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Cars With The Highest Resale Value



Buying a brand new car is a tough investment, because everyone knows a vehicle loses a lot of its value the second you drive it off the lot. However, there are a good number of automobiles that are known to have incredibly high resale value, and that is for a number of reasons, including buyer loyalty, peak performance, and even niche specs like off-road abilities.
A lot of resale value relies on a buyer’s necessities, and it is very important for most to get the best option in class. However, manufacturers pride themselves on their followings, and many things they do ensure certain models retain value. Do you know how your make and model stacks up? Here are the most bang-for-your-buck cars at resale ranked by residual value.

Chevrolet Corvette – 65.09% Residual Value

There’s no mistaking the Corvette, or its legacy, and sports car enthusiasts and the average joe can spot one coming and name it on site. It may look quite different nowadays, but the performance and muscular capabilities are as good as ever. That’s where the price point comes from, and upgrades only increase value. It competes with cars far above its grade, while offering the simplicity to make in an everyday car. Corvette may be the most valuable name by automobile standards.

Toyota Tacoma – 64.08% Residual Value

The Tacoma may be the most versatile and well-built normal-sized truck, equipped with lots of storage and really strong durability in all aspects. It’s bed size is adequate, the interior is great, but most importantly, fan following is fierce and the aftermarket desire for this model can be understated. It’s also got a unique look and quality driving experience, which is massive when considering value.

Jeep Wrangler – 62.04% Residual Value

Everyone is aware by now how popular Jeeps have become over the last two decades, to the point where it’s essentially a cult following of people who can never turn to a single other vehicle after they get a Wrangler. And that’s brand value right there, but additionally, everyone also knows its off-road value, and the fact it can be topless isn’t bad either. It’s premier and distinct, so worth the money.

Ford F-150 – 58.20% Residual Value

F-150 is great at what it brings to the table, which is a full range of customizable packages that allow the driver to cater their vehicle to their specific needs. It’s got a very sturdy build with reliable mechanics, and you can really get the most out of its already strong performance thanks to its fantastic fuel economy. And that isn’t counting how appealing it is aesthetically. It’s arguably the front-runner in its class.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 – 57.57% Residual Value

Chevrolet hasn’t really changed much in its Silverado 1500, and that’s somewhat problematic, although it’s not like car buyers are upgrading their model every year. The interior isn’t exactly spectacular, and it’s obviously tougher to drive because of its naturally larger size. That being said, it’s a vehicle a lot of people love for their job, and it’s always a competitor in its class.

Subaru Impreza – 57.37% Residual Value

The Subaru Impreza is a good all-wheel drive sedan and isn’t too expensive, which helps it retain a lot of value. It’s not really worth upgrading though, even though the interior is a bit behind some of the others in its class. However, Subaru draws its fans regardless of comparing it to the big brands, and it’s mostly appealing to those wishing to stay in the Subaru family.

Toyota 4Runner – 57.27% Residual Value

The 4Runner has long been known for its high resale value, largely due to its large amount of space and impressive towing capacity. It’s not thought of as a crossover, but it sure is one, nearly driving like a truck, and you’ll notice that in fuel efficiency. It’s a great vehicle for changing weather conditions, and at the end of the day, knowing its such a highly desired vehicle takes some of the stress away from the buyer.

Subaru Crosstrek – 56.48% Residual Value

The Crosstrek’s value highly resides in the smaller vehicle’s off-road capabilities, because not many other competitors can offer the durability for the price or size. It’s equipped with everything you need to be able to go off the beaten path, and ultimately the interior is much nicer than you’re probably used to in other bigger Subarus. Overall, it’s a niche vehicle that’s perfectly carved out.

Toyota Highlander – 56.47% Residual Value

The Highlander’s greatest quality is drivability, as the 3-row SUV somehow seems to have more control than some smaller crossovers and even bigger more expensive SUVs like the Tahoe. However, it’s a true road vehicle, bringing together impressive manufacturing with all the necessities of a big, people-moving vehicle. It’s a bit expensive, but Toyota knows its worth.

Toyota Tundra – 56.16% Residual Value

The Tundra isn’t top of its class or blowing anyone away with crazy cameras or giant beds, but it still does comfort and capability very well. It’s a strong truck that’s very well built, with a snug interior that delivers all the necessities, and the driving couldn’t be more of a solid experience. Overall, Tundra makes sure it checks all the boxes without doing too much or too little, increasing its value long-term.

