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Fascinating Facts About Scientology



Scientology has always remained one of the largest religious mysteries since its inception in the early ‘50s. While most people only know it as that weird cult that Tom Cruise is part of, this science-fiction religion is certainly more fiction than science.
They have so many bizarre rules and mandates, all that are designed to help you achieve your higher conscious being. But as more and more Scientology churches are springing up all around the world, it’s time for people to learn what they’re really about.

It Was Founded By a Science-Fiction Writer

Most people who establish religions are typically highly enlightened and spiritual, but Scientology was founded entirely by a science-fiction writer named L. Ron Hubbard. In 1950, the world was introduced to a self-help book called “Dianetics”. It became an instant best-seller due to its wild claims and appealing nature, but there were many who saw through the hype for what it really was.

People Thought “Dianetics” Was a Joke

What was instantly noticeable about “Dianetics” was how wildly different it was from anything Hubbard had written before. He had traded concise and interesting fictional writing for a self-help book full of ramblings that felt far more like opinion than fact. People were also put off by how joky and quirky in nature it was, despite making some rather serious claims about our place in the universe. And while many people dismissed the book, they had no idea what it was about to spawn.

Scientology Is Very Much Considered a Cult

While there’s been some conjecture concerning whether or not Scientology is a cult, the vast majority of religious scholars agree without a doubt that the organization is nothing more than a cult born from the mind of a gifted science-fiction writer. So what kind of claims does this book make that’s turned Scientology into the fastest growing modern religion?

Scientologists Believe Mental Illness Doesn’t Exist

While decades of psychology would beg to differ, Scientologists still cling to the archaic mindset that brain illness is a farce. This belief goes back to Ron Hubbard who viewed psychiatrists as evil after the American Psychiatric Association rejected his book and deemed it unscientific and implausible. Since then any notion of mental health has been labeled as worldly by the church.

Their Deity Is Called Xenu

Every religion needs a good deity figure, and Scientology’s is called Xenu. In a nutshell, this despot was the ruler of the Galactic Confederacy and used natural events such as erupting volcanoes to cure overpopulation somewhere around 75 million years ago. Unfortunately, it only gets more bizarre from there…

People Live On Through Spirit Clusters

Once Xenu purged the world of overpopulation, the spirits of these overpopulated people – dubbed “thetans” – were released into the universe where they attached to each other in clusters. These clusters were then “trapped in a compound of frozen alcohol and glycol” and then “implanted” with “the seed of deviant behavior.” The book goes on to suggest that when we die, “these clusters attach to other humans and keep perpetuating themselves”. It’s definitely starting to sound like a cult.

It’s One Of The Most Expensive Religions

You thought Catholicism is ornate and expensive? Actress Leah Remini, who is an ex-member of the church, exposed just how ludicrously expensive it is to join. Mandatory classes can cost hundreds of dollars, and book and DVD sets can get up to $4,000. And that’s all before members get to auditing, which is essentially their version of therapy, which costs a whopping $800 for a single one-hour session. Remini estimated that during her 35 years in the church she must have given them millions.

They Think The Mind Is A Computer That Must Be Cleared

Through regular church services and “auditing sessions”, Scientologists believe that they can eliminate all negative memories. The term they use is “clearing” the mind of all toxic mindsets, much like how a computer is cleared of corrupt data. Only after clearing themselves can members achieve multiple levels of understanding of the “Operating Thetans” who apparently control the world using their minds.

Members Are Asked Extremely Personal Questions

In their attempt to clear their mind and access the power of the Thetans, members are subjected to weekly auditing sessions where they’re pressured to provide some very personal information, including details on their sex lives. This practice of exploitation is very much in line with common cult practices.

They’re Known For Censoring Information

Much like in the movie Men In Black, the church has tried to erase certain information – in this case, info that presents them in a less-than-flattering way. In fact, the popular online encyclopedia Wikipedia had to take drastic measures and ban any organization affiliated with Scientology to prevent them from redacting anything they perceive to be negative or critical.

