t come across something sharp.

Wrong Side of the Tracks

We have so many questions about this whole picture. Perhaps one of the biggest questions we have is as to why they are standing on railway tracks for their wedding photos. While most people would think that’s pretty dangerous, it seems as though these guys don’t seem to care too much. Another question we have revolves around their outfits. This bride chose to be both girly and natural with her pink camouflage dress, and she even bought some matching sunglasses to boot. We guess everyone needs to accessorize in one way or another.

The Wedding Angel

There are probably going to be a few people out there who don’t really mind this dress because it’s definitely not the most outrageous wedding dress that we’ve ever seen. However, it is a little strange. White wedding dresses are normally a sign of innocence and youthfulness as they are, but this bride decided to make things even more intense with her angel wings and her feathered train. She even added a tiara on the top of her head for good measure, just in case she wasn’t innocent enough before.

Keeping Things Cozy

If you’re one of those people that loves to stay cozy and comfortable every single day of the year, then the idea of wearing an uncomfortable wedding dress could fill you with dread. You just know that you’re not going to be able to breathe very well, and that’s before you mention how tight it’s going to be on your hips, chest, and overall body. This wedding dress seems to have been designed for that kind of bride, though – even if it is one of the weirdest things we’ve ever seen. At least it will be warm, we guess.

Fitting the Vibe

It’s amazing to think that wedding dresses have changed so much over the years, but it’s not the wedding dress in this picture that makes us want to laugh out loud. Instead, it’s the bridesmaids’ dresses. The wedding dress is actually pretty plain and simple, and while the bridesmaids’ dresses are similar in style, they definitely aren’t similar in terms of their colors. From bright yellow to bright pink, these ladies even had to wear some matching floppy hats to boot. It’s certainly a look, but not one we would like to replicate.

A Big Heart

Everyone has their own style, and there’s no doubt about the fact that some people’s style is pretty different from others. We have a feeling that this is the case for this type of dress because it’s pretty bold and bright. While this woman looks pretty proud of herself as she wears the giant pink heart on her chest and carries the pink ruffles alongside her, there are many people in this world who would rather wear a trash bag than wear this. In fact, we’ve already seen someone wearing trash bags!

Taking Up Space

For some brides, bigger is always better. They wanted to ensure that their wedding and their dress is bigger and better than the one that her cousin planned just a few months before, and they want to ensure that it’s even more fabulous than any other dress in the world. This bride obviously thought the same, and she chose to go big or go home with her pink gown. There was so much material on this dress that her groom couldn’t even fit in the carriage. Perhaps she could wave her magic wand to create some more space?

Keeping Things Casual

Although there are some people in this world who get married because they want the big, white wedding, there are others who get married just because they want to commit themselves to the love of their life. These guys seemed to be all about the love, so they decided to keep things casual when it came to the big event. While the bride wore a wedding dress, they opted to customize the clothes of everyone involved with their own graffiti artwork. It’s actually pretty cool if you like that kind of thing.

Space for Baby

Many women find themselves carrying children on their wedding day, and this can make finding a wedding dress pretty difficult. After all, many mothers-to-be don’t want tight material clinging to their bumps, and they want their bump to be incorporated into the whole design. This woman seems to have sussed this plan with her wedding dress, even though some would say that it’s pretty weird. Her bump is out on full display, and it may be out in the open, but she definitely looks comfortable. That’s all that matters, right?

Light as a Feather

Many brides like to incorporate color within their wedding day, and this bride obviously wanted the color red to be a part of her big day. She had red decorations, she had a red cake, she had red bridesmaids dresses, and she even put red on her wedding dress. In fact, the whole thing is a mish-mash of colors and textures, including feathers, lace, and so much more. The end result is something that’s obviously pretty bespoke to her own needs, and she even included a feathered umbrella into the mix. As you do.

Keeping Things Colorful

Although white is the traditional color for a wedding dress, that doesn’t mean that every bride has to abide by these traditional rules. There are others who like to ditch white altogether and opt for something much more colorful, and this is one bride who wanted to stand out from the crowd. Not only did she help to create her very own rainbow dress, but she adorned the bottom with as much material as she could handle. The bodice is also covered with gems, just in case it wasn’t heavy enough to begin with.

Mixing Them Together

What do you do when you have a wedding at 2pm but then a belly dancing class at 5pm? Well, you mix the two together. For her big day of activities, this woman obviously decided to mix both of her adventures into one and leave the prospect of having to change outfits at home. By doing this, she could give her guests an eyeful as she walked down the aisle, while then being able to head straight to her dancing lesson after she and her husband had cut the cake. That’s what you call efficiency right there.

Lifting Those Weights

If you have ever worn a wedding dress, you’ll know that they are often pretty heavy. In fact, they can leave you with a bad back at the end of the night, and they can leave you wishing that you had chosen something much more lightweight. However, we can’t help but think that this bride must have lifted some serious weights before her big day – as that dress is something else. Not only is it huge, but it’s also full of different materials, and even some extra jewels and a headpiece added on for good measure.

Something Blue

It’s a long-held tradition that brides should wear something old, something borrowed, and something blue for their big day – and we think we’ve found this bride’s something blue. It’s not uncommon for brides to wear different colored dresses in today’s day and age, but it’s still pretty strange to see a bride wearing something so bright and bold. This is especially true, considering the fact that she’s standing next to rows upon rows of white and ivory gowns. The sparkles really heighten the whole thing, whether you like it or not.

Winter Wonderland

Many couples choose to plan their wedding around a theme, and we’re just going to go out on a limb here, but we have a feeling that this bride may have opted for a winter wonderland theme. That’s just a guess, though. This bride and her bridesmaids have gone all out with their dresses, and there’s no doubt about the fact that the sparkling silver material and the fur make us think of Santa’s little helpers. Of course, it’s not hard to spot the bride with her light-up wedding dress. That’s something we haven’t seen before.

