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Money-Saving Hacks That Increase Your Wealth



Everyone can always use a bit more money, and chances are you aren’t truly doing all that you can to save. Sure, we’re all financially responsible for the most part, but it’s easy to get caught up in frivolous spending habits without realizing it.
But, there are tons of ways to save significant amounts that most people fail to take advantage of, or may not even know. These can be as simple as daily habits, or as nuanced as cutting insurance and lifestyle costs. Click “Start Slideshow” to begin saving today!

Stop Eating Out

As fun as it is to eat out, order takeout, or even have Uber Eats and DoorDash delivered, it’s a huge waste of money in comparison to cook at home. If you’re able to curve your craving and make something healthy, your wallet and body will thank you.

Find A Free Checking Account

While banks have increased restrictions on who can get free checking accounts, they’re still available at a low minimum at some chains, and definitely in many online banks. This is important because fees add up quickly, and access to ATMs is essential.

Do Laundry With Cold Water

Oftentimes we do our laundry at different temps for different colors and material by habit, but the reality is everything can just be washed in cold water. Detergents are stronger today, and 90% of the energy used by washing machines is to make warm water. It’s unnecessary.

Use Coupons Online

Tons of coupons are readily available for online shopping with a simple search, and many times they’ll help you get the best prices to stay competitive versus other online retailers. Not to mention if there isn’t a physical store in your state, you avoid sales tax!

Use Automatic & Electronic Bill Pay

Gone are the days of mailing in bills, but missing a deadline can still result in penalties adding up. It’s easier now more than ever to set up automatic billing to ensure you always pay on schedule, and electronic banking is safe and easily moderated in most banking apps, too.

Shop Around Auto Insurance

You see all the commercials, and it’s true – auto insurers are constantly itching for new customers, and they actually can get you a better rate by switching. Competition is always healthy, and it’s better for you as a driver, especially if you have a clean record.

Reevaluate All Your Subscription Services

In the modern day, everyone has found themselves with tons of monthly subscriptions for everything from streaming to meal services. We can almost guarantee you’re paying for some you don’t use, or others you could cut in half with on annual payment. Eliminate these costs!

Try Staycations Or In-State Trips

Since vacationing isn’t really back to normal and costs a lot anyway, exploring your own neck of the woods is a cheap alternative. You can still escape by staying in a hotel somewhere fun, or even road trip to a different city and explore any unique attractions you may have overlooked.

Strictly Shop Your List

Grocery stores, and frankly most retail outlets, can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to get distracted and start buying things you don’t need. Making a list is a huge help, and sticking to it will help you save more money per trip than you could’ve ever imagined.

Be Diligent With Your Thermostat

One of the easiest ways to save on your electric bill every month is to make sure you raise or lower your temperature accordingly when you leave the house so that your A/C or heat isn’t running all day. Buying a programmable or digital thermostat will help do this even more.

Shop At Cheaper Stores

It’s hard to shy away from trendy chains and higher quality products, but you really can save a lot of money by not shopping at the Whole Foods and Ultas of the world. Shopping at cheaper big box stores or even discount outlets for your everyday needs is a big money saver.

Don’t Play The Lottery or Gamble

For a simple as it sounds, this one is quite hard for a lot of people who are betting one day they’ll be lucky enough to hit the jackpot. Not playing Powerball, buying scratch-offs, or doing daily fantasy sports will save you much more than you’ll ever win in the long run.

Join Customer Loyalty If Free

If you’re a frequent shopper at any particular store that offers a free customer loyalty program, definitely take advantage of the rewards, no matter how big or small. From simple $5 savings to weekly members-only specials, you can genuinely bargain more than you’d think.

Use Eco-Friendly Bulbs

Energy waste is one of the biggest drivers of increasing power bills, and a simple change you can make around your residence is replacing your light bulbs with LED ones, which use less electricity and have a much longer lifespan. It’s worth the extra couple of bucks.

Do Your Taxes For Free

A lot of people don’t trust themselves to do their own taxes, or feel like a professional can help them squeak out every last penny, but in truth, you’ll end up paying more than you save. Sites like TurboTax, Tax Slayer, and Credit Karma are just some of the free services out there.

Get A Credit Card With No Annual Fee

Annual fees are usually for credit cards with perks that are out of reach for the average consumer, so paying them for a card with “status” is just silly. Cards without annual fees are just as good, and really your bank should have a basic one for the everyday consumer.

Buy Generic Products

Almost every major retailer offers their own line of goods in virtually every single product category from food to supplies, and as you’d expect, they’re much cheaper than the brand names. While you may hesitate due to quality, we promise they’re just as good.

2 For $5 Doesn’t Mean You Have To Buy 2

Many retailers offer deals that advertise themselves as “two-fers,” but people often mistake that for meaning you need to buy two of that item, when in fact you do not. You can basically assume that if you want just one, the price is half of the one advertised.

Keep A Flexible Travel Schedule

When possible, having an itinerary that’s not set in stone grants you some quality savings. Whether it’s being able to fly mid-week, book excursions in the dead season, or getting into the matinee at attractions, having an open schedule will allow you to save in various ways.