They’re Prepared For The Impending Apocalypse

Much like the Mormons, Scientologists have built elaborate nuclear-proof underground bunkers in preparation for the approaching apocalypse. These bunkers house library-sized vaults containing all documented footage of their lord and savior L. Ron Hubbard.

They Have A Secret Area Of Operation Called Gold Base

Tucked away in a southern California valley is Gold Base, essentially a well-maintained internment camp. It houses around 800 Scientologists who must pledge a billion years (yes, a billion years) of service in exchange for room and board and rigorous counseling. They’re given a measly $50 per week for their loyalty, though they can be docked as low as $13 per week if they fail to meet study quotas.

You Can’t Just Leave Gold Base

The church takes members’ billion-years commitment very seriously, despite claims that members can leave whenever they want. As such, anyone who leaves, quits, or escapes must pay a passive bill (called the Freeloaders Tab) for their time, and this tab can exceed $100,000 in total. The vast majority of members are forced to return, considering they have no skills and therefore no ability to live normal lives and pay off the debt.

Top Brass Receive Exorbitant Pay

Like with most organizations, those at the top live in the lap of luxury. Church leader David Miscavige (the one whose wife disappeared mysteriously) lives like Hollywood royalty enjoying access to private jets, a large collection of high-end vehicles, personal chefs and stewards, and elaborate birthday gifts worth tens of thousands. According to the church, these are all “tokens of love and respect” for their cherished leader.

Scientologists Are Urged To “Cultivate Celebrities”

As far back as 1955, one of the church’s biggest ploys for growth involved what they called the “cultivating of celebrities”. The idea behind this method was that garnering famous names would lend credibility to Scientology as a whole. After all, who better to understand the need to sell your brand than a science-fiction novelist.

Multiple Celebrities Have Been Attached To Scientology

While Tom Cruise is most well known for his Scientologist convictions, he certainly isn’t the only one. Other notable actors include George Clooney, Michelle Pfeiffer, Ted Danson, and everybody’s favorite greaser John Travolta. This is all thanks to the church’s resident acting coach Milton Katselas, who was given 10% commission from all monies donated to the church by the celebrities he coached.

Even Jesus Isn’t Up To Par

As far as Dianetics is concerned, key religious deities like Jesus and Buddha aren’t up to code when it comes to the Thetan standard. According to a 1959 Scientology magazine, “neither Lord Buddha nor Jesus Christ were Operating Thetans, they were just a shade above Clear”.

They Pad Their Numbers

According to the church, they have over 10 million enlightened people who call themselves members. The more realistic critics, however, estimate the actual number to be somewhere around 500,000. That’s still a large number of people who believe that an interstellar tyrant alien rules over the universe!

They Believe We Once Lived On Other Planets

Scientologists believe that we once dwelled as souls on other planets before settling on Earth and adopting our current mortal bodies. Moreover, these ghosts (or “aberrations” as they prefer to call it) from these previous lives must be cleared from our minds before we can progress.

Walk-Ins Are Not Permitted

If you’re considering strolling into a Scientology church for a quick tour, think again. The church has a strict no walk-ins policy. You must be a paid-in-full elite member before you can walk through those doors. Their reasoning is because their campus isn’t a church as much as it’s a “religious retreat” for those focused on attaining enlightenment.

Kids Are Indoctrinated At a Young Age

Aspiring Thetans are never too young to begin learning! Kids born into Scientology families are sent to schools called “Study Tech”. These special schools have curriculums that are approved and written by none other than Hubbard himself. During this time, children spend very little time exposed to the outside world.

Sea Orgs Are At The Top

The highest rank one can achieve within the church (other than David Miscavige) is a Sea Org. These elite Scientologists are responsible for giving audits, raising funds, and conducting other elite tasks. They sign a one-billion-year contract with the promise that they’ll return in the next life to serve for longer still.

There Are No Women In Positions Of Higher Authority

While the male-to-female ratio is about even when it comes to membership, you’ll be hard pressed to find much female representation when it comes to upper management. Women have been allowed to take mid-range positions of authority in certain sectors of the church, but the higher echelon remains all men.

