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Incredible Photos From Burning Man Festival



Burning Man attracts thousands of people who all come together to celebrate every aspect of creativity and art in one place. There are no rules when it comes to Burning Man. Instead, it’s all about expressing yourself and working together with the others around you to create an experience like no other in this world. From art projects to music and just about everything in between, there is so much on offer that this festival becomes what anyone makes it.
The best photos from Burning Man give us on the outside the chance to see inside one of the most expressive events in the world. The event has grown to become one of the most significant communities in the world, as a city is created in the middle of the Nevada desert each and every year.

Light ‘Em Up

There are so many ways that people have learned to express them over the years, and Burning Man gives us a chance to see how cars can become the latest piece of art. This person has taken their love of motors one step further by adding some pyrotechnics to their vehicle.

Toucan Play That Game

Running with the birds of paradise theme this woman has made sure she’s representing all things colorful. Her jacket is pretty colorful, and she’s got just about every color under the sun represented by her outfit.

All White

This is the perfect outfit for Burning Man because it will draw all eyes to you during the day, but at night it becomes a blank canvas. By day this woman can be all white, but by night she can become a color wheel of glow-in-the-dark paint.

The Warthog

When people bring their contraptions to life at Burning Man, they tend to go pretty big. This giant hog is so large there’s a bunch of people enjoying the party on its back, but the pig isn’t even struggling with the weight.

Invoking Ancient Spirits

We’ve already had the ancient Greeks represented at the festival, and now it’s time for the Egyptians to have their time in the spotlight. This Burning Man festival-goer has really gone with the golden theme and is wearing Tutankhamun on her outfit.

The Neon Wanderer

It doesn’t look like there’s much going on behind this woman and we can’t help but wonder if she’s more than just a little bit lost. There’s a good chance that if someone does come across her, they’re going to know exactly where she wants to go.


The people who came across this statue at the festival would have been wise to not stare into its eyes for long. It’s a metallic Medusa, and if the eyes don’t turn you to stone, then the snakes will probably get you.

Balancing The Scale

This looks like some kind of concrete scale that has been balanced by the people perched on it. It also looks as though this woman at the front of the picture is starting a race, but we just can’t quite figure out what yet.

Green Is The Color

Green is definitely the color for this woman at the Burning Man festival thanks to her spectacular hair and wristbands. She looks to be another with some welding experience thanks to her amazing visor, and we have to wonder if she’s been to the future.

Mega Mantis

We can’t help but feel as though this praying mantis car really wants to lure people as close as possible. At the moment it looks pretty sweet and innocent, but we think it might just be laying in wait to strike.

Spread Your Wings

The creators of Burning Man want everyone that’s coming along to be included and feel as though they can spread their wings and express themselves. These light-up wings give everyone the opportunity to feel as though they can fly, no matter how brave or not they were with their costumes.

Risen From The Sea

We mostly expect to see mermaids in the sea or maybe on the rocks just out of the water. Where we wouldn’t expect to see one is in the middle of Nevada, miles away from any natural water. This mermaid has been brave to risk drying out, but once she heard about the amazing party in the desert, she had to experience it herself.

Jellyfish Party

In the pitch black skies at Burning Man, only the most colorful parties get noticed by people. Towering above everything else was this bioluminescent jellyfish, and if you look carefully, there are some steps hidden in its tentacles.

Room For One More?

Although this vehicle looks like it only seats a few people, these women have taken it over. It seems as though the photographer is playing a game of how many girls he can pile onto one car.

Riding To Battle

Horses have been used across the desert for many years. From riding into battle to carrying people across the sand dunes – these incredible creatures have been the saviors for many communities all around the world. Burning Man is one of the many places that these animals can come to life. Someone has been able to carefully craft a metallic equine that stands out starkly on the sands, but what would a horse be without its rider? We’re just glad to see this woman was there to ride this majestic beast to greatness with the perfect outfit to match.

Sparkling Commander

Although her outfit is primarily made out of beads and jewels, it has been styled to make her look as though she’s part of the military. We can’t imagine this would fly in any military anywhere in the world, but if Burning Man had its own armed force, then they would surely wear uniforms like these.

