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Ways to Customize Your Car without Looking Like an Idiot




Aftermarket Wheels

A perfectly fitted set of wheels is key to not looking like an idiot on the street. Search online forums pertaining to your car and find a set that someone else has fitted right to your platform and run with it.

Great Tires

Having a grippy tire means the world when the tire is the part of the car that transfers the power to the ground. Don’t compromise here.

Suspension Tuning

Package this with an aftermarket wheel upgrade and you are sitting pretty!

ECU Tuning

This is a must and go to a professional, this is by far one of the best upgrades.
dyno tuning

Dyno Tuning

Performance Exhaust

Choose one that is crisp and clean not just loud and universal.

Engine Swap

Engine swaps are great if you’ve purchased an underperforming car and someone else has figured out a nice swap for your platform

Forced Induction

Potential to double or triple the power output of your car. This is a must but takes serious dedication.

Proper Wide Body Kit


Custom Wrap

A wrap is a multi-purpose upgrade. Fresh look and paint protection

Drivetrain Optimization

A performance clutch is always a great option when adding power to your car such as a ecu tune or turbo upgrade.

Better Brakes

One of the most overlooked part of the car that will save you more than you realize

Custom Upholstery

Simple suede overlays are a fantastic way to clean up your interior components.

Window Tint

Better Speakers

Not just big subs, get quality speakers and a medium sized size to match. Quality is key

Weight Reduction

Caveat: We don’t mean fake carbon fiber appliques.
Can’t go wrong with Carbon Fiber accessories

Shift Knob

Don’t get a LED one, please

Short Throw Shifter

If you have a 5 or 6 speed and short throw is always a good street performance upgrade for quicker shifting

Aftermarket Steering Wheel

Please don’t do this unless you have a four or five point harness.

Roll Cage

Depending how much you value your life and what your goals are, get a roll cage.

Data Logging System

If doing serious mods, data is critical in knowing how your car is responding and reacting to situations

Aero Upgrades

If track goals aren’t in the works just disregard just like the roll cage, but aero is sick!

Aftermarket Seat

Racing seats give you a more firm feel and more confidence as a driver, but don’t make this the only upgrade

Sport Pedals


Specialty Outfitters

For the right price an outfitter will take a brand new car and make it even more extreme for you

Actual Sponsors

Not a sticker you get with a product you purchased


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