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Hilarious Moments That Sum Up Office Life



There are some downsides to working in a shared office. Will you ever get your stapler back from Karen? Don’t count on it.
Because you are stuck with these people for over 40 hours a week, you form some close bonds, which means you can all have a laugh for some comic relief. These are the funniest ever office fail photos.

Taking Liberties

This office had been specifically asked not to print big jobs, but someone couldn’t resist the urge.

Piggybacking To The Top

This woman is literally piggybacking her colleague as she works on getting her promotion any way she can.

Who’s The Boss?

This person willfully obeyed the wishes of this rock, just to learn that it has more of a say about how things are done than they do.

Making The Best Of A Bad Situation

There is something he can do to make the stain seem better, and he turned it into the office’s pet. At least they don’t have to feed this one.


This person has forgotten their pass one too many times, and now they’ve got a very special one of their own, the “Badge of shame.” They’ll never forget their pass again.

Even Heroes Need A Plan

The Power Rangers didn’t get to where they are by rushing into battle without some kind of plan. This is where they host their very important strategy meetings.

You’ve Reached The Paleontology Department

We like to think this is how paleontologists like to dress for work. This new breed of Tyrannosaurus Rex are fulfilling their potential.

Font Choices Matter

Sure, Comic Sans might seem like a lighthearted font to choose, but the comment writer’s response doesn’t agree. How can anyone take them seriously if they look like they’ve written a message in this font?


This keyboard is the loaner that the IT department hands out whenever someone spills coffee on their own. The fact they have this says a lot about how often people spill their coffee in this office.

When Screenshotting Isn’t An Option

This person seemed to be having trouble sharing their screen with anyone else so decided to go old school and make a copy the only way they know how.

Goodbye Productivity

These employees wanted to get their boss something very special for his birthday and knew the perfect thing to get their fun-loving leader.

Unofficial Dress Code

This office seems to only have one request from their employees, they must wear a blue shirt with white stripes, and there can be no exceptions.

Keep Your Mitts Off

Passive aggressive notes are so common in offices all over the world. This office employee was just trying to use the special reindeer mug.

Monday’s Important Message

You know that Monday feeling, all you want to do is continue the weekend, but unfortunately work is getting in the way. This person’s work was speaking to them.

Forward Thinking

This guy wanted to join the modern world and get in on the standing desk craze. Unfortunately, his desk is pretty low, and he’s quite tall, so there had to be a solution.

Time On Their Hands

Using the only materials they sourced from the stationery cupboard, they wanted to teach Jim a lesson with Post-It Notes. Now his ride is covered in Post-It Notes, seems fair.

Paul’s Productivity

Let’s talk about Paul’s productivity. It seems as though it was non-existent this day, but he is being a little harsh on himself. Have you ever tried to make one of those elastic band balls?

Nice View

When this person was offered the job, the perk that swayed them was the promise of an office with a view. Things started off great, but when the billboard changed they had a different perspective on life.

Valued Employee

Nothing makes an employee feel more valued than having their own little spot in the office to call their own. This person must have upset their boss.

The IT Department At It Again

This is what they were trusted to use while the IT guys once again fix their laptop. If they can’t be trusted with important things, then this is what they get.

A Cruel Trick

The machine is not voice activated, but the person who left the sign must have had lots of fun watching people screaming at it to give them coffee.

Mistakes Were Made

Unlike most office notes, there isn’t a hint of passive aggression and they really just want to stop tasting the spray every time they visit the company restroom.

Streamlining Their Response

This person has grown tired of facilitating questions about Ed’s whereabouts so has designed a flowchart to make things easier for people.

Know Your Boundaries

This person’s coworker kept putting their foot under the office divider, and they were sick of looking at their shoe. To jazz things up a little they added googly eyes to it.

No One Spotted The Difference

This coworker wanted to make sure their colleague didn’t get busted for being late, and we hope their boss didn’t spot the difference.

