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Here’s What a $500k House Looks Like In Each State



With the housing market in a frenzy over the past few years, it’s no secret that prices have fluctuated greatly all over the country. From giant exoduses in certain states, to huge influxes of people in others, it’s never been a more tricky time to gauge how volatile a particular market may be. Bigger, more popular cities have outpriced many to the suburbs, while lower population states are gaining more people thanks to larger, cheaper homes.
However, with a lot of uncertainty taking place, it’s actually the perfect time for any spontaneous person to move somewhere new, especially with new opportunities to work remotely. If you have the means to relocate, single family homes for about $500,000 are accessible in some places, but in others, for that price you can get a whole mansion, cabin, or multi-family home. The choice is yours, it all just comes down to location. So without further ado, here’s a $500,000 home in every state.

Anchorage, Alaska – $465,000

The challenge of living in Alaska will always be those frigid winter temperatures, but at just 20 miles northeast from Anchorage, this nearly 2,400 sq. ft. log home is a pretty awesome residence. Built in 1979, it had its exterior redone in 2019, and features three bedrooms, three baths, and the scenic wraparound deck out back. The garage is also conveniently detached so it can be used as needed.

Detroit, Michigan – $549,700

Detroit, Michigan is one of the spotlighted cities at the forefront of the housing crisis in 2008, so properties in one of the state’s biggest metropolitan areas are actually way cheaper than you’d ever imagine. For this reason a lovely five bed, four and a half bath home fit with a rec room, landscaped backyard, and fully done deck and garden is only 50k over the budget. And it’s 3,500 sq. ft. just a few minutes from downtown.

Minneapolis, Minnesota – $475,000

Minneapolis is one of the Midwest’s most bustling city centers, and with business and socio-economic activity booming, many people have been relocating here, so houses exist in all price ranges. But take this luxury condo for instance, which is located in the cultural Mill District. The area is surrounded by parks, modern restaurants, and of course a popular nightlife. For a two bedroom, two bath unit that overlooks a park and lake, in addition to featuring all brand new appliances, you can be in the center of it all.

Seattle, Washington – $455,000

Seattle is certainly one of the most expensive cities to live in in this country, so from the get-go you’d assume this price range is about right for a solid condo. In the Bryant neighborhood, this two bed, one bath unit also comes with a private deck, but the major seller is its proximity to all the happenings. It’s next to a trail, minutes from universities and public centers, and even the beach. Pretty good for a city that averages $700k plus per home.

Phoenix, Arizona – $539,900

Arizona has become a hotspot for people looking for a change, especially in temperature. For a place that’s pretty diverse, warmer than most, and appealing for new businesses, this 2,600 sq. ft. home is on a corner lot, and even comes with a three-car garage. There’s four bedrooms, two baths and the location is known to be safe, and located near good medical facilities. Prices here are rising, so act fast for this option in an upscale area!

Kansas City, Missouri – $490,000

Kansas City may not be a place you’d be expecting to move, but you can’t overlook its midwest charm. This Tudor home is located in Romanelli Gardens, and three beds and two and a half baths accompany a very wood-accented home. It’s nearly 3,000 sq. ft., and it is close by to a number of local businesses with everything you need to maintain your daily life. For people nearing the ends of their professional careers, this is a great place to retire.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota – $479,900

Believe it or not, Sioux City has been voted one of the most livable cities in the U.S., and that’s thanks to its low crime rate, quality health care, good schools, and of course, affordability. This 2,000 sq. ft. home in a subdivision features a large kitchen, a vaulted living room with fireplace, and two separate patios. It’s also near a few trails and sports complexes for those looking to get outdoors often.

Little Rock, Arkansas – $540,000

Little Rock is a diamond in the rough as far as the south goes, because with so much open farm land, it’s always nice being in a small town with a big city feel. You’re also able to purchase large properties, like this 4,200 sq. ft. custom home that’s located in the Rock Creek neighborhood. It has four bedrooms, four and a half baths, and a bonus room, along with two living areas. For people looking for property and the city feel without the people, this is a great option.