Nissan GT-R – 56.09% Residual Value

The GT-R has constantly played with things in both the interior and exterior of the car, while constantly keeping toe with the other high-performance sports vehicles on the market. However, it does lack some flare, and it isn’t exactly the most sleek exotic car out there. Despite those things, Nissan has brought a great handling car to the class, and drivers love it.

GMC Sierra 1500 – 55.78% Residual Value

GMC is totally intimidating when it comes to appearance in their trucks, but somehow we expected more. It lacks unique features and overall the materials are nothing special, but it does match competitors in steering and control. However, GMC’s brand seems to be the reason behind its resale value, although it’s not lacking, just not playing at the highest level.

Honda Civic – 55.27​​% Residual Value

The Civics of today are completely different from those of the past, and its upgraded interior and added fuel economy have made it a worthy competitor in the sedan market. The performance factor is also above average, and it drives sportier than one may think. All that and the design is much more appealing to the eye, making the new Civics a vehicle that’s quite sought after.

Dodge Challenger – 54.92% Residual Value

The Dodge Challenger is another legacy vehicle that is really vamped up when some of the upgrades are taken into account, and it’s worth its weight in performance quality. The interior isn’t stand-out by any means, but it suffices if you’re not looking for the amenities that match what’s under the hood. The Charger is a driver’s car, and at the end of the day, deserves the attention.

Subaru BRZ – 54.84% Residual Value

The BRZ is Subaru’s finest sports car to date, and offers a ton of great features in terms of drivability and handling. It’s actually fun to drive no matter which era of cars you like, and it doesn’t underdeliver on interior or functionality either. While many other manufacturers are trying to stay ahead of the curve, Subaru went back to basics here, and succeeded mightily.

Nissan 370Z – 54.84% Residual Value

The 370Z is a conundrum, because it’s one of the cooler-looking and zippier smaller sports cars, but it also doesn’t particularly wow when it comes to performance or amenities. Sure, it’s capable and on-par for other coupes it’s competing with, but something about the overall production feels outdated. However, resale will never be a problem with the Nissan fans.

Toyota Land Cruiser – 54.36% Residual Value

The overall build on the Land Cruiser is outstanding, as it provides a masterful off-roading experience without any of the manufacturing feeling like it was unprepared. It’s a sturdy vehicle with a lot of room for passengers that can handle any adventure, in any climate or road condition. It’s a true sport utility vehicle, and the name Land Cruiser says it all.

Toyota Corolla – 53.77% Residual Value

Toyota’s commitment to customer service is unquestionable, and they typically have earned value on that front alone. Those who bought the Corolla new got two years of free maintenance, which is rare, and for a small sedan, the inside feels bigger than it is. It’s a very accessible car with more flare aesthetically than feature-wise, but it more than delivers for the price.

Honda CR-V – 53.72% Residual Value

The CR-V is a very capable vehicle that has a solid build and contains a quality interior that makes it more full-proof than most. Each model’s engine is turbocharged these days, and the quality of materials in the mechanical sense make it one of the most reliable vehicles on the road. It may not be flashy or decked out in tech, but its overall longevity is guaranteed.

Mazda MX-5 Miata – 53.70% Residual Value

The Miata is one-of-a-kind, and in a class of rear-wheel drive convertibles, there’s no one else out there that can provide the luxury and drivability that Mazda has put together in this vehicle. It’s fun to maneuver, and isn’t over-priced despite knowing it’s beating out the competition. It also retains its classic feel, which is uncommon of many modern models.

Ford F-250 Super Duty – 53.59% Residual Value

Ford’s F-250 is riding more on the name of its manufacturer more than its specs and interior features, but that’s because heavy duty truck competition is at an all-time high. Like all, there’s many feature packages to choose from, and the 10-speed transmission stands out on this truck. It’s certainly big and built for a purpose, so obviously that would have to be your intention.

Chevrolet Tahoe – 53.56% Residual Value

There’s nothing like a Chevrolet Tahoe, and that’s to say that there’s no bigger luxury SUV that provides the size, space, and comfort that this vehicle consistently has for quite a while now. Features can allow the price tag to soar, but the value of the Tahoe is incomparable, because so much of what comes in the amenities and structure is very much worth the price tag.

GMC Canyon – 53.28% Residual Value

The Canyon is an interesting truck, mainly because most people buying a GMC truck wouldn’t particularly fancy this model, mostly because of its smaller size and less-exciting off-road capabilities. But the interior is nice and ultimately the Canyon has a versatile driving ability that allows it to be fit for people who may simply just want to buy a nice truck.