The Mesmerizing Discofish

We’re betting you’ve not heard of a Discofish before unless you’re a Burning Man veteran. This fish rides out into the desert and lures people to dance under its glitterball. There are flashing lights if the glitterball doesn’t work and the fish looks to have another victim already.

Butterfly Woman

There’s not much actual wildlife at the Burning Man festival, but you can bet that the people attending will represent the animal kingdom. This woman has brought her butterfly wings after transforming from a caterpillar over the previous months.

Feathers And Jewels

If you could sum up the majority of outfits found at Burning Man festival, it would probably be feathers and jewels. These girls have made sure that they are covered in both so they can really get into the spirit of the festival.

Jaws Has Evolved

When the suspense-filled horror movie Jaws came out, people were terrified to go into the water. They had good reason because a giant great white shark was waiting for them, but now that shark has evolved and can roam the land too.

A Mad Max Adventure

This photo looks like it was taken right out of a Mad Max film and everyone in the shot looks like they could have been part of the movies. They are all heading to this party zone called Wasteland and judging by the number of people heading in, it’s going to be a blast.

Metal Warriors

It’s not just steampunk that people go crazy for at Burning Man and some people make sure their costumes are a nod to the past. These two seem to be inspired by the ancient Greek myths of thousands of years ago and have come how you would expect some of the goddesses to appear.

Pink Kitty

No giant costume party would be complete without someone coming along as a kitty, and here we have it. It looks as though pink is very much her color as she’s pretty much dressed head to toe in it. From her hair to her dress and even her backpack, it’s all pink!

Calm Before The Storm

It’s important to remember the name of the festival and not get completely distracted by everything that goes on at Burning Man. It’s called Burning Man for a reason, and you can bet something is going up in flames each year.

The Basilisk

Do you remember that scene in Harry Potter when the basilisk attacks the main heroes in the Chamber of Secrets? Well, it seems as though Burning Man got a hold of the giant snake’s skeleton and transported it all the way to the middle of the desert.

Neon Plane

Judging by the size of the people at the bottom of this neon plane, it’s full-sized. That means someone has come along and not only dragged a big old jumbo jet into the middle of the desert, but they’ve converted it to a party plane.

Something A Little Cuter

Many of the animal creations at Burning Man can look intimidating, but not all of them do. Here’s a giant shimmering rubber duck that seems to double up as a stage for a musical performance. No details have been overlooked, and this duck appears to be trailing an egg behind it for good measure.

Don’t Mess With These Fish

If a fish is willing to leave the water and come to a festival in the middle of the desert, you know it’s not messing around. These fish look pretty dangerous and will probably take a big chunk out of anyone who gets too close for comfort.

Land Ahoy!

There are a few exceptions when it comes to vehicles at Burning Man; artistic cars are allowed to travel around the city as people show off their creations to the rest of the community. Some like to add smaller details to their vehicles; others want to turn them into works of art. This person has taken their skills one step further by creating an entire pirate ship, but that’s not all.

Boat Party, In The Desert

You’d expect plenty of boat parties if you’re going to a festival by the water, but in the middle of the desert? Less so. This boat party is in full swing even though there’s not a drop of water in sight.

Back From Extinction

For all we know, dragons aren’t fictional and they went missing for a while, like in Game of Thrones. Now, just like Daenerys brought dragons back from the brink, it seems someone at Burning Man has brought their own dragon to the party.

Urban Safari

There aren’t many wild rhinos left, so people create their own instead. The rhino might be an endangered species, but as long as this beast has a full gas tank, there’s no chance of it going extinct.

Is This A Mirage?

Old stories spoke about people wandering through the desert to be faced with a mirage seemingly forever on the horizon. They had become so delirious from the heat and looking at nothing but sand for hours that they began to imagine things.

Fire Octopus

There are all kinds of mechanical beasts to be found at Burning Man, and they don’t necessarily have to make any sense. This fire octopus is also part lobster and piranha, but 100 percent amazing. Imagine riding out into the desert only to be greeted by this contraption.

