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Car Cleaning Hacks To Save You Money



Welcome to our amazing car cleaning hacks that will save you tons of time and money. Have fun exploring these budget-friendly car cleaning tips to making your vehicle squeaky clean and organized.
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Essential Oils

Put some of your favorite essential oils on some wooden clothespins. This is a more natural approach to air fresheners and they last longer and are cheaper than regular auto air fresheners.

Gooey Cleaning Slime

Making gooey cleaning slime yourself is pretty easy. Simply mix 1/2 cup of liquid starch, 4oz bottle of Elmer’s glue, and 1/4 cup of water. You can use the slime to pull dirt out of inconvenient spots like around your window buttons. When you are done simply throw it away!

Use An Iron To Remove Stains

Looking to remove a crusty mess from your car seats? Maybe you left some candles in your car and they melted on the seats, or your kids have drawn on them with crayon. Try a piece of paper and an iron to remove some types of stains.

Olive Oil

Use a bit of olive oil to clean your leather seats. Just keep in mind that using too much will leave grease on the surface. Use it sparingly and wipe thoroughly.

Powder Cleaners

Try some good ole’ bar keepers friend and a scrub brush on your rims to get rid of some of that hard to remove road grime and brake dust.

Foam Brush

These little foam brushes are super cheap and work great for cleaning out your air vents and hard-to-reach spaces. Give it a try!

Dryer Sheets

Wet dryer sheets are perfect for removing some pesky stuck-on bugs after a road trip. Since they are bound to be really yucky when you are done, just throw them away after use.


A toothbrush is great for getting the grime out of the crevices of your ride, just make sure not to confuse it with the toothbrush you brush your teeth with.

Nail Polish

Nail polish is a good way to buy yourself some time before getting that window or windshield replaced. Apply it generously and let dry, disclaimer; this is not a permanent solution. You can however slow the spread of hairline cracks.


Toothpaste is the perfect alternative to those expensive headlight cleaning formulas we always see advertised on infomercials.

Little Cracks

Grab yourself a pointy tool, such as a screwdriver, and wrap a cloth over it. You can then use this to clean out hard to reach crevasses in your ride.


WD-40 is the perfect solvent for removing those unsightly bumper stickers that you now regret putting on your car. Give the decals a squirt and let it soak in, this will loosen the adhesive and allow you to remove the decals safely.

Clay Bar

You can find these clay bars at many auto parts supplies stores, giving your car a massage with this stuff removes toxins that are set in the paint. You will be surprised at the shine you are left with, give it a try!

Hair Conditioner

Make sure you choose a brand that contains lanolin, which is the magic ingredient that gives a waxy finish. Pour some of it on to a towel and rub your car in a circular motion for a great shine!

Rubbing Alcohol

Wiping the slime off of your windshield wipers should extend their shelf life. Nothing is worse than having a cruddy windshield wiper drag across your windshield.

Air Filter

Make sure you are not over looking a regular cleaning or replacement of your air filter. If it builds up with gunk, you could end up having some mechanical problems. Make sure to verify this is done when you take your car in for an oil change.


Make sure you do not leave an opened bottle of vodka in your car when you are done. But this is another great window cleaning solution, some vodka and a few drops of Castile soap will do the trick!


There are so many hard to reach crevasses, try giving Q-Tips a try. These are especially useful when it comes to cup holders.

Baby Wipes

These things are perfect for picking up spills in upholstery and wiping up sticky messes off of your interior surfaces. For all you moms out there, give it a try!

Wet Newspaper

A wet newspaper is perfect for wiping off difficult to remove stickers from your windows. If water is not doing the trick, add a little bit of rubbing alcohol and give it some good old fashioned elbow grease.


Squeegees are perfect for removing that tough to get hair from our furry friends. If you’ve got a pet that frequently sheds, you know just how tough it can be to get their hair out. It seems that even the strongest vacuums rarely work.


Vinegar is a great all around cleaning friend for various tasks. Mix with a little laundry detergent and clean your seats. Or you can mix it with a bit of dish soap and presto! The best window washing cleaner ever!

Magic Eraser

These things truly are magic, if you have yet to experience their magic, now is your chance to give them a try. Use magic erasers to remove some of the toughest scuff marks and stains.


Good old fashioned Vaseline can make your dashboard shine and protect it from cracking in the harsh sun.

Brush & Vacuum

Brush the dust out of your car into a running vacuum. You will absolutely love this trick, and may even go on to do it around the house for window sills, cabinets, and so on.

Club Soda

Club Soda has been a long used remedy for some of the toughest stains. Even the stains in your car might not be able to withstand it, give it a try.


Make sure to roll down your windows as you are drying your car and wipe off the grime that is stuck to the top part of it. If you don’t, your detailing job won’t be looking as fresh as it should.


Put a couple charcoal briquettes under your seats, as they absorb odor. This means that if you have some foul smelling odors coming from your car, you should be able to as least mask them with this very inexpensive method.


Do you have a stubborn rust spot? Give it a spray with some Coca Cola and rub in a circular motion. You will be surprised at how this stuff works wonders on rust.

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