Denver, Colorado – $545,000

At this point, basically everyone knows someone who’s moved to Colorado, and that’s not surprising considering its natural beauty and endless outdoor activities. But while house prices have risen, you can still buy condos like this one in Denver’s Capitol Hill, which is close to many major city districts, featuring something for everybody. It comes in at 1,800 sq. ft., and has two master suites along with an updated kitchen and private porch. So if you’re budgeting in Denver, this may be what you’re looking for.

Louisville, Kentucky – $495,000

Louisville is an example of where you can find a multi-family home for around $500k if you’re looking into becoming a landlord. This century-old residence has been through multiple renovations, but boasts a 12-bedroom count and could be a serious return on investment. It’s also fully furnished, nearly 3,700 sq. ft., and is only a couple minutes away from downtown. The historic appeal of the neighborhood is also nice, in addition to its location to I65.

Bridgeport, Connecticut – $527,000

Bridgeport is another city featuring both historical appeal and multi-family homes worth renting out. It’s made up of four units with two bedrooms and one bath apiece, and it’s located in a quality neighborhood that is primarily residential. But that doesn’t mean it’s not close in proximity to everything you need, and it’s also got the nickname of “Park City” thanks to its multiple surrounding outdoor facilities.

Wilmington, Delaware – 549,900

While living in Wilmington for this price is certainly well above the average going rate, it’s on the poorer side, so finding work is probably the bigger battle. However, living in Anglesey, an unincorporated community just five minutes from Wilmington, you can reside in this 1988 colonial brick home that has a ton of space. The layout includes features such as two living areas, a gas fireplace, sunroom, office and wet bar. That’s along with three beds, three and a half baths.

Honolulu, Hawaii – $525,000

As you can imagine, Honolulu is one of the most expensive cities in the U.S. to live in, with a median value of over $730k. So for the range we’re seeking here, you’ll have to settle for a one bed, one bath that comes out to nearly $782 per square foot. But it is beautiful both with interior and in view, as you are able to see the shoreline of Diamond Head and the surrounding city. Remember, you’re paying for location, not space in Hawaii, so if you’re trying to get into the island lifestyle, this may be the way to go.

Boise, Idaho – $499,900

Boise, Idaho is actually a lot more popular than you’d think, and that’s because like many places in the west, people like their land and their outdoors. This old brick residence in the Depot Bench neighborhood is a three bed, two bath that comes with a renovated kitchen and detached garage. It’s nearly 2,000 sq. ft., and is right in the heart of the city’s best schools and social scene. While many homes were built in the ‘30s and ‘40s, they still carry their charm today.

Los Angeles, California – $495,000

Oh you thought we’d find you a gem in Los Angeles despite its $950k+ median housing price? Think again, because no other city in the country has the demand LA does. For just over 1,000 sq. ft., you can live in this east LA neighborhood, so long as you’re willing to make renovations. It’s got access to all the highways, and honestly, works better as an investment than a proper residence. However, anyone with determination can turn this three bed, one bath into a livable space!

Chicago, Illinois – $499,900

This old, 3,200 sq. ft. home built in 1911 has all the size and amenities one could want while still being close to the city center. It sports five bedrooms, two and a half baths, and has high wood-beamed ceilings, along with skylights, a patio, deck and even a playhouse in the backyard. It’s near some wealthier areas, but this is the eye-catcher on its black, and it’s a fantastic deal for one of the country’s most popular cities.

Indianapolis, Indiana –$525,000

If you’re looking to move to Indianapolis, you can live in this brand new home that is not only modern and stylish on the outside, but also eclectic on the inside. It comes with three bedrooms and two and a half baths, while showcasing an open layout with an office included. It’s on the north side, which has a nice small neighborhood that’s also close by to shops and restaurants that keep you from having to travel into town if you don’t want to.

Des Moines, Iowa – $525,000

Des Moines has a lot to offer if you’ve got a ~$500k budget, especially when it comes to size. This property is nearly 4,000 sq. ft., and has five bedrooms and two and a half baths, while being two stories. The real seller is the fact it’s minutes from downtown, and is in a neighborhood known for great schools. It also comes with a deck and hot tub, the ladder of which is probably lovely for the winter.

Wichita, Kansas – $480,000

Wichita is another place where this sort of budget has you living potentially more space than you can handle. In this seven bedroom, four bathroom home, you’ll have 4,500 sq. ft. to do literally whatever you please. It’s equipped with a game room, wet bar, and massive backyard that’s professionally landscaped with tons of plants. And while you’re in one of the largest tornado-prone areas surrounded by cornfields, for the right family, this is an absolute steal.