Thinking Deeply

This printer was only meant to be a temporary solution, but one philosopher took the message to heart. Life’s short people, make sure you enjoy it as much as possible.

Obligated To Be Kind

Just because they brought in a cake for their birthday, they didn’t want this person to get the wrong impression.

Defacing Someone’s Baby

No one was off limits, and they even stuck them on this person’s pictures of their baby. For some that would feel like crossing a line, but with results this hilarious, the person didn’t really care.

Where Is Eoghan?

These people just cannot live without Eoghan, and his advice. They’ve got a problem, and they need to talk to him about it, but no matter where they look they can’t find him.

Ben’s Office

While everyone’s hard at work, Ben quietly sneaks off to the restroom to do his most important business. What if the person in the cubicle next to you knows what you’re doing in there?

The Box Of Shame

This woman is wearing the box of shame. She didn’t do anything majorly wrong, but this office makes people wear it if they tell a bad joke or ask something they already know the answer to.

Not Much Of A Choice

Okay, we totally would have gone for the donuts too, but imagine the disappointment at only finding healthy food instead. Whoever came up with this is a cruel, cruel person.

Never Change Johnny, Never Change

This office has a culture of making fun of each other, and they make sure everyone gets to enjoy the sick burns by documenting them.

Burning The Candle At Both Ends

People began asking her why she worked late all the time. If only they weren’t so bleary-eyed from working so hard themselves, they’d have seen this is a perfect crime.

Do You Have An Appointment?

Some people really go above and beyond the call of duty to pull off their pranks. This guy turned the elevator into his very own personal office.

This Is Getting Ridiculous

Head office is cracking down on any company downtime, and they think they’ve solved the issue as most employees keep disappearing to the restroom.

Happy Friday

This office committed to that Friday feeling and decided to take the afternoon off to have some fun. As everyone else was still at work, they decided to bring the party to the office instead.

Be Careful

Programmers are like a different breed to some people, and they have to be treated with caution. These programmers might spook easily, but if you approach with caution, you will gain their trust.

Fight Fire With Fire

If people are going to leave these passive aggressive notes all over the place, it’s about time someone came along and fought back. They don’t really solve anything, and they increase office tensions.

Space Is At A Premium

Rent is getting more expensive for everyone, it’s not just the housing market, and office space is hard to find. This boss used up some of the space they were so far not utilizing.

Justice For Jiminy

The housekeeping at this office left behind a cricket that had passed away, and the office workers held a vigil for the poor insect. They want justice for Jiminy.

Parking Violation

This person brought in their favorite car, in miniature form, but someone in the office didn’t approve. Instead, they channeled their inner traffic cop and wrote them a miniature ticket.

Found The Culprit

It seems as though there is a real problem at this office with people helping themselves to food that isn’t theirs. They want their coworkers to bring in something exciting for them to try.

Work Happens

This employee was desperate for a sugar fix but forgot their change. Instead of taking the rational approach, their stress levels were so high they were not thinking straight.

Rules Are There To Be Broken

Offices can be strict when it comes to dress codes, but this worker has found a way to slip under the radar. They are just testing the waters and for now, are only comfortable wearing one slipper.

I’m Board

There is often a lot of boredom at work, and some people do anything they can to amuse themselves. Some people annoy others, talk around the water cooler, or go for a walk, but not this person.

How To Confuse Your Coworkers

The office worker figured out how to change the “Printer ready” message to bring confusion to the office. Now everyone is going to be searching for a coin to use.

Office Safari

Sometimes a little break like this will refocus everyone, and they’ll get back to work in a minute, just once they’ve stopped messing around.

That’ll Stop ‘Em

To stop people from eating their lunch this person has found the perfect lunch bag. No one’s going to go digging around in there for a snack, unless the owner of this bag happens to work with Hannibal Lecter.

At Least They Feel Better

This person had to go to the restroom, which is fine, but unfortunately, they ruined it for everyone else.

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