Toyota RAV4 – 53.06% Residual Value

Overall, the ride ambiance in the RAV4 is great, as the interior is really well put together and provides a comfortable environment for passengers. However, the true driving experience doesn’t seem to come out unless you’re in the off-road models. That being said, it has a lot of technical driving capabilities, and it’s long been known to be a reliable all-around vehicle.

Subaru Outback – 52.65% Residual Value

The Outback may not be making any fashion statements in terms of style, but it certainly makes up for that in function, offering an all-wheel drive experience that also comes with ground clearance, and a lot of storage features. It also can be upgraded at a lower price than most competitors, which almost makes it better than many SUVs. Outback provides a true experience.

Chevrolet Camaro – 52.54% Residual Value

The Camaros, no matter which trim, certainly are the cream of the crop in their class of sports cars. They’re well-built, have strong construction qualities, and the sleek design has become as iconic as those previous. Its engine and handling are top-notch, so it’s become a versatile vehicle that’s gained a larger customer base. It’s never not going to be popular.

Ford Mustang – 52.47% Residual Value

You know you’re going to pay money for a Mustang regardless, used or new, so the notoriety of the vehicle alone is going to hold value thanks to Ford’s long outstanding quality. Even the main standard trim is a great driving vehicle, and its numerous feature additions could have your vehicle on another level. But its true value lies in the fact that it could be just about anyone’s daily commuter.

Nissan Titan – 52.20% Residual Value

The Nissan Titan isn’t the best truck in its class by far, but for some reason it has a cult following that’s remained even though there hasn’t been much upgrade over the years. It’s still powerful and can get a lot done for a full-size truck, but its competitors are much further ahead in the assets department, which is why it’s the lowest valued resale truck, but gets return nonetheless.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid – 52.09% Residual Value

The Highlander Hybrid is convenient because it provides an option to both those looking for a hybrid and those interested in the regular Highlander. Toyota hybrids have a good reputation already, and the space and luxurious comfort offer a great road trip feel for those who take long journeys often.

Ram 2500 – 51.92% Residual Value

Rams of this size have an incredible amount of possible add-ons, and that can drive up the price frame, but all trucks this big want to cater to the individual at the wheel. Ram’s production and overall hardware remains top of the line on this model just like all the others, and the size is certainly there for anyone with a big agenda for the day. Not so much for the daily commute.

Nissan Frontier – 51.62% Residual Value

The newer updated Nissan Frontiers have improved a lot in both build and indoor aesthetics, and overall, it is right about mid-range as far as price goes. It’s not the regular shape, and it’s not as good off-road as others in its class, this frontier is more built for the modern world, and can ultimately serve a wider audience.

Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD – 51.47% Residual Value

Silverado 2500 models provide that middle ground for people who need to tow less than 20,000 lbs., and this model excels particularly because of it’s high fuel efficiency thanks to its gasoline or turbodiesel engines. It also comes in a variety of packages, so customization can surely lead to high resale value if the features meet your needs. It’s got a ton of tech and isn’t a cheap truck, but it serves its purpose in a mighty way.

Honda Accord – 51.29% Residual Value

The Honda Accord is without a doubt one of the best sedans on the market, borderline feeling like a sport or luxury model. It has excellent interior features that run consistently through all the trims, and the drivability and feeling is some of the most praised in modern sedans today. Honda surely got something right when evolving their premier seda, and a lot of people agree.

Chevrolet Colorado – 51.00% Residual Value

The Colorado is one of those smaller trucks that fits more of a specific buyer’s needs than it does to check all the boxes of a traditional truck. But knowing this, a certain number of buyers are looking for exactly this off-road capability and strong build, while sacrificing luxury interior and large capacities. It’s a great truck with limited flare, and sometimes people want that, too.

GMC Sierra 2500HD – 50.86% Residual Value

The middle ground trucks can be tricky, because they seem to offer some of both of what the smaller and larger models do, but with a varying price range. The size, towing capacity, and drivability on this vehicle are all at the top of the line, however, for the price, the technology and interior features are a bit outdated compared to the competition. Curb appeal wins big here.

Toyota Sequoia – 50.11% Residual Value

Toyota’s reliability in manufacturing is unquestionable, and the Sequoia really brings a strong engine and transmission package to the table in this spacious model. However, for the price, the interior is outdated and it doesn’t sport the best fuel mileage in comparison to its competitors. However, Toyota’s do have strong warranties and long lifespans, retaining some value there.