A Terrible Accident

We’re not quite sure what’s going on here, because this bride is giving us some seriously mixed signals. On the one hand, she’s covered in blue paint, which you would have thought would be a terrible accident that would leave her feeling distraught. On the other hand, she’s smiling and laughing her head off. So, is the blue paint all part of the plan, or is it something that needs to be rectified? Were not quite sure, but we do know that she needs to clean herself up before heading down the aisle.

Feeling Patriotic

If you’re the kind of person who is incredibly patriotic, then this woman’s dress might spark some kind of inspiration within you. It’s like nothing we have ever seen before, and it’s fair to say that this woman’s dress is one of a king. In fact, it looks as though it was made just for her. Whether she sewed it herself or whether she got someone else to do it, we can’t help but wonder that the same amount of detail wasn’t used in the bridesmaids’ dresses. Black dresses are pretty unique, after all.

Keeping Things Simple

Creating a vision for your wedding is incredibly important, and we can’t help but think that this bride had the exact vision in her head – and she created it to perfection. Yes, that’s the stare of someone who was able to bring her gothic and simple wedding to life, even though she doesn’t exactly look alive herself. When you look at this wedding dress, it’s hard not to fall in love with it. It’s simple, it’s elegant, and it’s luxurious, but it’s also teamed up with face paint that looks exactly like a skull, so we’re in two minds.

Making Something Special

In order to make their wedding as personal as possible, many couples get involved in the planning and the creating process, and it seems as though that’s exactly what this couple did to create the perfect wedding dress. While they could have just kept the whole thing white, these two wanted to have some fun with the fabric, so they took themselves out for a session of paintballing. The end result is unlike any other wedding dress on the rack, and it seems as though that’s what they were going for.

Party in the Front

Many people know that a wedding is a day of two halves. The first half of the day features the serious ceremony where you exchange your vows and pose for photos, and the second half is all about heading to the dance floor and busting some moves. This bride seems to have found a perfectly outrageous dress to showcase the sophistication at the back and the party at the front, which means that she can dance to her heart’s content when the music starts. It’s quite a good idea, really.

Where Are They?

Many brides and grooms like to be seen on their wedding day, but we’re struggling to see where these two are? Is there even a car there? We’re not too sure. Of course, we do see the camouflaged couple and their camouflaged limousine, but we do have a few questions surrounding their big day. What inspired them to go with this theme? Are they hunters? We do have to give them credit for tying everything in, though, as it all seems to fit their chosen aesthetic. Even the flowers fit in.

Adding Something Extra

People with colorful personalities often like to add their own touches to their wedding dresses, because they don’t believe that the white or ivory color truly shows off who they are. This woman obviously thought the same, which is why she opted to add something extra to her wedding gown. Instead of keeping it white, she enlisted the help of a graffiti artist to personalize it. While we can’t quite make out what it says or what it symbolizes, she fits right into the background.

The Super-Bride

There are couples across the globe who love superhero movies, comics, and characters. In fact, they love them so much that they dream of becoming superheroes themselves. While many people showcase this love and affection within their table names, their cake decorations, or even their wedding favors, this bride decided to do this a little differently. For her wedding day, she turned herself into Super-Bride, with her very own utility belt, gloves, mask, and superhero pose. Although we appreciate the effort, we’re a little nervous about her standing on top of a building.

Ready to Dance

A wedding is a celebration of love, and while some people focus on traditions throughout the day, there are others who dive right into the celebrations. They get the drinks flowing, they get the music pumping, and they put on their party shoes. We can only assume that this bride is someone who wanted to get the party started as quickly as possible, and there’s no doubt about the fact that her colorful dress is ready for that. We actually kind of love this dress, even though we know that it’s not for everybody.

Ahead of the Game

Hair accessories are all the rage for brides across the globe, and it seems as though these women have come up with all kinds of inventive ways to add something extra to their hair. Some put beautiful flowers in their locks, others wear tiaras and crowns, and there are even many who enlist the help of hairstylists to create something wonderful out of their natural hair. This bride, however, decided to opt for a giant fluffy hat instead. It’s unlike anything we have ever seen before, and it looks so heavy that she can’t even lift her head up.

No Men Allowed

In this modern world, more and more women are choosing to shun romantic partners and focus on themselves instead – and we really don’t blame them. With icons such as Emma Watson self-partnering themselves, they go against the grain and realize that they don’t need another person to make them happy. This woman seems to have come to the same conclusion, which is why she has decided to marry herself. Not only has she embraced the tuxedo of a groom, but she’s merged her wedding dress in tow – and that’s pretty awesome.

Marrying Himself

Is this man marrying himself? Has someone Photoshopped his bride out of the equation? Of course, we all love a little joke about camouflage, but this is certainly a look. While many brides step away from tradition and ditch the white wedding gown for their big day, this bride denounced it all together. She didn’t want to wear a white dress but instead wanted to embrace the natural world and become one with nature. In fact, it seems as though this wedding was a pretty casual affair, with the groom even wearing jeans.

A Helping Hand

At first glance, this just looks like a normal, textured wedding gown. In fact, it’s not even too bad. While it won’t be to everyone’s tastes, it’s certainly not one of the most outrageous wedding dresses on this list, right? Well, take a closer look. This DIY wedding dress is actually made from rubber gloves, and they have all been morphed together to create one giant dress. Although this would be a great fabric to wear if you’re prone to spilling food on you, we can’t help but think that this wouldn’t be too comfortable on your wedding day.

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