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Unedited Historical Photographs From The Past



Enjoy these unedited photos captured from the past that give us a glimpse at what life was really like all those years ago. Sure, many of us have read about the moments and people in history that have changed the world, but what if we got to see them with our own eyes?
It’s only then we can begin to appreciate the wonders of this planet and everything it has offered us over the years. Click NEXT below to continue and see some of the most interesting historical photos that have ever been captured and organized online.

Building The Future

Back in 1935, these were the latest inventions to hit the tracks and were about to pave the way for mass transport. The carriages might have weighed a ton, but they still needed to be hoisted into the air as they were prepped for their debut on the tracks. It was a dangerous job and one that still amazes many today.

Sports On The Edge

Gladys Roy and Ivan Unger were just two of the daredevils that would pull off a whole host of tricks, including this impressive sports game. Back in 1925, the pair planned out their latest stunt: playing tennis on the wings of a biplane.

Unforgettable Snapshot

Perhaps you have spotted your favorite celeb walking around a city or through an airport? The photographer was walking around Central Park in New York City back in 1974 when he stumbled upon a pair of mimes entertaining the crowds. However, three decades after taking the picture, the man behind the lens realized it was legendary actor Robin Williams.

Trip To School

Believe it or not, but this isn’t an adventure weekend away, or a trip for the kids but is actually a group of school children all making their way to class in Modena, Italy. The photo was taken in 1959, but it seems as though the river stood in the way of the children and their school.

Hip And Happening Ride

Even at the beginning of the 20th century, cars were still in their early stages, and many people had to rely on other forms of transport to get around. Some people turned to horses and carriages, but even they were starting to fade from the streets. Why stick to a horse as your choice of four-legged transport when you can ride a hippo and cart instead?

Trick Or Treat

You might think that Halloween can churn up some scary costumes nowadays, but what if this group of children knocked on your door? Well, 100 years ago, that would have been a reality. Long before it was about dressing up as your favorite superhero or cartoon character, kids would often wear hats, cloaks, and masks to be as scary as possible.

Up In The Air

Before the days of cranes and other pieces of machinery we use to construct great buildings, the entire process was primarily done by hand. So when The Manhattan Company and The Chase National Bank merged in 1955, they needed somewhere as a home base. Bring on the Chase Manhattan Bank – the latest talking point of New York City in 1964. It took 3,000 men and months of work to complete the 810-foot tall building, but work wouldn’t be complete until they all got a snap.

Showing Off His Skills

The streets were once filled with rats. The lack of sewage and pileup of garbage meant they were the perfect place for these rodents to call “home.” Over in Europe, rat catchers were paid for every rat they managed to catch and kill, meaning people would often hunt high and low for their next paycheck.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

It seems as though many people in history have had us all fooled. Although they might look happy and smiling for the camera, sometimes their lives away from the public can tell a much different story. This snap of The Beatles was taken back in 1969 when it looked as though the musicians were at the top of their game.

Away From Home

World War I was a troubling and tough time for many reasons, with many men being pulled away from their homes and thrust into the war. However, many grew homesick and longed to return to their loved ones. So how does that explain a kangaroo in front of the Pyramids of Egypt?

Standing To Attention

This is one of the rare photos captured from the past that shows off the Eight-Nation Alliance formed back in 1900. Each of these men is a soldier representing their home country as they make their mark on history. From right to left there is: Japan, Italy, Austria-Hungary, France, Germany, India, Australia, the United States, and Britain.

A Snappy Lunch

Have you ever been to a restaurant and had those guests on the table next to you that you just wish would go away? Well, people might have been thinking the same thing after pulling up a seat at this Los Angeles establishment; when they looked down to find a congregation of alligators swimming around their feet. The spot was a huge money-maker in the 1930s, and they assured guests they were perfectly safe as the ‘gators were away from their natural habitat.

Time To Study

If you thought your study periods were tough, then wait until you have seen this contraption. The Isolator looks as though it should be straight out of a sci-fi movie, but it was actually someone’s way of staying focused on their studies. The mask was invented back in 1925 and was supposed to shut you off from the world around you with only the eye holes to keep you looking at your books.

