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The Trump Family Tree Of Gold



If the President of the United States family tree was an actual tree, it would be completely covered in gold. We have collected some of the best photos from the Trump family’s past.
Follow the path of this current American dream family from their first ancestors that arrived in New York on a steamship in 1885 from Germany. Click Next to follow the curated gallery of images from throughout time.

Graduation Day

Donald Trump with his father at Donald’s graduation. We’re not sure what their relationship was like, but Fred Trump looks pretty proud.

Fortunately Trump

The five children of Fred Trump were born into wealth as their father was a real estate mogul in New York in the 20th century. They are: Donald, Fred, Jr., Elizabeth, Maryanne and Robert.

Early Practice At Political Handshake Pics

Here’s Donald Trump taking a picture with his father, Fred Trump, in what appears to be a practice run for all the political pictures he’ll need to take if he becomes President.

The Five Kids All Grown Up

Fred Trump’s five children posed for this picture when they were all grown up. The eldest son, Fred, Jr., passed away in 1981 from complications related to alcoholism.

Ivana Becomes An American Citizen

Ivana, who was born and raised in Czechoslovakia (she was from the Czech side), proudly showing off her American Citizenship certificate.

Donald And Ivana

Donald Trump and his first wife, Ivana Trump (nee Zelníčková). Ivana and Donald would go on to have one of the most publicized divorces in history.

His First Three Kids

His marriage to Ivana produced three kids: Ivanka, Donald, Jr. and Eric.

The Honeymoon

Donald holding his brand new wife at the beach during their luxurious honeymoon.

Marrying In Style

Donald was never one to skimp on extravagance… so there was NO WAY he would ever skimp on his wedding to Ivana. He definitely forked out the dough, but the divorce was more expensive.

Playful Family Portrait

The Trump family poses for a nice family portrait on a winding staircase in what looked like a very happy moment.

Ivana And Ivanka

Mother and daughter play together on what looks like a million dollar bed. We’re guessing the bed probably DID cost a million dollars.

Donald And Ivanka

Donald holding his daughter, Ivanka, by the arms at what looks like a formal party.

Daddy’s Girl

Donald has been quoted as saying he would date his daughter, Ivanka. We know he meant it as a joke, but this picture doesn’t help.

The Divorce To End All Divorces

Donald and Ivana went through what would be the most publicized divorce in history. He had to fork over some mad cash.

The New Girlfriend

The reason for Ivana and Donald’s divorce was this lovely lady, model Marla Maples. They had been having an affair while Donald was still married.

The Proud Papa-To-Be

Donald Trump touching Marla’s pregnant belly. The couple would only have one child, a daughter, before divorcing.

Wedding Bells For Wife #2

Marla and Donald got married in a lavish wedding in 1993. Their marriage would last for 4 years before they separated.

Mom, Dad and Daughter

Donald poses for a picture with his lovely wife, Marla, and his lovelier daughter, Tiffany, sometime in the mid 1990’s.

The New Couple In Love

Donald and Marla were snapped together on a night out looking decidedly happy.

Tiffany Trump

Marla gave birth to Donald Trump’s second daugher (and Marla’s first child) in October of 1993. Her name is Tiffany Ariana Trump.

Marla And Tiffany

A picture of Marla and Tiffany (taken recently). As you can see, Tiffany inherited Marla’s great genetic genes and is quite a looker.

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble… Again!

…And we’re off once again to divorce court! Marla was quoted, years later, as saying that their marriage fell apart because they didn’t see eye-to-eye on many topics.

Tiffany Graduates

Proud parents, Marla and Donald, pose with their daughter, Tiffany, at her graduation.

Going Back East

Trump married his third wife, Melania Knavs (a Slovenian model), in 2005. He must have missed having a slavic wife.

Barron Trump Is Born

Melania and Donald have one son, Barron Trump, who was born in 2006. Melania made sure to speak Slovenian around Barron, so he is now fluent in the language.

The Most Expensive Room You’ll Never Step In

That’s right, don’t be surprised if you never get invited to this room in their luxurious condo! One square inch of this place probably costs more than you’ll make all year.

Stinking Rich And Loving It

Barron Trump was born into such wealth, it’s almost sickening, but you can’t blame the kid for being born into it. You can’t even blame Donald Trump, since he earned it, regardless of his inheritance.

Donald Trump, Hollywood Star

Donald received his star on Hollywood’s walk of fame for his “contribution to the arts” by way of the reality TV show, The Apprentice.

Successful Family

Son, father and daughter pose for a “we’re the boss” kind of picture to remind you of who’s giving you that paycheck.

Donald’s Five Kids Goofing Off

Donald’s five kids pose for a portrait as they goof off for the camera. This was taken recently as Barron is approaching his teenage years.

The Three Oldest Children

Donald and Ivana’s three children are both lucky and successful. It pays to be born into the right family and they know it.

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