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Photographer Travels The World To Document Female Beauty



Romanian female photographer Mihaela Noroc set out on a mission to explore what beauty looks like around the world. Her project is called “The Atlas of Beauty,” and it documents portraits of women from 37 countries in an attempt to study the diversity of natural beauty.
Noroc’s portraits capture these women in their natural environments (most even without ANY makeup!) to show how truly varied female beauty can be.

Thessaloniki, Greece

There’s just something about her expression that seems to tell a story of battles fought, and of innocence. Her bright blue eyes match the sky behind her, and they seem to leave you wanting to know more about her life. A diverse kind of beauty, indeed.


Her eyes seem to be a bit sad, perhaps possessing a sage quality that shows that she’s seen a lot in her few days. Her rosy cheeks complement her dark hair and paler skin, and she holds herself with such perfect posture that it almost makes you question whether or not she has a royal background of some sort.

Omo Valley, Ethiopia

This photo is of a woman living in Omo Valley, Ethiopia, where you can explore tribes that live like they did thousands of years ago. She is part of the Arbore Tribe, in which nudity is completely normal culturally. This woman wears nothing beneath the veil and the beads around her neck. The veil serves only to protect her skin from the sun. Truly beautiful, indeed.

Varanasi, India

This young Hindu pilgrim is making an offering on the Ganges River in Varanasi, India. Notice the delicacy with which she presents her offering, and the brightly colored cloth she wears around her head. She represents both beauty and grace.

Grozny, Chechnya

This intriguing city of Grozny, Chechnya is a mixture of both modern and traditional garb and culture. This particular model, Linda, grew up in the war-ravaged town under a single mother with her sister. She is now studying to be a pediatrician. She radiates confidence, beauty, and an educated sense of self.

Istanbul, Turkey

This woman’s gorgeous thick hair is beauty all on its own. The fierceness of her expression is bewitching. Notice the thick, dark eyebrows and the confidence she portrays. Is there any way to view this picture and consider this woman anything but stunning?

San Francisco, USA

Sarah is the name of this beautiful American model. Mihaela was captivated by the wild nature of this fiery beauty in San Francisco, USA. The photographer says that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But the problem is that the beholder is always somebody else. Which, she says, is why she believes that beauty is diversity.

Stockholm, Sweden

This young woman, Emilia, uses a bicycle to get around the capital of Sweden. When Mihaela stopped and spoke with her for a few minutes, she learned that Emilia was recently chosen for an important part in an opera, and she described this moment as the happiest moment of her life. She wears her pride beautifully and confidently, and it shines through every aspect of her being.

Amazon Jungle, Ecuador

Mihaela discovered this expressive young woman in the Amazon Jungle in Ecuador. She is part of a Kichwa tribe, with hundreds-of-years-old rules. What she’s wearing in this photo is her wedding dress, which she wore when she was married at 15 years old. Captured in truly beautiful natural lighting, nothing about this photo is altered in any way. Her beauty is displayed for all to see, and no one can contest that.

Botosani area, Romania

This young woman from Romania is ultra rich in culture and intrigue. The bright colors of her clothing tell us of the tradition and pride of her particular culture.

Zürich, Switzerland

This is Elisabeth in Zürich, Switzerland. She’s an 83-year-old ceramic artist, and she learned her trade by simply watching another do it. She has lived her life to the fullest and still continues to do so each and every day. The bright colors she wears emphasizes her bright personality and creative spirit. No one can deny her natural beauty.

Izmir, Turkey

This photo taken of a woman on the streets of Turkey shows natural beauty to the max. Her long, dark, natural hair contrasts beautifully with her lighter skin, and her eyes seem to be telling you a story.

Arequipa, Peru

This is Zafiro, a girl whom Mihaela noticed on the streets of Peru. The photographer thought she was so strikingly beautiful that she talked to her a bit and found out that she is one of the descendants of the Inca empire. She then went on to photograph her incredible beauty, illustrating the seductive power of her natural beauty.

Cali, Colombia

This beautiful woman is Colombian with Lebanese origins. Her eyes and freckles draw you in seductively, and you can’t help but marvel at this raw, natural pull you feel just from looking at this photo.

Dushanbe, Tajikistan

This Tajik woman is photographed in her wedding dress. She absolutely oozes grace and poise. With her long dark hair and mysterious eyes, she could be on the cover of a magazine at her first request.

Yangon, Myanmar

This beautiful woman’s name is Yu Kyi, and Mihaela photographed her in one of the most important Buddhist temples in the world. She certainly seems to possess an exceptionally serene and ethereal quality that can only be described as beautiful.

Havana, Cuba

This is Ana, photographed in Havana, Cuba. Of course the model is the most captivating part of the image, and her green dress only illuminates her stunning features. Even skin tone, mysterious eyes, and a hesitant stance all work together to create this intriguing portrayal of beauty.

Maori from New Zealand

This beautiful young woman simply pulls you in with her eyes alone. Everything about this photo is stunning and intriguing. From her complicated feathered clothing to the questioning, almost accusatory look in her eyes, it’s impossible not to want to know more about her.

Bucharest, Romania

A woman from the photographer’s own hometown, Bucharest, Romania. This beautiful woman is young, vibrant, and completely au naturale, displaying a true natural beauty that is impossible not to notice.

Transylvania, Romania

This woman has a rather Nordic look to her, but she was discovered by Mihaela on the streets of Transylvania, Romania. She bears a strong jaw and intricate features that cuts to the heart of natural beauty. Her body language seems to show she’s a bit reserved, but just look at that hair! Beautiful to the core!

Kaesong, North Korea

This North Korean woman was attending a celebratory event, so she wore more traditional clothing. The beautiful bright colors of her dress bring out the color in her skin and eyes, and she wears it with grace.

Tokyo, Japan

This beautiful young woman’s name is Sayaka. She has Indian and Egyptian origins, but she was born and raised in Tokyo. Her luscious dark hair does little to hide the captivating intensity of her gaze. She has one of those looks that could knock you to your knees.

Kathmandu, Nepal

There are almost no words to describe this photo in a way that does it justice. The setting is marvelous beyond words. Her expression is dark and intriguing. Her feet are bare as if she has nothing to hide, yet her clothing seems to be appropriate for a traditional event of some kind.

Xiahe, China

This is a true example of a pure, serene beauty. She almost beckons you in as though she has a secret she wants to share with you. You could do so if you can tear yourself away from her mesmerizing gaze.

Guangzhou, China

Is there truly anything more beautiful than the miracle of life? Mihaela captured this photo in Guangzhou, China. The young woman was accompanied by her mother and husband, and she was on her way to the hospital to give birth.

Mumbai, India

This young Indian girl is expressing the sign for “friendship” in Indian sign language. Deaf, Mihaela found her attending a school in one of the largest slums in the world. Despite the chances she could have for being negative or disappointed with the life handed to her, she displays her optimism and cheer beautifully, defining what true beauty should be to all of us.


Mihaela found this woman cleaning a hotel room in Ethiopia. This just goes to show that beauty is everywhere. The intensity of this woman’s raw beauty is breathtaking.

Milan, Italy

This model, Laile, initially didn’t want Mihaela to photograph her because she said she wasn’t beautiful enough. What Laile doesn’t realize is that she IS beautiful, inside and out! Being true to yourself is the only thing that matters.

Medellin, Colombia

This is Estefanía in Medellin, Colombia. Her wide eyes and long lashes tell a story of innocence mixed in with a bit of fear. There’s no denying her beauty.

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