Safety First

Here is a British mom ready as she is fully dressed up to take on the world. Not only that, but this mother has also prepared her youngster for the danger by creating this gas-proof stroller. The public were nervous for their lives and weren’t willing to take the risk.

Chaos On The Roads

It might seem normal to drive on the right side of the road to many of us, but that wasn’t always the way. Until September 3, 1967, Sweden had always driven on the left. However, that day was about to change everything. It was time for the utter carnage to ensue.

Time With Mini-Me

Albert Einstein is one of the most famous and talented scientists to have ever lived. However, it was back in 1931 when the genius was most amused. Einstein attended a show at the Teatro Torito theater where a puppet version of the scientist was one of the main attractions.

The Perfect Fit

Making shoes probably isn’t something that crosses many of our minds nowadays, but it was once a highly sought-after skill that could earn someone quite the paycheck. Shoemakers needed to have an incredible eye for detail as well as know all the tricks of the trade to complete their final piece.

Under The Sea

There are plenty of ships that are all lying at the bottom of the ocean after meeting their watery ends over the years. However, it was in 2010 that a group of divers stumbled upon this great find. The team was in the Baltic Sea just off the coast of Finland when they saw a sunken ship. Result!

Pose For The Camera

The British Royal Family have been the topic of many conversations over the years. How can one family be so glamorous yet so elusive at the same time? Not only is this photo an incredible shot as one of the first pictures taken of the Royal Family, but it also has great historical value. Queen Victoria takes center stage and is surrounded by her son, King Edward VII, her grandson, King George V, and her great-grandson, King Edward VIII.

Breaking The Boundaries

There was once a time that only men were allowed to compete in a marathon, but Kathrine Switzer had enough. The runner managed to sneak into the start of the Boston Marathon in 1967 and was off before anyone could put a stop to her.

Norma Jeane At The Beach

Yup, that’s right; this is the legendary Marilyn Monroe before she hit the big time. The photo was taken in 1943 when Norma (her birth name) was just 17 years old, and a few years before she rose to fame as one of the biggest celebrities of the era.

Drink, Anyone?

It seemed as though one of the easiest and quickest to make money as a child was to set up a lemonade stand and hope enough thirsty people would pass your way. In 1931, one boy from Berlin got himself a portable lemonade dispenser and hit the streets to make his ends meet.

Looking For Love

Men would write to distant friends of relations asking if they knew of any women that would like to become their wife. If that failed. Men could also post adverts in their windows or local newspapers to attract a partner. These men from Montana took it upon themselves to create their own ad and even posed for a photo next to their hard work.

The Last Of His Kind

For many years, Sudan was the last male, white rhino, and one of only three white rhinos to be alive in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy. However, since he passed away in March 2018, there are now no surviving males of the species left in the world.

Brunette Before Blonde

It seems as though Marilyn Monroe really is the kind of person that just keeps us guessing. It might be tough to recognize the star to begin with as she is sporting some rather un-blonde curls, but this is Norma back before she was famous. The youngster was busy working in a factory during the war in 1944 when this snap was taken.

A Pain For Every Occasion

It might seem as though fashionable shoes are a thing of the present, but would you believe this pair are more than 2,300 years old? Yes, the accessories were found on a German man who had been preserved in a swamp since he passed away in 300 BCE.

Fashion From The Past

There have been many different fashion eras over the years, each coming with their own set of latest trends. The 1920s was a time for everyone to let loose. The war was finally over, the stock markets were on the rise, and women were starting to take the working world by storm.

Following The Rules

It might seem as though dress codes have got entirely out of control, but it looks as though it might have always been that way. That’s right; these two women were happily enjoying their time in the water when the man on duty decided their swimsuits needed to be measured.

Talk Of The Show

‘Freak shows’ were once all over the world, with thousands of people flocking to see the weird and wonderful individuals on show. Josephine Myrtle Corbin was one of the many to sign up to one of the shows, and it wasn’t long before the 13-year-old earned the name “Four-Legged Girl from Texas.”

Mother And Son

Did you know that tortoises can live to be over 100 years old? That’s right; these reptiles have an incredible lifespan that makes them one of the oldest species still alive to date. In fact, one tortoise was once registered to be 255 years old! Here we get the chance to see the birth of a whole new generation as the 140-year-old mom poses with her five-day-old son.


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