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Vintage Photographs Of Old Las Vegas



Las Vegas has developed quite a reputation over the years. With its wealth of casinos and wedding chapels, you’re never short of venues to make questionable decisions.
From showgirls dazzling onstage to celebrities dining together, these pictures give you a glimpse of what life was like back in the day. If you weren’t fortunate enough to be around when Vegas was born, now’s the time to educate yourself on the city’s golden era.

Bright Lights, Big City

At night, Vegas truly comes to life thanks to the neon signs adorning all the casinos, and it’s on Fremont Street that they shine brightest. With icons like the Golden Nugget, it was impossible to miss this street back in the ‘50s.

Gambling For Peanuts

Back in the ‘60s, it wasn’t out of the question for an elephant to be in attendance at a casino. This gambling animal, who went by the name of Tanya, was involved in a performance at the venue.

Best Of Both Worlds

The Sands Hotel was so determined to give their customers the best possible experience. Anyone who wanted to try their luck at gambling, got to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Taking A Break

In the early days, the Rat Pack dominated the scene, with men like Sammy Davis Jr. responsible for entertaining thousands of visitors on a daily basis. Of course, they weren’t always on the clock.

We Sisters Three

Female celebrities spent a lot of time in Sin City too, including the famous Gabor sisters. The women attracted a lot of attention with the three sisters collectively getting married twenty times.

Dinner And A Show

You were in for a real treat if you caught a performance of the Rat Pack while you were in Vegas. Luckily, the suave entertainers were such regulars at the clubs in Sin City that it was hard to miss them.

Traveling From All Over

A group known as the Bluebell Girls came all the way from Paris to enchant the Vegas audiences and put on a performance the people would never forget. They proved to be a massive hit during the ‘50s.

Dining With The Stars

Once it developed a reputation for being one of America’s most cultural party spots, celebrities flocked to the city. There were so many of them that it was hard not to spot at least one famous face while you were out and about.

The King Of Vegas

There was one person who commanded a stage better than anyone else, though. Elvis Presley knew what his fans wanted, and he gave it to them in bucketfuls.

An Iconic Performer

Nothing says Sin City more than one of America’s greatest musical icons surrounded by a collection of stunning showgirls. The singer in question is, of course, Frank Sinatra.

Life Of The Party

Sinatra wasn’t the only man who built a reputation for himself at the Sands Hotel. His fellow Rat Pack members Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin, all of whom propelled Las Vegas into the spotlight.

The Original Daredevil

Evel Knievel wanted to prove his worth by jumping the fountains outside Caesars Palace but he didn’t quite make it. Instead, he ended up in a coma for almost a month, though he thankfully lived to tell the tale.

Putting On A Show

You can’t talk about Las Vegas without mentioning the showgirls. Their extravagant outfits and love for performing are part of what makes Sin City such a popular party venue.

Signing Autographs

Among some of Vegas’ biggest guests was the King of Rock n’ Roll himself. Elvis Presley was a firm favorite in Las Vegas, regularly performing for the masses at hotels all along the famous strip.

A Musical Shift

It wasn’t just the King of Rock n’ Roll that made a big impact in Vegas. Lillian Briggs, AKA the Queen of Rock n’ Roll, made a huge impact in Vegas during the ‘50s.

Taking A Dip

The Stardust sits up there with some of the very best in the city. After opening in the late ‘50s, it soon became a hub of activity thanks to its regular performances and extravagant casino.

Behind The Scenes

While audiences only ever got to see what the showgirls got up to on stage, plenty went on behind the scenes. Things were often frantic backstage as the girls hurried around trying to get ready.

Breakfast In Las Vegas

Las Vegas really did attract some of the biggest names in the business. When you think of iconic actresses from the ‘50s and ‘60s, Audrey Hepburn probably comes to mind.

Cooling Off

Although things have only gotten warmer over the years, they were still pretty hot during the early days of Vegas. It’s no wonder then that these guests felt the need to cool off while staying at the El Rancho Hotel.

From A Distance

This is how Sin City used to be in the mid-‘60s before Vegas truly became the party capital of North America. As you can see, it was bustling with activity, but it had yet to reach the level of development that we’re now accustomed to.

Breakfast In The Pool

We’re used to asking for breakfast in bed, but what about breakfast in the pool? Even though it sounds like a bizarre request, remember that this is Las Vegas we’re dealing with here.

Symbol Of The City

The neon lights of Las Vegas are an iconic symbol of the city, but there’s one that catches people’s attention more than most. Vegas Vic, the mascot of the Pioneer Club.

Keeping Things Clean

A bit of mess was to be expected in the casinos, especially with them being so busy, but someone would always have to clean them up afterward. That’s where people like this man came in.

From The Ground Up

As hotels and casinos became successful, more of them began to appear. Signs like this one were erected by existing businesses to try and attract more interest in the area (and put more money in their bank accounts).

One More Pull

It feels like there’s no image more representative of classic Vegas than this one. The slot machines were (and still are) such an essential part of the casinos.

Best Of The Best

Tourists had their pick of dozens of renowned venues to spend their money, but all of these places wanted to be every person’s first choice.

The City Of Love

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward weren’t the only famous faces who thought Vegas was the perfect place to tie the knot. Brigitte Bardot and Gunther Sachs Von Opel also married there.

Riding In Style

These shuttle buses probably aren’t something that you’d drive around in now, but they were top of the line automobiles for the Sands Hotel in the ‘50s and ‘60s.

A Man In His Element

One man who was very much involved with bringing Las Vegas to people’s attention was Noel Coward. Billed as an Oscar Wilde type, his cabaret shows were a huge attraction for tourists in the ‘50s.

An Astounding Transformation

This photo was taken back in 1905, and it’s hard to believe that it’s the same Las Vegas that we’re familiar with today. This is how Fremont Street looked at the turn of the 20th century, and there wasn’t a neon sign in sight.

Seedy History

When the Flamingo arrived on the strip back in the ‘40s, it was the first luxury hotel in the area. The man who paid for the establishment was none other than Bugsy Siegel, a famous mobster.

A Marriage For The Ages

Vegas marriages never used to be quite so spontaneous. Back in the ‘50s, many couples tied the knot in the city because they wanted to do it somewhere with class and sophistication.

Need Any Help?

Imagine if it was your job to go around giving people money so they could continue to gamble. Well, that’s basically what the “Change Girls” were responsible for in Vegas’ early days.

A Different Point Of View

When the neon lights of Vegas aren’t illuminating the night sky, the city looks quite a bit different, doesn’t it? This is how Fremont Street was during the day all the way back in the early ‘50s.

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