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Star Wars Behind-The-Scenes Photos



Welcome to our epic collection of Star Wars behind-the-scenes photos from the original trilogy, the prequels and the new trilogy. Jump to hyperspace onboard the Millennium Falcon and travel at lightspeed through these incredible Star Wars photos of the iconic characters, spectacular costumes, and groundbreaking props.
May the force be with you while experiencing these extraordinary Star Wars movie photos from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far way…

A Signing Event

Hans Solo, Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker, signing up some autographs for the fans!


It turns out that the asteroids were not actually larger than life, cinematography is great isn’t it?

A Real Life Bantha

UNMASKED, a Bantha, is actually an elephant!

Rancor Getting Prepped

This Rancor is getting ready for the set, good thing someone there is to help out.

Billy Dee

A behind the scenes look at Lando Calrissian, played by Billy Dee Williams.

Boba Fett Wire Work

Now that you know Boba Fett was just dangling around on some wires, see if you can spot them when watching the movie.

Princess Leia With StormTroopers

Princess Leia looks like she is having a little too much fun being held captive by some stormtroopers and all.

Boba Fett Costume

Well it looks like Boba Fett is without clothes somewhere!

C-3PO Studying The Script

The C-3PO costume was a bit difficult to maneuver in, check out this stand that was on set for him to lean on.

C-3PO Getting A Drink

When C-3PO gets thirsty, he needs something to drink, make sure a straw is available though.

Storm Troopers

How come the Storm Troopers are the only ones who look happy here?

C-3PO Missing Some Parts

This is what it looks like when fictional movie robots start taking off their clothes.

C-3PO Heads

In case one of the C-3PO heads gets lost or broken, there are plenty of backups.

C-3PO Riding R2-D2

These dapper robots are catching some quality time out doors.

Princess Leia Napping

This is what Carrie Fisher looked like when she was napping on set.

Princess Leia As R2-D2

Showing off her best impression of R2-D2, by hopping in a trash can.

Chewy Being Bad

It looks like Chewy has had some difficulty getting his mind out of the gutter.

Chewy Getting Love

Was there something going on between Princess Leia, and Chewbacca, behind the scenes?

Chewy Getting Freshened Up

With hair like that, obviously some maintenance was going to be required, good thing Chewbacca had some people on set to give him a hand.

Darth Maul Working Out

It looks like Darth Maul was trying to get in a bit of training, this requires being dressed comfortably of course.

Darth Vader Meets His Doom

Things don’t appear to have turned out very well for Darth Vader here.

Darth Vader Style Fall Protection

Check out that sophisticated fall support system that was down below for this battle scene.

Darth Vader Revealed!

Now you know the man behind the mask.

The Millennium Falcon

The Millennium Falcon in full view, complete, and off screen.

Jabba The Hutt Prop

Quite possibly one of the most interesting questions on everyone’s mind, how does Jabba The Hut work?

Behind The Scenes Bantha

Here’s another up close visual of the Banthas behind the scenes!

Episode VIII Table Read.

Even R2-D2 showed up for this gathering!


George Lucas checking out a couple of Ewoks on set.

Filming The Credits

This is what it looks like when they film the closing credits.

Filming The Title Sequence

This is how they got those big letters on the screen during the opening title sequence, this is also referred to as the opening crawl.

George Lucas Negotiating

George Lucas deliberating with this alien on who shoots first.

George Lucas With All His Toys

Here is George Lucas with all of his toys, and looking proud.

George Lucas With A Destroyer

This is what George Lucas looks like when he is checking to make sure the destroyers are good to go for the big screen.

The Crew

These guys look like a fun bunch to hang around.

Santa Vader?

It appears that Santa Claus was too busy for George Lucas to tell him what he wanted for Christmas, so he told Darth Vader instead.

Giant Crew Members

These guys are looking like a bunch of giants compared to some of the movie props.

Going Over Scripts

Hans Solo and Luke Skywalker going over the scripts.

Helping C-3PO

The C-3PO outfit was not exactly the easiest thing to move around in, as we can see here.

Jabba The Hutt

It looks like Jabba is holding some type of box, or folder here.

Jabba The Hutt’s Eyes

These are the mechanics behind Jabba The Hutt’s googly looking eyes.

Daisy Ridley

Daisy Ridley getting filmed out in the desert.

These Guys

The human in the picture is not the one you were supposed to see.

Lightsaber Action

One aspect of the Star Wars we have all come to love and know so well, Lightsaber fighting.

Luke Skywalker

Here is Mark Hamill, otherwise known as Luke Skywalker, striking a pose.

The Millennium Falcon

A behind the scenes look at the construction of the Millennium Falcon.

Luke Skywalker In Action

And not one stunt double was anywhere to be found.

Painting R2-D2

Giving a little color to the friendly little garbage can like robot.


It looks like Palpatine was still in the making here.

Hugging A Tauntaun

Every Tauntaun needs a hug now and then.

AT-AT Walkers

Getting these AT-AT walkers into position for the set.

C-3PO Concept

Here we have C-3PO on the drawing board.

R2-D2 Unmasked

Kenny Baker is the actor who played R2-D2.


Putting in some of that critical detail that is so beloved about Rancors.

R2-D2 Blueprints

In case anyone has the urge to build their own R2-D2, here are some plans.

Return Of The Jedi

More film work out in the desert for Return Of The Jedi.

Hans Solo

Hans Solo taking 5 out in the desert, with no shirt on.


Here is a shot of R2-D2 with some Jawas.

Signing Autographs

Some lucky fans managed to snag some autographs through this fence by hanging out around the set.


This is what those massive explosions look like behind the scenes.

Luke Skywalker Hero Scene

This is part of the scene where Luke Skywalker becomes super awesome in Return Of The Jedi.

This Is No Cave

In case you were wondering if those were teeth in the background, they are.


Hans Solo is not the only character who took the opportunity to catch some rays on set.


Everybody be quiet please, Warwick Davis is sleeping.

Warwick Davis

Carrie Fisher giving Warick Davis a surprise hug from behind.

More Warwick Davis

It looks like Warwick Davis is trying to take over the directors roll here with those shades.

Wooden Droids

R2-D2 could use a paint job.

Giant Hands

It looks like everybody is getting into position here.


Here we have an X-Wing up on some saw horses.

C-3PO And George Lucas

There is something to those yellow goggles that they are wearing.

AT-AT Walker Minis

It’s not believed that these cute little guys were used as actual movie props, but they are certainly very neat.


It is not yet known if Yoda was sleeping, or meditating here.

Yoda’s Head

This is a rather disturbing image of Yoda’s head detached from his body.

Yoda Pre Production

This is what Yoda looks like without any skin.

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