They Once Had An Anti-Opponents Task Force

From the church’s inception in the mid ‘50s until the early ‘80s, Scientology utilized the services of the Guardian’s Office to keep naysayers at bay. This covert office performed operations with the single purpose of depowering and/or destroying any opponents of Scientology.

Their Cross’s Symbolism

Much like in Christian churches, you’ll find the cross adorned across every roof, lobby, and classroom. Unlike Christian churches, the Scientology cross has an extra four spokes. These eight points represent the eight dynamics of Scientology – 1) the Self, 2) creativity, sex, and procreation (the family), 3) groups, 4) humankind, 5) all life forms, 6) the physical universe, 7) spirituality, and 8) the Supreme Being.

Elvis Presley Was Not a Fan

During the early ‘70s, Elvis Presley was in a spiritually-wayward place and thought Scientology might be the answer. Of course, the church was only all too happy at the thought of adding the King himself to their celebrity roster. However, after just one meeting he quickly changed his mind, declaring “F those people. All they want is my money”.

Hubbard Believed He Was Many People Before

Scientology’s founding father sincerely believed that he was many various people before his rejuvenative re-birth in 1911. His résumé included people like Joan of Arc’s own personal marshal, as well as South African king Cecil Rhodes. Moreover, a Scientologist publication asserted following his death that Hubbard was also the original inventor of music some 3 million odd years ago.

Battlefield Earth Was Inspired By Hubbard’s Work

The 2000 flop Battlefield Earth not only starred Scientology alum John Travolta, but it was also based on L. Ron Hubbard’s own sci-fi novel. The film lost over $13 million at the box office and remains one of the most poorly-received films to this day.

They Once Went After Anderon Cooper

The CNN reporter found himself in the church’s crosshairs in 2010 after conducting a five-part investigation against them. As you can imagine, his investigations didn’t exactly place the church in a positive light, and they responded by publishing a 95-page magazine chocked full of all the reasons why he was a distrustful liar.

They Use E-Meters To Gauge How Spiritual You Are

Auditors will use devices called engram meters or E-meters to determine your spiritual flaws. This electronic measuring device can measure your electrical charges and detect any impulses that prevent you from attaining your higher Thetan status.

Hubbard Told His Wife He Killed Their Child

The founder was known for his bouts of extreme paranoia and abusive tendencies. One of the more disturbing instances of his own mental illness was when he called his wife soon after she told him she was leaving him and informed her that he had kidnapped their daughter. More alarming than that was when he stated his intentions to murder her. He then called back soon after and told her he wasn’t serious, but talk about a close call.

It’s Not Uncommon For Scientology’s Top Leaders To Disappear

One of the biggest cover-up stories in Scientology concerns the wife of one of its top leaders, Shelly Miscavige. According to investigative reports, Shelly had taken the liberty of filling some positions within the church while her husband was out of town, and he was none too pleased about it. Witnesses saw first-hand how enraged he became, and she disappeared shortly after. To this day her whereabouts remain unknown.

The Church Was Investigated For Human Trafficking

After numerous ex-members accused the church of human rights violations, the FBI conducted a full investigation in 2009. The stories surrounding the tactics the church used to keep wayward members in line were horrifying. Those who considered deviating from the faith were subjected to rigorous emotional and psychological correction. If that didn’t work, the insubordinates were then sent to re-indoctrination camps and forced to serve hard labor until they saw the error of their ways.

Their Leader Has a Sketchy Past

After L. Ron Hubbard died (or, according to the church, discarded his physical body and achieved a higher level of Operating Thetan), a 25-year-old David Miscavige stepped in and has run things ever since. His wife’s mysterious vanishing isn’t the only seedy part of his past, though. According to ex members, Miscavige is known to fly off the handle and assault members who step on his authority. Unfortunately, it gets worse.

He Has Borderline Psychotic Tendencies

On top of physical assault among his own members, Miscavige reportedly goes to insane levels to show his subordinates what happens to those who challenge him. He’s been known to give dissenters the scarlet letters SP, followed by punishment in the form of manual labour.

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