New Orleans, Louisiana – $499,900

New Orleans has gone through its own version of a devastating housing crisis after Hurricane Katrina, which really drove down the number of quality houses. But if you’re able to pay above the median range, you can land this 2,000 sq. ft. home in the Algiers Point neighborhood, right down the street from the Mississippi. It has three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, and is on a corner lot just minutes walk from the central business district and ferry.

Portland, Maine – $475,000

In Portland, Maine you can buy this multi-unit property that features three floors, with a two-bedroom on the first, and two more on each of the second and the third. While the exterior isn’t the greatest, sometimes sellers like this one will chip in thousands of dollars at closing to help pay for renovations. It also has a detached garage on the side, as well as a full basement.

Baltimore, Maryland – $505,000

This building constructed at the turn of the 20th century is another example of big space for a low price. Baltimore isn’t considered one of the best cities to live in, but investment properties such as this 5,000+ sq. ft. can turn a profit easily – assuming you’re ready to install water, heat, and electricity, which the house currently lacks. However, it does sport the classic Federal-style architecture, and it is a bustling neighborhood which features some of the better social options nearby.

Boston, Massachusetts – $519,000

The allure of Boston has drawn people to the city since the days of colonial America, and for that reason you’ll have to settle for a nice condo at this price. Located on Avery St., this single bed and bath features hardwood floors and marble finishes, but the real catch is that all the surrounding living spaces average around $1 million. It’s nearby many of Boston’s finest attractions, as well as the universities and public centers that feature all the best eats.

New York City, New York – $499,000

As you can imagine, the choices at this budget in New York City are pretty slim, and if you’re looking to buy, you’ll always have some obstacles or compromises to overcome. At this 2,600 sq. ft. colonial home, you’ll have a spot in the Bronx equipped with four bedrooms, two and a half baths, and a basement, but the uncertainty lies in the listing, which claims the house comes “as is.”

Birmingham, Alabama – $479,000

Birmingham, Alabama is truly an unsung city in the south, presenting a small town charm with historic architecture, and modern social scene featuring premier cuisine and entertainment. Here, $500k can get you a 3,400 sq. ft. place big enough for the whole family, with four beds and three baths, in addition to being in a nice neighborhood. It also features a sunroom and patio that comes with a stone fireplace and grill, which is perfect for their mild winters.

Jackson, Mississippi – $499,000

If you’re ready to live in Jackson, you can live right on the back end of a country club in this luxurious, 4,00 sq. ft. house that’s surrounded by green areas and plenty of recreation. The property comes with an open floor plan and vaulted ceilings, along with three beds, two and a half bathrooms, and a massive balcony out back. Best part is, everything you’d need from in town is right around the corner.

Billings, Montana – $525,000

Billings, Montana is known for its urban feel despite being surrounded by natural wonders, while also located near Montana State University and Zimmerman Park. Here you could live on this corner lot at nearly 4,000 sq. ft. in a ranch-style home that was built only 20 years ago. It comes featuring five bedrooms and three and a half baths, and a backyard and deck large enough for any amount of activities. But a real cool feature is the four car garage, which also comes heated.

Jacksonville, Florida – $539,000

Believe it or not, Jacksonville is one of the largest metropolitan areas in all of the U.S., and despite its high population and people’s eagerness to relocate to Florida, you can still score nicely here. Take this 3,00 sq. ft. house in Queens Harbor, featuring an open layout, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a three-car garage. Not only is it equipped for a full family, but anything you need, including the beach is only 15 minutes away.

Omaha, Nebraska – $525,000

Omaha, Nebraska isn’t the first place you’d think to live, but people have learned it’s one of the best places to raise a family. In fact, even Warren Buffett lives here. And for this price, you can get a 4,300 sq. ft. home in the city right near parks and trails, stacked with four beds and three baths in addition to featuring a beautiful garden out back. There’s also a lake nearby to get your swimming fix.

