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Adorable Dogs Napping In The Funniest Places



Dogs are certainly man’s best friend, and so much so, that they’re willing to nap pretty much anywhere just to stay next to you. After a long, hard day of sniffing, walking and playing, a dog’s favorite activity is plopping down for a snooze, regardless of where they may be.
These pups are natural nappers, though, and could honestly care less about sleeping in a designated bed. These dogs have acclimated to all of their surroundings, including unconventional ones, some of which became their favorite spots. Enjoy these pups napping in ridiculous fashion.

What a Smelly Spot

Dogs are known to do some pretty peculiar things, and this has to be among the top things. This guy was searching all over for his golden retriever until he finally found her taking a snooze right behind the toilet. From then on it became her favorite napping spot!

When You’re Waiting For Your Package Delivery

This puppy probably fell asleep waiting for its human to come home. After all, clearly whenever a dog’s owner leaves the house it’s with the intention of never coming back again. At least it wasn’t so upset that it couldn’t fall asleep — right in the blinds!

Squeezing In There

Hey, the humans specifically told him not to go on the couch, but they never said anything about going in the couch! Good thing this dog isn’t claustrophobic.

The Potted Hound

Some pooches would never think of getting their lily paws dirty, while some willingly wallow in whatever mud hole and dirt pile they can find. When this hound couldn’t fit in just one pot, he smartly dragged over a second smaller one so he could lay his head without having to worry about getting a crick in his neck.

When You Fall Asleep Doing Yoga

This pup is either dreaming that it’s a ballerina dancer, or it’s dreaming that it’s flying south for the winter. Either way, you can’t deny that it looks exactly like the Thanksgiving turkey right before it goes into the oven!

Post-Lunch Nap

We all know that feeling after lunch where all we want to do is curl up for a short (long) nap. While this position might seem just a tad uncomfortable for humans, for a dog there’s nothing better than snoring away atop a pile of food. Then you can dream about it while you sleep in it!

He’s Just Searching For Spare Change

You never know what you’re going to find in the black abyss that lies in between the couch cushions. This dog clearly wanted to find out, but he wasn’t so much into his little endeavor that he couldn’t take a short siesta.

When The Kids Fall Asleep On The Way Home

Every parent loves the sight of their child sleeping peacefully in their carseat, even if it means that they’ll have to carry them inside once they get home. This little Yorkie probably looks even more adorable, and is likely a bit lighter as well.

Shoe Occupied

Sorry, human, but you’ll have to find something else to wear today. Most likely anybody who saw this flat-out adorable sight would be more than willing to give up their shoe.

Stretching Out

This looks extremely straining at first until you notice the luggage supporting it underneath. In that case, this actually looks like the ideal napping spot — plenty of leg room, lots of space to stretch out, a radio close by to play some suitable napping music, and no lack of warmth from the constant sunlight.

Food Is My Best Friend

If there’s one species that loves food more than humans, it’s dogs. They’ll do anything for it, but even they’re prone to a little food coma after gorging on kibble. The most hilarious thing, though, is the fact that this puppy isn’t even napping in his own bowl….he’s napping in the doberman’s bowl! He’s just keeping the food safe, like the good boy he is.

Got a Handle On Things

Like a cat sprawled out on a tree limb, this puppy found just the right spot to dangle its legs while napping. It’s as if it was custom built just for him, and there’s plenty of warmth inside. The owner will have to upgrade to a larger vehicle when the puppy grows up, though!

Never Seen That Musical Instrument Before

Typically it’s cats that always seem to occupy the thing you use the most, but dogs certainly aren’t exempt from this either. Fortunately for this dog, it just so happened to find something that was exactly the right size for its body proportions.

Down In The Dumps

This dog looks like rent is due, its spouse left, its car broke down, and it lost its job, all on the same day. Either that or this is the aftermath of a long walk. With dogs their reaction is pretty much the same.

The Weight Of Life’s Problems On Your Shoulders

We’ve all had days where we’ve come home from work only to have this exact same look on our face. Pugs are known for the way in which they’ll hilariously sit with their legs sprawled out, but this pug has managed to make himself look even funnier!

Lean On Me

Sometimes dogs will trust their humans so much that they’ll fall asleep right in their arms (or their legs) and dream away. Unfortunately for their owner, however, it means that they then have to sit in that same position for however long their dog is asleep….or else risk seeming like a big fat jerk for ruining their dog’s sleep.

Living On The Edge

This bulldog looks like it was patiently waiting on something and then got too bored to stay awake. It looks quite comfortable in its position!

Burro’s Back

Sometimes dogs have no problem napping on the backs of other animals! The burro doesn’t seem to mind. And it’s probably a good deal for the dog, who has an especially warm bed to lay on.

