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Someone Is Already Selling Their Mercedes-AMG Project



Selling cars for a profit has always been part of the auto industry, but a slim percentage of cars are worthy of flipping for high dollar figures. Recently, the world economic has seen an uptick in hypercar construction and sales from the exotic car makers such as Ferrari, Mclaren, Lamborghini, Pagani, Koenigsegg, McLaren and Porsche. The upcoming year to two years we will see Mercedes-AMG and Aston Martin in on the hypercar game with the Mercedes-AMG Project One with a Formula 1 engine built into its’ powertrain and the Aston Martin Valkarie designed partically by Adrian Newey of Red Bull Racing’s Formula 1 team.
With that little back story out of the way, we can get to the headline at hand. Someone who has their hands on one of the lucky golden tickets to purchase a Mercedes-AMG Project One has already put it up for sale online a year to two years prior to the delivery of the vehicle. And it isn’t at cost or MSRP, no no. Someone is flipping their build slot of the Project One in Germany for 4.51 million or $5.23 million USD. The actual MSRP of the vehicle from Mercedes-AMG is $2.63 million and there will only be 275 examples of the Project One being produced for the market.
A dealership is Germany has put the car up for sale for a client saying that the car will be delivered Q2 of 2019. Mercedes at this point does not have restrictions or policies in place for flipping high end cars after delivery like some other auto makers have put into play in the last couple of years. Ford put a policy in place for the FORD GT sales this past year and Porsche has followed suit with their GT program and the flipping of limited run vehicles. Anyone breaking policies will be banned from ever purchasing a car again from that manufacturer.

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