Las Vegas, Nevada – $499,900

Las Vegas is definitely one of those cities only a particular type of person is going to want to live in, let alone on the strip. But this condo unit in the Panorama Towers could be yours at this budget, and while you may not like partying, the facility itself has many amenities including a 24/7 valet and complimentary limo service, racquetball court, pool, spa, fitness center and more. Oh, and the space has three beds and two and a half baths, along with a brand new kitchen.

Manchester, New Hampshire –$525,000

You had to figure that if you’re looking for a house in New Hampshire, there’s a good chance you’d end up in a mid-century home like this one. At just over 3,500 sq. ft., it has four bedrooms, four baths, and a recently updated kitchen, in addition to a basement and large recreation space in the back – including a pool and hot tub. Now that’s northeastern luxury living, and people generally say New Hampshire is a nice, quiet place to live.

Burlington, Vermont – $545,000

Like its neighboring states, Vermont living can be vast and cozy for this price range. And in the Old North End, this house from 1899 could be yours. At just over 2,000 sq. ft., it sports five bedrooms and three bathrooms, and functions as a triplex of sorts, meaning you can rent out two of the units. It has a huge yard, and is close by to many restaurants, shops, and even Waterfront Park, a nice outdoor facility.

Newark, New Jersey – $499,950

Unlike New York, New Jersey has somewhat more diversity when it comes to housing options, but to really get a bang for your buck, investing in something like this 2,600 sq. ft. multi-family home could be smart. It’s three stores, has nine bedrooms and three bathrooms, and is located in the unincorporated West Side community near lots of public businesses and transportation. And while many people have left Jersey because of taxes, this is a way to capitalize.

Portland, Oregon – $527,934

In recent years, many people have discovered what makes Portland such a livable city. From diverse cultural communities, to eccentric art and culinary scenes, it’s been trendy for a while now. But you can still score this 2,100 sq. ft. home in Rock Creek that has three beds, two and a half baths, and a sweet new deck and large backyard. There’s also multiple parks nearby, and Portland proper is only about 15 minutes away.

Albuquerque, New Mexico – $485,000

New Mexico is a state that continues to offer spacious living and unique homes to those willing to move, and Albuquerque has since seen a boom in residents. Almost 3,000 sq. ft. is available in this home in Paradise Bluff, and it not only comes with four bedrooms and three baths, but also a wraparound balcony and swimming pool. The competition has grown, but with houses in this neighborhood either going for half or double this price, there is a market for the mid-range.

Charlotte, North Carolina – $545,000

North Carolina is another state that’s experienced a large influx of people moving there, particularly for their scenic landscape and beautiful weather. And living in this 1,600 sq. ft. home that’s made of brick, has hardwood floors, and plenty of natural light will make you feel right at home. This house was built in the ‘30s, and features three bedrooms, two baths, and a gated backyard. An added plus is the neighborhood is tucked away from the city, but still close by.

Fargo, North Dakota – $499,900

Perhaps one of the biggest selling points of Fargo is how cheap living there is, and you’ll have to take this 3,700 sq. ft. home for example. The two story residence has an open layout, large backyard, and three car garage. It also has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, with basically all of the city’s shops and restaurants just a short drive away. Obviously the winters are your biggest obstacle, but at least you’ll be cozy.

Columbus, Ohio – $539,900

Columbus is the underrated city in Ohio, and while it’s not the state’s most popular, it has a lot to offer. There’s lots of greenery around the city, in addition to some great golfing and urban establishments. This English Tudor is also a perfect living space, featuring 2,700 sq. ft. leading right up to some woods. It features four beds, two and a half baths, and a remodeled kitchen, making it perfect for any growing family.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – $479,900

Oklahoma is often overlooked as just another flyover state, and some are rightfully scared of the tornado potential in the region. But if you’re unphased, living here could find you in a 3,000 sq. ft. home that has it all. Four beds, two and a half baths, and 12-person below-ground shelter are just the start, as it also features a heated swimming pool, outdoor kitchen, and for the dads, a putting green. It’s located in the Deer Creek Village suburb of Oklahoma City.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – $525,000

Philadelphia is a city with a ton of history and culture, as well as diversity, making it one of the most fun metropolitan cities to live in. Here you can buy a 3,000 sq. ft. property with four beds, two full baths, and two more halves. It’s also in the Roxborough Historic District, meaning there’s tons of establishments, trails, and parks all within walking distance. The brand new kitchen is also full equipped, meaning it’s perfect for guests coming to visit.