The Mythical Unicorn

Just when we were ready to give up dreaming that unicorns were real, someone goes and pulls out this amazing attraction. Not only is it a unicorn, but it’s made out of disco ball mirrors, rainbow, and jewels. This girl looks to be having a blast on top of her new friend, and it’s easy to see why.

Round And Round They Go

Not every huge piece of art that people bring with them to Burning Man can be climbed on. This is some form of chimp merry-go-round, but there is danger hidden there. Amongst the chimps are some snakes, but it’s impossible to tell if the serpents are helping or trying to attack.

Bringing Paris To Burning Man

This pyramid looks very similar to the iconic structure at the Louvre art gallery in Paris. We wonder if whoever set this up has intentionally brought a bit of Paris and romance to Burning Man. Inside we’re hoping there is a ton of artwork and even a representation of the Mona Lisa.

Out Of This World

Many say that you don’t truly understand Burning Man until you live it for yourself, and there is a good reason for that. Each year is always so much different from the last thanks to the incredible way the organizers choose to entertain their guests – or not. They don’t book any form of entertainment and instead encourage everyone to create their own types of fun to share with others.

Swinging Around

Nothing created at Burning Man is to stay there longer than the festival. In fact, the organizers want to ensure they are always making a positive influence on the environment and proving that humans can turn this world around – just as this swing gets to turn around and around. Many of us have enjoyed these swings at fairgrounds over the years, but who needs something like that when they can create their own ride out of whatever happens to be lying around?

Who Ya Gonna Call?

With so much movement and the party coming to life at night, people might begin to think they are seeing things that aren’t there. Some might even think they are seeing ghosts and get spooked enough to try and call the Ghostbusters for some urgent help.

Birds of Paradise

Burning Man festival is held in the middle of the Nevada desert where typically there isn’t much life. When the festival rolls in though it becomes awash with color and we get some of the most exotic animals in the world. Not in real life, but in the form of these giant structures that let people look at the festival from a different angle.

Anything Goes

One of the best things about Burning Man is that creativity is at the center of the festival. People who attend are not expected to pay for things but trade on a gift exchange basis. This girl is expressing her creative side by bringing bright colors to her outfit and completing the look with a Native American-style headdress.

A Mini Man

The Man has seen many changes over the years. It started as a symbol for the entire event, but wasn’t initially burned as part of the festival. Although the creators burned their first eight-foot man at the first festival on a beach in San Francisco, it wasn’t until they acquired an official site that they returned to burning their sculpture.
However, one of the creators, John Law, added neon lights to the creation in 1991 to make it a beacon of the night.

A View From Above

Sometimes, it’s not until we step back and take a look from above that we get the chance to see just how large some things really are. Burning Man can attract thousands of people each year, and has been specially designed to ensure everyone gets to have the most amount of fun. The event used to allow people to camp just about anywhere. However, the organizers were forced to arrange the campers in grids. Too many people attending meant there were plenty of opportunities for accidents, and people needed to be able to point the emergency services in the right direction. The grid looks amazing, however.

A Little Dust

Sadly, it looks as though the mirror ball wasn’t built to stand up to the dust of the desert after all. All that dancing and freedom meant it wasn’t long before the sands of Nevada were thrown up into the air to give a rusted effect to the mirror. Rather than taking away from the look, this ball has somehow managed to become even more beautiful than before. It looks as though everyone was willing to take full advantage of the steampunk look. This woman grabbed her unicorn mask and added the fairytale magic this image needed.

Still Getting Exercise

Just because these girls are at a festival doesn’t mean they’re going to forget all about their fitness regimes. The festival is spread over hundreds of theme camps, and if you haven’t got your own car, then the best way to get around is to go by bicycle.

Causing Sparks

Although the Man is the primary fire that draws people to Burning Man, people are also allowed to create their own, smaller fires all around the city. Sure, they don’t usually hold up to the expressiveness of the main event, but they give people a chance to enjoy the warmth and glow of the element all throughout the week. Plus, these creations can make for some of the most picturesque snaps. Not only has this person been able to craft an intricate fire starter for the community to enjoy, but they have also created a sparkling show that really sets the place on fire.

