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Two Essential Truths Every Car Owner Needs To Know



More than 260 million Americans are in need of car insurance, yet most have no idea how much cash they could be saving. Luckily, this startup is offering a new line of savings discounts that is saving the average driver over $600 annually.

If your car has a key fob alarm system, listen up. Having this heightened security feature immediately qualifies you for a discount, and that’s because the newer your vehicle, the harder it is to be broken into. Not to mention most people already have keys fobs, so it’s an easy win.

Also, if you have daytime-running lights, you’re also qualified for some healthy savings. This ensures your vehicle is visible in basically any conditions, and allows your car to stand out even when weather may be poor, or as dusk falls and others forget to turn lights on.

Next, the simple inclusion of airbags in your car is a savings hack so many forget to take advantage of. It’s a no-brainer, and almost no car is without them! So make sure to make note of this, because if you have all three of these things, you’re going to be saving big. But wait until you hear about these next savings…

Have a solid driving record? Well you’re going to love this, because no traffic tickets or accidents in the last 3 years will prove to your insurer that you’re a safe and reputable driver on the road, and they will reward you handsomely. This is where being a smart motorist pays off.

To save even further, showing that you live in a safe zip code or neighborhood with minimal crime or auto accidents will only increase your savings. But why aren’t most drivers taking advantage of these discounts that seem so simple? Well…

It’s because less than 15% of people decide to change their auto insurers, every year, and while that number is low, drivers don’t realize this new tool will offer them lower quotes that will save them hundreds, and just imagine what you could do with that money…

Simply enter your state, your zip code, fill out this 3 minute questionnaire, you’ll have the opportunity to access the best rates your area has to offer, and likely even save hundreds…

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