Providence, Rhode Island – $479,000

Often overlooked, Rhode Island is a cheap place to live considering the median house price is only about $300,000. So for this budget, you can live in this luxury condo which features two bedrooms and two bathrooms, rising above the skyline and equipped with all the amenities a luxury condo should offer. This location is also within walking distance of nearly every main attraction of the city, putting you right in the center of it all.

Atlanta, Georgia – $475,000

Atlanta is one of America’s largest business centers, which means location and size are everything, considering so many people are competing for the same areas. Here you can score a 2,000 sq. ft. townhome with three bedrooms and three and a half baths, sparking flooring and countertops included. You’ll also be located near the city trail loop, get a community pool, and be close to local neighborhood restaurants and bars. The area also has a historic feel while offering an exciting nightlife.

Charleston, South Carolina – $500,000

If you’ve ever been to Charleston, you know how historically centered and vibrant the architecture is. And this home located on the Carolina Bay is located right by a three acre park, and features 2,600 sq. ft. and five bedrooms, along with three baths and a bonus room on the third floor. There’s also a screened-in porch and patio, making the backyard a livable space year-round.

Salt Lake City, Utah – $498,500

Salt Lake City is another overlooked place that has so much to offer, especially if you enjoy the outdoors. Here you will find brick home in the Central Ninth neighborhood that’s 1,800 sq. ft., and has two beds and one bath. It’s location is prime though, putting you right near downtown and all of the action, while being minutes away from some beautiful hikes, scenic views, and of course, excellent golfing. In the winter, skiing and other activities are just as close by.

Nashville, Tennessee – $525,000

Nashville has long been known as “Music City,” and the moniker has drawn lots of people from all over to visit, but living there is just as nice an experience. You can buy this old ‘30s cottage measuring at 1,200 sq. ft., and enjoy the large backyard, three bedrooms, and two baths. Even better is that in this “East Nasty” neighborhood, they’re known for eccentric nightlife and lots of good cuisine and entertainment.

Houston, Texas – $495,000

Houston is a city that’s become forgotten in the numerous options that Texas provides, but did you know you could get this Spanish-style home that’s just over 3,500 sq. ft. for such a good price? It has four enormous bedrooms, three and a half baths, and a balcony big enough for twice the people that live in the house. It’s got a backyard so big, it features a pavilion, brick fire pit, and shed big enough to store whatever equipment you may have. There’s also tons of parks nearby, making it a perfect place to raise a large family.

Cheyenne, Wyoming – $495,000

There’s no doubt about it – living in Wyoming means you’re adopting a more rural lifestyle, as it’s the least populated state in the country. But you can score this 2,700 sq. ft. home in Cheyenne, which is pretty lively, and enjoy a ranch style, fitted with three beds and two baths, along with a three-car garage. It also has new hardwood and a gas fireplace, which is good for the winters. Lots of national parks are close by, and outdoor activities are abound.

Virginia Beach, Virginia – $500,000

Virginia Beach is often overlooked because of its northern location, but the expansive culture in the city has seen a diverse population flocking to this region. You can live coastal, while also still basking in Virginia’s historical feel. This 2,600 sq. ft. home is new, features four beds and two baths, and is close to the ocean and boardwalk, which are a mere 10 minutes away. It also has custom windows and a four-car garage.

Charleston, West Virginia – $529,000

West Virginia may be the state most people are moving from, but that only means property prices are going down, which makes it a perfect time to buy. Here, for this budget you can buy a nearly 6,000 sq. ft. residence that has five beds, five baths, and a huge kitchen and back deck, perfect for country living. It’s a giant lot, making outdoor activities easy, and backs up to the woods and a creek, ensuring privacy, while still not being too far from the city nearby.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – $549,000

Midwestern living is easy in Milwaukee, but you’re better off spending your money on a nice condo in this area so that you can be as close to the warehouse district as possible. This open-concept space has 13-foot high ceilings, and comes with two beds, two baths, and a modern, industrial look. It’s in the Historic Third Ward, meaning you’ll also be right next to the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, along with the famous Henry Maier Festival Park.

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