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Strange Places Totally Off Limits



There are so many places to explore in the world and most of the time you are able to explore freely. However, there are many exclusive places that only elected people or exclusive members can go.
This is the list of places around the world that most of the population will never be able to lay eyes on. Due to security reasons or reasons that we are not allowed to enter are just mysterious. Here is the list.

The Coca-Cola Vault

The Coca-Cola Co. revolutionized soft drinks as we know (and taste) them today, and over 120 years ago they kept their recipe under extreme lock and key. Today, the vault located in Atlanta is accessible to tourists, but good luck trying to access their recipe. The thing is practically under more protection than all the gold bullions in Fort Knox.

Area 51

The subject of numerous alien thriller movies, the super secret military base is famous (or infamous, depending on how you view it) for its alien sightings and extremely bloated theories that the government is harboring extraterrestrials. When they’re not mining the brains of these squinty-eyed beings, the base is otherwise used for weapons testing, and is therefore totally off-limits to civilians.

Chapel of the Ark of the Covenant

Depending on your religious beliefs, the Ark of the Covenant is either very real or just a cool prop from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Whatever the case, this chapel in Ethiopia is believed to be the resting place of the legendary gold-encased wooden ark which contains the stone tablets themselves bearing the Ten Commandments. As such, a renowned relic of religious significance such as that is not for the eyes of those who aren’t the few selected priests.

Disney Club 33

While it may not be shoot-on-sight type of secure, this club within Disneyland’s New Orleans Square is about as exclusive as it gets within Disney borders. Originally built for Disney’s original 33 corporate sponsors, the full-service club now serves all types of big brass, including some Disney veterans like Vanessa Hudgens. It’s only $40,000 for the initiation fee, but once you empty your bank account you have bragging privileges for life!


On April 2, 1988, the city of Chernobyl in Ukraine experienced the most devastating nuclear power plant accident in history. 31 people lost their lives, while another 64 people died of radiation poisoning by 2008. Scientists have predicted that thousands more will continue to be affected in the years to come. The city has been declared an unsafe zone, and what’s left is a hollow shell of the city that resembles something from a post-apocalyptic disaster.

Google Data Center

The search engine giant keeps thousands upon thousands of CPUs that collectively store trillions of bits of information, while their servers can gauge over 20 billion websites at any given time. Google insists that no outside visitors be allowed inside, while even the IT guys who access the servers can only spend as much time there as they absolutely need.

Bank of England Vault

If you’re planning on robbing a bank, this would be it. Although on second thought, maybe not. As the second-oldest bank in the world, the Bank of England takes great measures to ensure that their thousands of gold bars valued at over £156 billion remain locked away tight (even the keys to the vault are three feet long!). Good luck trying to access this impregnable fortress.

Lascaux Caves

Located in Southern France, these caves are dated to the Palaeolithic era. Over 2,000 figures of people, animals, and conceptual drawings adorn the cave walls. Though the caves were opened to the public following WWII, they were closed by the ‘60s for preservation due to issues of mold and uncleanliness.

Moscow Metro-2

While it may look like a post-apocalyptic scene, this is actually a subway system constructed during Stalin’s time period. Code-named D-6 by the KGB, the underground system connects the Kremlin with the Federal Security Service headquarters, the government airport, and Ramenki — an underground city.

Dulce Base

Located in Dulce, New Mexico, this site has been called “the real Area 51” due to its history. When Albuquerque businessman Paul Bennewitz began receiving what he believed to be alien communications in 1979, the underground site was constructed as a sort of joint human/alien facility.


This once-occupied Russian town in the Ural Mountains has been emptied and closed since the Cold War. Now it’s used as a — what else? — nuclear missile site which houses Russia’s ballistic missiles. For very obvious reasons, no one — not even comrades — are allowed inside.

Vatican Archives

Vatican City is already shrouded in mystery enough, but the city’s secret archives are considered the epitome of its secrecy. You have to be a qualified scholar to apply for an entry card, and even then you must have a letter from a research institute. If you do happen to get it, you’ll have 53 miles of shelving and 35,000 manuscripts to sift through. The only way you can see these archives is if you watch Angels & Demons.