The Building Of The Temple

It’s not just the Man that has appeared at the festival over the years; the Temple has also been a place at the event since 2000. There have been several temples over the years, including the leading building that has been built in honor of the late Michael Heflin ever since he passed away on the way to Burning Man. Now, it is a place for artists from all walks of life to showcase their work before the entire thing is burnt to the ground at the end of it all. Just like a phoenix, it is reborn out of the ashes each year bigger and better than ever.

A Master Puppeteer

Seeing a giant puppet will probably always be pretty impressive. These great statues are enough to take many of us back as they aren’t the kinds of sculptures we get to see every day. So what makes this one even more impressive? It’s more than just a statue; this is a fully-functioning puppet that can be entirely controlled by the digger behind. Yes, the limbs all move as this masterpiece makes its way around the city impressing the thousands of people lucky enough to see it in the flesh. It seems as though art really can come to life after all.

Take To The Skies

One of the best things about Burning Man is the chance that many people get to spread their wings and fly as they embrace the full force of freedom that comes with living with a community of freethinkers for a week. Fire has grown to represent many things over the years, including the mythical phoenix. This magnificent creature rises up from the ashes and is born again every time the former animal passes away.

Caged In

There is much more to this Burning Man snap than meets the eye. The idea behind the event is to be as free as you can for seven days. There are no rules of what goes inside this fence. Instead, it’s a time to explore every aspect of our soul that has been buried deep for so long. At first glance, it looks as though this group are trapped in a cage.

The City Of Lights

Sure, many of us have heard that Paris is often called the City of Lights. However, there doesn’t have to be just one in this world, does there? Burning Man is famous for the Man that gets lit throughout the event, but it’s the incredible art pieces that people attending bring with them that makes the atmosphere come to life. These lights seemed like such a simple addition when they appeared within the city.

A Splash Of Color

A lot of Burning Man appears to be kept to a neutral color scheme that keeps things looking uniform in the desert. However, that doesn’t mean that people aren’t ready to embrace a splash of color as they take to the sands. This festival-goer has brightened up Burning Man without going over the top. The simple metallic top teamed with some body jewelry, face glitter, and heart sunglasses is the perfect combination of brightness.

Futuristic Welder

If the metal works around Burning Man are anything to go by, then there are more than a few people who know their way around welding equipment. This woman has made sure to bring her trusty face mask that double up as sunglasses incase her welding skills are called upon.

Coming To Life

Believe it or not, this isn’t a shot taken from an art gallery but was actually a woman enjoying her time at Burning Man. The wooden wyvern was a feature in the sands as it looked as though the mythical beast was climbing out from the ground below. The pure white color scheme helped show off the incredible detail from the piece.

Ready For Anything

Although Burning Man gives everyone the freedom to enjoy the desert and all the joy it comes with, the sands can also come with a huge variety of issues. In fact, Burning Man releases a host of recommendations to ensure that everyone is kept safe while enjoying their time as part of a new family. The dust is a huge factor, but this woman is ready for just about anything that comes her way.

On Another Planet

Many people have said that heading to Burning Man is unlike any other experience in the world. The atmosphere is one of the friendliest and most exciting on the planet, but what about when the pieces of art help to create something that looks out of this world? That’s right; the mirror ball is back at it again.

Touch The Sun

Some of the projects on display are small additions while others stand high above the crowd. Each year of Burning Man comes with a different theme, and people love to make their own versions of the Man that can be dotted around the campsites. This person found one that was at just the right angle. Sure, we know the sun can be beautiful, but we had no idea how incredible it could look from a brand new perspective.

Riding Together

As well as helping to keep fit over the course of the week, riding a bike across the city is one of the best ways to hop on and off as you stop at all the incredible areas of the community that catch your eye. See a sculpture that takes your fancy? See someone performing that you just need to hear? Notice a group talk that has grabbed your attention?

Threat From Above

Sure, the bald eagle has been one of America’s magnificent animals for hundreds of years, but what is it about the creature that has earned it such a reputation? Its long life, strength, and incredible beauty are just some of the things that have made the bald eagle such an important part of the nation over the years.