Bundle Your Insurance

Blanketing multiple insurance policies under one larger carrier is definitely the way to go if you can swing it, because they’re likely to offer you a discounted rate for consolidating with them. Don’t make things complicated if you don’t have to.

Keep Up With Car Maintenance

This one is huge. It’s not only imperative for you to keep up on your car’s oil changes and other routine maintenance, but the big things, like milestone inspections, or brake and transmission evaluations, can be crucial, because if these things bit the dust, the cost is massive.

Adjust Withholding To Avoid Massive Refunds

It may seem great to receive a big return on your taxes, but it’s actually counterproductive for you because you ended up withholding more than you should. If you adjust this on your W-4, you’ll be able to squeak out more savings and avoid giving the government an interest-free loan.

Join Swap & Marketplace Groups

One of the greatest advancements of the app generation is all the companies who now offer what are basically virtual garage sales. Swapping products or buying things for cheap has never been easier thanks to things like Facebook Marketplace and Offer-Up, among others.

Shop Appliances Smartly

Like cars, appliances are purchases that lean expensive to begin with, but also costly to fix. That’s why shopping around and finding the best fit for you is necessary, because not only do you want to save on energy, but you also want reliability and warranties to keep peace of mind.

Negotiate Fees Away

Lots of times when it comes to banking or investing, a lot of fees are involved and appear daunting to the average person. Good news is most times you can negotiate this fee away, simply by asking or providing a legitimate financial hold up. In savings, every penny counts.

Ask For Rain Checks On Sold Out Sale Items

A best practice for super shoppers is to always make sure the store keeps good on their word, and if a sale item is sold out due to high demand, you can usually get them to issue you an IOU, which actually keeps that sale price in effect for you up to a week after the promotion ends.

Try Traveling By Bus Or Train

Though it may seem archaic or inconveniencing to some, trains and buses actually make thousands of routes across the country every day, and while it’ll take a bit longer, you’re able to get cross country if you really want, and usually they’ll have wifi and stop often along the way.

Remember The Cost Of Ownership

Certain times you must remember that with luxury items, the cost isn’t just higher at retail. Maintenance, parts, and other accessories for pricier items tend to be considerably higher than the average market-priced ones, so next time you’re thinking of buying a sports car, remember the increased costs of maintaining it.

Cook At Home

Cooking can seem like a tough task to perform on a regular basis, but eating out constantly is not only costly, it’s also unhealthy. Learning to cook for yourself is not only a valuable skill, but allows you to eat exactly what you like, the way you like it. Plus, practice makes perfect.

Buy Used When Possible

Tons of second-hand stores carry all the essentials you need at a fraction of the price, and many times, places like Goodwill, flea markets or thrift stores have quality goods that are barely used. Not to mention the countless products people sell on Facebook marketplace these days.

Shop Around Homeowners Insurance

Like car insurance, home insurers are in constant competition over who can give residents in their area the best rate. That’s why it’s good practice to make sure you constantly compare rates and challenge your existing firm with more competitive rates, and chances are they’ll budge.

Use Smart Car Rental Tactics

If you’re traveling and need to rent a car, make sure you join a rewards program for your favorite rental service, as it’ll save you a lot in the long run. These companies also provide tons of coupons online, which you may be able to use in addition. This membership is worthwhile.

Use Your Bank’s ATM Exclusively

This one is probably common practice for most of us, but there really is such a hefty penalty when withdrawing a quick $20, that it’s really no worth doing if it’s not your bank’s ATM. Try using contactless payments like Apple Pay or Venmo, and many banks feature Zelle as well.

Reign In Investing Fees

Figuring out your investing fees can be complicated if you’re using multiple services or brokers, but it’s important to know what you’re paying for. Whether it’s your personal investments or your work 401(k) or an IRA, there’s lots of sneaky fees to tell you where you’re overpaying, and most times you may be able to negotiate them away.

Drink Water!

Perhaps something we shouldn’t have to tell you, but water is not only essential for life, but it’s also your cheapest beverage option by a mile. Whether eating out, or cutting soda and sugary juices from your shopping trip, choosing water is the economic choice.

Shop Post-Holiday Sales

A best practice for your retail necessities is to wait until after bigger holidays, even like Memorial and Labor Day, because typically there’s a lot of sales, and leftover overstock that comes with it. Waiting until after allows you to get even better deals, and you can plan ahead accordingly.

Carpool If You Can

This one can be tougher with varying schedules and the hectic nature of today’s work week, but it pays off significantly if you happen to be going to the same area, or even city. Mitigating the amount you spend on gas and wear you put on your car is quite valuable over time.

Go Outside!

What better way to save money, get exercise, and enjoy some fresh air than simply going outside?! The great outdoors offer more adventure than you could ever ask for, and it’s FREE! Enjoy a picnic, go on a hike, relax at the beach – the world is your oyster.

Delay Your Income On Your Taxes

If you can pay for your taxes on the following year of your income, meaning you move it from December 31st to the next calendar year on January first, you can get the deductions ahead of time so you’re not hit with the total from the current year on tax day.

Accelerate Any Deductions You Can

Do this trick with any deductions you may be making on your taxes, meaning you can move them from the beginning of next year to the end of this year so you can get them all taken care of as soon as possible.

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