Snake Island

Located 18 miles off the coast of Sao Paulo, Brazil, this island is like its own Jurassic Park….but for snakes. From the air, it’s a gorgeous little island. Up close, it’s enough to send even the bravest soul into a panic. The land area averages about one to five snakes for every three feet, and they’re some of the most dangerous snakes on the planet, too. As such, the entire island has been declared a danger zone.

White Gentlemen’s Club

It may sound pretty racist, but the worst thing you could call this club is “exclusive.” Oh, and “elitist.” And “sexist.” Definitely sexist. Created in 1963, this London club accepts male members only, and even then you have to be invited by a current member and approved by at least two more. The club houses a private dining room with some exquisite delicacies and a billiards room for some gentlemanly competition.

Bohemian Grove

This all-men’s retreat in the woods of Monte Rio, California, has a long and rather peculiar history. Founded in 1872, this retreat is held annually for two weeks during the middle of July and attracts some of the world’s most prominent men (Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon were constituents). For three weekends, it’s free-flowing booze and whatever kind of revelry that seems fit. Whether this is a simple boy’s retreat of partying and sleeping in the woods or some facade for something more nefarious is unclear.

North Sentinel Island

There are very, very few tribal groups who have remained untouched by modern civilization, and the Sentinelese would like to keep it that way. Indigenous to the Andaman Islands, these people only range in the few dozens, but their spears are ready for anyone who gets within close enough range. As such, the Andaman and Nicobar Administration has decided to just leave them the hell alone!

Diavik Diamond Mine

Located in the Northwest Canadian territories, this 190 mile wide region is responsible for 3,100 pounds of diamonds every year! The process is considered quite dangerous, which is why it’s strictly off-limits to the public.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault

If you ever find yourself entering this facility, it means that Earth is in catastrophic danger. This vault — located on Spitsbergen, a Norwegian island — holds about 864,000 seeds. You know, just in case that whole “end of the world” thing actually comes true. Built inside the side of a mountain, the cold temperatures keeps the seeds preserved for hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of years. But there’s no sneaking in for some premature taking!

Mormon Church Secret Vault

This secret facility is located in Granite Mountain, not far from — you guessed it — Salt Lake City. Located quite literally in the mountain, it’s supposedly used for administrative offices and document storage. If having a storage center in a mountain isn’t strange enough, it’s all protected by nine-ton doors that can survive a nuclear blast. Is this paranoia or something super nefarious?

Ise Grand Shrine

This shrine in Japan is dedicated to the goddess Amaterasu-Omikami and has existed since 4 B.C. It holds sacred relics of historical significance, most prominently the Sacred Mirror. Good luck trying to tour this shrine. It’s heavily guarded and is surrounded by fencing.

Jiangsu National Security Education Museum

If you’re ever visiting China and decide to tour this museum, you’d better think again. Only Chinese citizens are allowed in, as it contains equipment like guns disguised as lipstick and maps hidden within a deck of cards, as well as top-secret documents that date back to the 1920s.


Off the coast of Venice, Italy, lies an island which was instituted in 1348 as a quarantine zone for those with the Bubonic Plague. Following that, the island became a dumping place for the sick who lived out their last days there before dying. In 1922, the buildings were converted into a mental hospital, but 44 years later it was shut down and the island abandoned. Naturally there are many rumors of ghosts roaming the grounds, but no one is allowed on the island to find out.

Tomb of Qin Shi Huang

This famous mausoleum houses the body of China’s first emperor who’s been entombed for over 2,000 years, and his Terracotta Warriors stand guard over his body. Though the top layer is open for tourism, the tomb itself is completely off-limits due to the fact that the Chinese government doesn’t want it disturbed out of fear that it will compromise the entire thing.

Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center

As the center of FEMA’s operations, this facility in Virginia is where all important officials go when possible disaster strikes. The 564-acre facility contains offices, dorms, and a dining room. Armed guards secure the perimeter, so it’s one government building that isn’t open for tours.

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