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Suspect rams truck into convenience store in order to rob it in Tucson, AZ



Tucson police are searching for a suspect who was captured on video ramming a truck into a Circle K convenience store in order to rob it.
The incident took place in late April, but the Tucson Police Department recently released surveillance video and images to seek the public’s help identifying and locating the suspect.
The video shows a pickup truck ramming the locked glass doors of the Circle K at 1909 Craycroft Road in reverse. The suspect drives forward and rams the storefront two more times, finally pushing the entire frame around the doors into the store. The driver pumps his fist in the air and the video ends.
According to police, the suspect stole merchandise, a cash register and the clerks purse. No one was injured, but damages were well over $10,000, police said.
The truck was abandoned nearby, and police say it was stolen out of Benson, Arizona.