GMC Yukon – 50.09% Residual Value

The Denali is an interesting vehicle because it sits at the price range of smaller luxury SUVs, but provides towing capabilities and space that those vehicles lack. It’s a comfortable, spacious large-scale SUV, but that also comes with the bulkier drivability and more wear and tear on the hardware. While it’s definitely handy for some, you can see why it’s not the model for everyone.

Honda Pilot – 50.08% Residual Value

The quality and detail put into the Honda Pilot makes it a low-key stand-out in the world of SUVs, a class with many choices these days. It looks good, feels good, and drives really well in comparison to competitors at similar price ranges, making it one of the most well-rounded three-row SUVs. It may not look like an all-terrain vehicle, but it sure is a functional one.

Toyota Sienna – 49.91% Residual Value

When you think of mini vans, you think space and comfort, and the Sienna delivers in that regard. However, the braking on this vehicle has raised concerns about consistency, and the overall weight makes it less fuel efficient. But with limitless amenities like built in vacuum and refrigerator, a minivan can always be resold to a family in need.

Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD – 49.84% Residual Value

The Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD only trails the Ford F-450 in towing capacity, and it doesn’t have the craziest amenities that some of the largest towing trucks have, but it sure does have a lot of room and good maneuverability. Considering the reputation of the Silverado series, it’s a well-known choice to get the job done, and that’s enough value in itself.

Ford F-450 Super Duty – 49.53% Residual Value

As is the case with many of the most powerful large trucks on the market, the F-450 is the premier, heavy duty edition of the revered F-150 series, and it certainly flaunts its strength with a 37,000 lb towing capacity. However, the insane amount of luxury features makes this a first-class long distance traveling machine, its value is inherently special to a specific need.

Nissan Murano – 49.52% Residual Value

The style and shape of the Murano is pretty distinct, but the car also has a luxury feel to the inside, filled with many bells and whistles, including more comfortable seating than most with elegant trim to back it up. However the shape has its faults, some of which don’t help the driving experience, because overall it seems clunkier. It does have adequate room, though.

Toyota Camry Hybrid – 48.99% Residual Value

The Camry Hybrid brings the long outstanding quality of the top-selling Toyota model into a new era with fuel efficiency that will make you very happy at the pump, but at the same time it’s essentially the only difference. There’s still great features and comfortable interior, however it’s nothing extraordinary to drive, but pays for itself in fuel economy, even in resale.

Dodge Durango – 48.66% Residual Value

The Durango certainly isn’t the SUV for those looking for luxury or amenities, as this Dodge is built on performance, and everyone knows it runs more like a sports car than a utility vehicle. It doesn’t have the best control, and it’s nothing special internally, but the design and strong engine make it a popular model.

Ram 3500 – 48.61% Residual Value

If you’re getting the 3500 model, you oughta know the tech, trim and interior are going to be all but luxury, because they know a lot of time is spent in the cabin. In its class, it has the best diesel engine, and can tow 1,075 lb-ft of torque, meaning anything is in its wheelhouse. Generally, these vehicles keep their value due to their extremely unique specs and size.

Kia Soul – 48.43% Residual Value

The Kia Soul retains the good qualities of its manufacturer’s warranty and build quality, so in its subcompact class, it stands out for sure. There’s obviously not the most power or best transmission, but it makes up for that in cargo storage, good audio and a functional shape. Even more so, the overall design is of course, unmistakable.

Subaru Forester – 48.40% Residual Value

A lot of people buy Suburus because they feel as though they’re “worth” the money, and while that may look different to everybody, the Forester provides high quality travelability, whether it’s lots of storage or all-wheel drive. For the outdoor adventurer, this larger model essentially retains its own value thanks to its functionality, but it does struggle in acceleration.

Mazda 3 – 48.29% Residual Value

Mazdas have long been appealing to the eye, and lots of their unique stylistic features are what provide value, however, we’d be remiss not to mention that the city drivability for daily commuters is the real value here. It provides comfort, style, and reliability, and sometimes that’s all you need.

Hyundai Tucson – 48.12% Residual Value

For its price point, the Tucson is the exception in its class of compact crossovers, because it provides more luxury interior and special features than its competitors. But with these aesthetic or technological features usually come negatives to the mechanical efficiency, and this Hyundai suffers from that in this model.

Ford Edge – 48.00% Residual Value

The Edge provides comfort, safety and technology – all things that seem to be quite important to mid-size SUV buyers. However, when it comes to drivability, this Ford model isn’t as solid as other competitors in its class, despite charging more for its specs. Accessibility beats performance here, though.

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