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Incredible Wedding Mishap Moments



Welcome to our collection of the most hilarious and entertaining wedding mishap photos captured on that special day from around the world. Every wedding day is filled with unpredictable and spontaneous moments which turn into some of the funniest photos taken on these couple’s big day. Click NEXT to enjoy all of these incredibly unfortunate wedding mishap photos.

A super bride with super powers having fun with the groomsmen.

Something clearly went terribly wrong here.

Where’s Waldo…can you find him?

Definitely not what the groom thought he was going to find on wedding day.

Honey, is that really you or my new father-in-law?

A final test before the wedding.

Meantime, on the golf course.

Mixing a wedding party and photoshop skills equals an epic photo!

Aww, where is his other half?
Maybe someday he’ll find the one.

Yes! He finally got to the next level in life.

Wedding doves on a budget.
Fly doves fly!

One of these days these wedding shoes are going to walk all over you!

When a bachelor party isn’t yet over.

Apparently planking is still a thing.

It’s never to late to take the plunge of marriage!

When I GROW up I want to get married.

We are guessing that a
Jabba The Hutt cake!

Just another ordinary day.

OMG! This ring is gorgeous!

Careful with the cake! Who wants the first piece?

On One! Two! Three! Hit the ceiling!

Oops, my bad…I didn’t see your huge veil!

Meanwhile, on the pier the wedding party is taking their first group photos.

A Redneck wedding in style!

A super successful wreck the dress photoshoot!

This is how the last chance looks like.

The last day on the beach before a busy married life.

When it’s too much love to handle.

A sneak view of a redneck married lifestyle.

Ah the look of love.

A True meaning of a married life.

He is already tired on the first day!

A military wife – a military life.

White Castle for the wedding food win!

It’s never too late for practicing popping bottles on wedding day.

Who’s marrying who in this photo…hopefully there is a prenup!

I guess marriage really isn’t for everyone.

This man looks very upset about this dove release situation.

Game Over…The cake says it all.

Looks like the bridesmaid’s dress stereotype is alive and well.

When Bigfoot Photobombs Your Intimate Wedding Photo Session


Things Tend To Get A Little Sloppy After The Wedding Ceremony.


Rock N Roll Photobombers.


When Uncle Jerry Has Too Many Drinks And People Try To Take Serious Pictures.


When You And Your Bridesmaids Take A Photo And Your Dogs Are…


We Bet “Run Forrest” Was Said By One Groomsman.


Look How Short That Girl In The White Dress Is.


He Did Not Have Her Sign A Prenup.


Hopefully The Rest Of This Bride’s Day Was Not This Bad.


Time For The New Couple To Cut The Cake! Oh Nevermind!


This Must Be A New Trend Other Than Renting Tuxedos For The Ceremony.


The Farmers Tan Lines and Small Muscles Make This So Wrong In Multiple Ways.


This Is A Great Start To A Long Loving Marriage.


It Is Your Special Day, Party Hard and Black Out, You Deserve It.


The Levitating Bride Captured Perfectly In Mid Air.


He Couldn’t Have Worn Anything Else To Make This Photo So Embarrassing.


She Isn’t Quite Sure What To Do With Her Hands So This Was The Best Idea.


The Moment You Collapse Because 2 Hours After You Are Married You Find This Out.


Excuse Meee! Just Trying Cruising By. Not Trying To Ruin Your Picture Or Anything.


We All Have That One Friend That Does This Face.


Awkward Positioning Is Key When Trying To Create An Awkward Picture.


These Are Real People, Just Kidding. Worst Photoshopped Wedding Photo Ever!


Jess Is Ready To Twerk Her Way To Catching That Bouquet!


Tiffany Wanted To Be Part Of The Bridal Party So Bad But Didn’t Make The Cut.


Maximum Photobombing Skills Engaged.


Everyone needs at least one friend who can party as hard as these bridesmaids.

Happy Animal Photobombs Are Always Acceptable.


Just Flying In To Create The Most Epic Photobomb Wedding Shot Ever.


Weddings Are Expensive, Dollar Tree It Is!


It Can Not Get Anymore Awkward Than Sitting On Your Bride and Pulling Her Hair.


Is This A Prom or A Wedding Bridal Party?


Nothing Like A Snack Between The Wedding Ceremony And Your Reception!


The Most Awkward Wedding Kiss Ever Took Place On This Day


These ladies are having WAY too much fun.

Hey What Is Up In There?


A new bride staking claim to her husband.


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