Talking Hot Air

Okay, no matter which way we look at this photo, it’s pretty impressive. Burning Man opens its doors to everyone in the world from all walks of life. Ravers, people looking to chill, and those with new and interesting skills are just some of the many that have all made their way to the festival over the years.

The Power Of Love

Burning Man is a time to release all kinds of positive emotions. One of the many feelings people get from the grounds is the overwhelming sense of love. Whether you have headed there with your beloved, you’re looking to find a special someone at Burning Man, or you want to share the love within your heart There is plenty of the emotion to go around for everyone.

Standing Above The Rest

Did you know that Burning Man aims to leave the grounds in better condition than when they arrive? That’s why they are so strict on littering and using reusable products throughout your time in the community. Everyone just wants to make the world a better place. That means all those famous sculptures and art pieces must be removed and taken home.

Life Through A Lens

Sure, pulling out a camera and snapping a picture might seem like a simple thing, but how are any of us meant to take those photos from drab to fab? Some like to add a filter; others want to play around with pictures using an editing software.

Mirror Mirror On The Ball

One of the biggest aspects of Burning Man 2018 was the large mirrored orb that was set high above the community. Here, people could see the city from all angles – as well as get some pretty impressive snaps for social media.The curvature of the orb is enough to add an entirely new view on it all while also coming alive at night when the true meaning of Burning Man comes to life.

The Main Event

Of course, the lighting of the Man is the main event that attracts so many people to the festival. Burning Man is always held the week before Labor Day as the thousands of people venture to the desert. Here, they get to see the incredible fire start on the Saturday before Labor Day and watch as it continues to burn until the Monday.

Riding High

One of the reasons that Burning Man feels like a different world is thanks to the lack of vehicles. The event decided to ban them after there were a number of accidents. However, that doesn’t mean that people aren’t allowed to enjoy getting out and about around the makeshift city. Walking and bikes are the perfect way to see everything on offer around the desert.

Tunnel Of Lights

Bikes are great in the day or at night. There is nowhere in the desert that can’t be explored on two wheels, and sometimes these hidden locations lend the way for an incredible snapshot. Who wouldn’t like to whizz down a tunnel of lights? This man sure wanted to take advantage of the astonishing feature on offer and thought nothing more of grabbing his bike to do so.

Full Of Emotions

There are so many ways we can express ourselves to the world, with clothes being just one of the many options. This pair have found the perfect way to coordinate their outfits as they take in the sights and sounds of Burning Man. All it takes are a few simple pieces of clothing and a host of intricate accessories to bring any outfit to life.

A Deeper Meaning

Sometimes, it’s not what’s on the outside that counts but what is on the inside – especially when that’s a perfectly painted house. Artists can often create their own images that take on deeper meanings when you look even closer. What does this Burning Man art installation mean to you? Perhaps you feel caged within your house?

Pit Of Fun

Ah, ball pits. Sure, it seemed as though they were once confined to our childhoods and destined to never break into our adult lives. That was until Burning Man showed us that it’s perfect to get in touch with our inner child every now and then. This girl looks like she has found the ideal place to unwind in between her fun in the city thanks to this pop-up ball pit open for anyone to enjoy.

Creating A Community

Have you ever read a quote only to realize a few weeks down the line how it has been able to change your entire way of thinking? This is one of those times. Burning Man is about throwing ideas in the air and seeing which ones float back down into your life. Sure, many of us have had dreams over the years, but there are some that seem to work their way into other people’s minds, too.

Looking Model Ready

Steampunk might seem like a modern genre, but the fashion has been around since the 1970s. Steampunk is a combination of steam-powered machinery from the Victorian era and the Wild West. Now, it has seen some of the most impressive looking outfits and accessories that have bought the time back to fashion all these years later. This Burning Man attendee seems to have found the perfect ways to bring the look to life thanks to the addition of a leather hat and simple goggles.

Pretty In Pink

You might not expect to see too many ‘girly’ girls at Burning Man, but that doesn’t mean people are afraid to turn up to Nevada wearing pink with pride. These outfits might not be as out there as some of them but they are still expressing creativity, and there’s plenty of sequins on show.

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