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The Strangest Car Mods Of All Time



When it comes to modifying cars, some people should just have their cars impounded. Most car offenders ruin a decent and normal car by adding unnecessary modifications such as wings, graphics, excessive lighting or weird chrome-purple window tint.
Usually an offender spends under $1000, but anyways, here are some of the best car mod fails of all time. Try not to cringe, or laugh – it’ll be hard not to do both..

Bro, Do You Even Lift?

It almost makes no sense to lift your vehicle at all if you can’t afford bigger tires, but hey, do you I guess.

Wide Body, Can’t Afford Wider Wheels

Modifications are bigger projects than lots of drivers realize, and the result is often not being able to afford the full package, which in this case would be also widening your tires.

99.9% of People Don’t Understand Your Exhaust

The amount of questions that must arise when people pull up behind this person at a red light is unfathomable. Kind of like the idea to implement this ridiculous mod in the first place.

Cool Grill…

This person messed up their front end so bad, they had to use tons of tape and bond to not only move the headlights to the hood, but for some reason also add teeth. So scary…

Hood Spoiler?

Ah yes, this is the first person to come up with the idea of a hood spoiler, surely no one before them has tried and failed with this same idea. It really brings this Mustang together.

I Can Fix It Myself!

This is why you pay the professionals to fix any major damage, because when your back end looks like it was welded in your driveway with metal paneling, it’s worth less than it was before.

Watch My Engine!

It would be one thing if you had the sickest engines on the planet, but this guy’s very mundane car is nowhere near worthy of its own showcase window. Strange flex.

Snake Car!

There’s a wide variety of questionable paint jobs out there, but to style the entire body to resemble the leathery nature of a snake, complete with headlight eyes, you’ve gone too far.

The Leopard Volvo!

Leopard or cheetah prints are barely acceptable as clothing, so why on earth would anyone think it’s appropriate to paint their car in that pattern? Customization privileges revoked.

Dude, Your Car is Two Cars.

This hybrid between a small truck and a much older hot rod is a lot to take in at first, but does it kind of mesh? No. It absolutely does not, and whoever’s idea this was needs to see themselves out.

It’s Like a Jeep Liberty, But With Even More Freedom.

Sad you had to ditch your Jeep but kept the canopy for your new van-truck hybrid? How smart, no one will question this choice at all. Hopefully the rain and thieves don’t find out.

Fuel Can!

Nothing says fuel injection like running your lines through a can of Four Loko to ensure optimum performance from your vehicle. Even though you don’t know what it looks like, know this car is faster than yours.

Facebook Car?!

This person clearly was fascinated by Facebook after it took the world by storm, to the point he made it the focal point of his car. Guess it’s free promotion for them, but eye rolls for him.

Exhaust Placement?

Using parts from other cars is routine practice in auto body work, but this bumper seemingly had another car’s corner replace it, putting the exhaust in this awkward position. Looks very off.

Geo Metro Pick-Up Truck

Some cars want to be trucks too, even if they may seem too small. Since this Geo had to have it’s back half replaced, they figured why not just give it a truck bed? Well, because people will laugh.

Ugliest Useful Car Ever!

Something about replacing half a car is so crazy, you may as well just attach a whole trailer to the back of it. And that’s exactly what this person did, making it somehow more useful and even uglier.

Grinning Teeth

Who knows what people are going for when they add teeth to their vehicles. Are they obsessed with the movie Cars? Do they personify their cars? Regardless, it looks pretty silly and we’re judging.

The Depot Modder

Every now and again you’ll see a car where people surely just couldn’t even care enough to afford or want to fix something, so they turned to old reliable plywood. Works, but why? Also, extremely unsafe and exposed.


In one of the all-time craziest car mod moments, this car was seen riding on rims compensated by a hose instead of a tire. There is no helping this kind of crazy, and honestly the safety concern can’t be overstated.

BMW Hyundai Collaboration Edition

Like we said, utilizing similar body types is commonplace in car modifications after accidents, but let’s avoid keeping the new part’s logo on the original vehicle. It’s incredibly tacky.

Packing Van

Have you ever pulled up to a red light and seen a mini van with exhaust like this? Did you want to race it? Were you scared? Who knows if it’s just for show, but it sure does scream ridiculous.

Crooked Licence Plate Is Not The Only Issue

This Euro mod has a lot of things to analyze, but truly, what is with the half paint scheme? And a wing nearly the height of the car itself? If this is his dream style, then baby we don’t want it.

So Passive Agressive

Custom paint jobs can go wrong quickly, but with a spray-painted Eeyore threatening violence against you, you’ve already gone too far. We’ll just accept that we probably wouldn’t want to deal with this person anyway.

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