Sticking Your Nose Where You Shouldn’t

Here’s a life lesson in keeping your snout out of someone else’s business. This pup was probably sniffing about when it caught a whiff of some odd smell. When it stuck its nose into the shoe, the smell was about enough to knock it out cold. Either that or it just loves that position and doesn’t mind the smell….

Diving Head-First Into The Situation

While this sort of napping position wouldn’t bode well for humans (all that blood rushing to the head), for a puppy it probably gives them an energy boost. No wonder these things can run around for hours on end!


Introducing: the best way to wash your dog! No more trying to hassle them into the tub, just wait until they fall asleep inside it and then just close the lid and go!

He Fell Asleep Counting The Sheep

We all know the old adage about counting sheep to help you doze off, and it’s especially true with this dog! If it’s going to be an effective sheepdog, though, it needs to learn to stay awake on the job.

Perfect Position

Despite looking like a terrible position to nap to us, this golden lab clearly doesn’t think so. It looks totally content dreaming about bones and long belly rubs. It also looks a lot like one of those carousel horses.

Terrible At Hide-and-Seek

This looks like a scene out of some cartoon where somebody’s passed out drunk underneath the table. It should be perfectly quiet under there, not to mention completely dark. Perhaps it just fell asleep while trying to hunt for all the snacks that fell under there.

Wedged In There

Once again, dogs prove that they really don’t give a crap when it comes to napping spots. They’ll sleep on whatever will support their heads, including the kitchen bar stool! Look how content it is, though….

He’s a Good Boy

Parents love it when the kids are asleep during the grocery store trips (less stress, and they don’t keep on pestering them to get cookies), but have you ever seen a dog snoozing in the shopping cart? They’d better load up that cart into their car rather than risk waking it up!

Dog Is My Copilot….

….except when that dog is out like a light! But seriously, who could ask for a more adorable copilot? Just don’t even think about trying to shift the car into a different gear, because that puppy isn’t moving its schnoz for anything!

Dog Blocked My Homework

Even when there isn’t any physical homework for them to eat, dogs still manage to mess it up! This is a pretty standard thing for cats to do, but dogs? Such betrayal!

Stacked Pancake Pups

One husky puppy taking a siesta is cute enough, but four? Quadruple that cuteness! Even several weeks after being born, these brothers and sisters still can’t imagine being apart from each other.

When You Eat Too Much For Lunch

Some dogs simply have no limit when it comes to packing away food. This Labrador gorged himself silly and then had to sleep it off. When the owners went into the living room, however, they found that he had positioned himself where his bloated stomach would hurt the least! Loyal and smart.

Like a Lil’ Teddy Bear

This puppy obviously watched its owner taking naps and wanted to mimic them. The result is one of the purest things you’ll ever see. It looks a lot like the classic image of Snoopy on top of his house.

When 4 O’Clock Hits

This pup looks exactly like 98 percent of the workforce at 4:00 pm. If only we too could pass out at our desks for the remaining hour of the work day!

Too Tired To Eat

Isn’t it interesting how often dogs look exactly like us post-work? How many times have you come home and fallen asleep with your face in a bowl of cereal? Hey, even puppies can get exhausted.

Sleep In a Box, Sleep In a Chair, Sleep On Some Rocks, I Can Sleep Anywhere!

You know how cats will usually fall asleep in a box when they have an expensive bed that their owners bought for them? Well apparently dogs will do the same thing, except hopefully in this case their owner didn’t spend too much on them.

“Scratch Me, Human”

Dogs are constant attention hogs, and no dog would ever turn down an orgasm-like belly rub. And, just like humans, the pleasant experience can sometimes lead to some light dozing afterwards.

“This Boot Is Mine Now”

Whoever owns that boot, they’re never getting it back now! This black lab puppy decided that it’s the perfect height to support his head. After all, his physician said he had to keep a good posture when he slept.

Pedal Head

Dogs just really aren’t picky when it comes to a place to lay their head. They’ll sleep just about anywhere, including the pedal of a dirty, rusty bicycle.

Double Decker

Best friends to the end, these two hardly do anything apart, and that includes nap time. After all, life is tough if you’re a pooch. A hard day of playing out in the yard can be quite taxing indeed.

That Laundry Isn’t Clean Anymore

Laundry day is even more of a pain in this house, made so by the family pooch who just doesn’t seem to understand that laundry in a basket isn’t a bed! Yes, it’s very soft, but the humans have work to do here, dog.


This dog looks like someone just unpacked him from a suitcase! Cats may generally be more agile than dogs, but you’d be surprised at the different positions that dogs can get into as well.

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