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Genius Hacks That Will Improve Your Life



We humans, by nature, are innovators. We are always looking for a simpler, cheaper, and more convenient way of getting things done. There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to solve a problem in a resourceful, and creative way, especially when that fix is cheap, too.
These life hacks will have you thinking outside the box like a true inventor, and looking for even more ways you wouldn’t have previously considered to help make even more problems in your life easier. These are the most genius hacks you never knew you needed to improve your life.

Baby Powder on Floors

To fix squeaky floor boards, fill a squeeze bottle with baby powder, squeeze the powder in the cracks between the boards, and use a makeup brush to push it down. This helps to reduce friction between pieces of wood.

Fill Nail Holes with Soap

To fill nail holes in walls, rub a bar of white soap in a circular motion over the hole, then wipe off any residue with a warm, wet cloth. This is a simple and effective solution.

Rubber Band for Stripped Screws

To remove a stripped screw, place a rubber band over its head before using a screwdriver. This will increase friction, making it easier to remove the screw.

Unscrew Broken Bulb with Potato

To remove a broken light bulb from a socket, turn off the power and put on gloves. Cut a potato in half and use the soft side to grip the broken bulb. Turn it counterclockwise until the glass is embedded in the potato. This allows you to remove the bulb without risking cuts on your fingers.

Keep Bread Clip Handy

Don’t discard the bread bag clip after finishing a loaf. These clips have unexpected uses such as organizing headphones, identifying objects, and even playing guitar.

Caulk With Tape

To achieve a straight edge when using caulk, use painter’s tape. The key is to remove the tape while the caulk is still wet. If the caulk dries, removing the tape may cause dried caulk to pull away, ruining the straight edge.

Drill Trash Can Liner

To prevent a full trash bag from tearing and spilling when removing it from a trash can with a liner, drill a hole in the side of the plastic liner. This will break the suction and make removal easier. Ensure that the hole is drilled on the side, not the bottom, to maintain the liner’s ability to contain leaks.

Ice Cubes in Disposal

To clean and freshen up a garbage disposal, add a cup of ice cubes and grind them. Then run hot water and add lemon peels for a fresh scent. This is an effective and easy solution.

Crayons for Nail Holes

To repair nail holes in walls, select a crayon that matches the wall color. Rub the crayon over the hole with firm pressure, creating a color blend that conceals the hole. It’s like coloring, but for grown-ups.

Tennis Ball for Scuffs

To remove scuff marks on flooring, use a tennis ball. Cut an “X” into the ball, about a quarter inch wide, and place it on the end of a broomstick handle. Rub the ball back and forth on the scuff marks to easily remove them without having to bend down.

Peeler as a Screwdriver

If a screwdriver is not available, a peeler can be used as a substitute. When installing screws, insert the tip of the peeler into the screw head and use it like a screwdriver for a quick fix.

Sharpen Scissors with Foil

Sharpening dull scissors can be done using aluminum foil. Cut the foil with the scissors 6-8 times to quickly restore their sharpness.

Iron Vinyl Flooring

To repair peeling or warped floor tiles, you can use an iron. Place aluminum foil over the tile and press the hot iron on it to soften the flooring. Then, lift the warped section and scrape off the dried adhesive. Apply new glue and press with a heavy object to complete the repair. Irons have more uses than just ironing clothes.

Unstick Drawer with Soap

To fix a sticking drawer, lubricate the drawer glides using soap or dish soap. Apply the soap along the glides to make the drawer open smoothly again.

Fix Furniture with Glue

To extend the lifespan of particleboard furniture which tends to crack and chip easily, repair any flaws by applying some glue and smoothing it over with plastic wrap. For a rustic look, color the repaired areas with a marker.

Sprinkler in a Bottle

Transform a soda bottle into a watering device by punching holes in it and attaching it to your hose. Simply turn on the water and watch the bottle do its magic. This is a fun and practical solution for watering your yard or entertaining kids.

Super Glue to Waterproof

Superglue is not just limited to indoor repairs and crafting, it can also come in handy outdoors. Its waterproof and leakproof properties make it useful for plugging holes in items such as hoses, pool floats, and anything else that needs to retain or prevent water from seeping through.

Trim Woven Rug

Woven rugs may experience fraying, but it’s easy to fix. Cut the frayed area with scissors and glue fabric to the carpet base. Cover with wax paper and place a heavy book over it to let the adhesive set. In just a couple of hours, the frayed area will be barely noticeable.

Zip-Tie Drains

Instead of spending money on costly drain cleaners, try using zip ties to unclog your drains. Connect several zip ties together, cut off the protruding barbs with wire cutters, and feed the zip ties down the drain to clear the blockage.

Paint Can Band

Wrap a rubber band around your paint can and use it to wipe excess paint off of the brush after you dip it. This way you’ll help yourself limit the excess dripping.

Hanger Clip

The clips from plastic pants hangers also work great as chip clips, or a clip for anything you may be trying to seal. Add a magnet and they can hang pictures on your fridge!

Freezer Towel

Quickly cool down your beverage by wrapping the bottle in a wet paper towel and placing it in the freezer for a couple of minutes. Works better than you may assume!

Clothespin Stabilizer

Avoid hitting your finger with a hammer by using clothespins to hold the nail before hammering it in. Assures grip and protects your fingers from a common, avoidable injury.

Bagel Container

If you have any empty CD packages lying around, they work great as a bagel holder, or frankly, as a nice reusable option to transport any kind of sandwich!

Garage Ball

Hang a tennis ball from the ceiling in your garage to help you know when you are fully parked. This way you can pull in as far as necessary and know you don’t have to double check.

Wrap Paint Tray

Save time cleaning up, and save money on paint tray liners by wrapping a plastic bag around your paint tray. This way they’re both reusable and disposable.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner With Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties that will kill your nasty toilet bowl germs. Use roughly a half cup of baking soda, half a teaspoon of tea tree oil and 1 cup of distilled white vinegar. Mix all contents into a glass spray bottle.

Planter Rolls

Use empty toilet paper rolls to make plant starters with ease, and you don’t even have to worry about having a yard. Place them standing up in a container, just add dirt, and watch them grow.

Cabinet Hanger

Clipped hangers can also be used to prop your cookbook open in front of you while you’re in the kitchen. Simply dangle it from one of your cabinets above.

Fake Mold Bag

Use a green marker to create an “anti theft sandwich bag”, which gives the perception that the sandwich is moldy which will deter any would-be thieves. This is deep thinking!

Wire Holders

Organize all your wires with empty toilet paper rolls by wrapping them tightly and placing them inside. This way they avoid getting tangled and don’t run loose throughout your house.

Batter Bottles

Make perfectly sized, mess-free pancakes by putting the batter in an empty squeeze bottle, such as an old ketchup one, and get just the right size every time

Crayon In Your Wallet

This isn’t something you hear about everyone doing, but if you keep a crayon in your wallet, it’ll help it keep its shape and prevent any of your pictures or business cards from getting bent while it get roughed around.

Fake Lotion Holder

Protect your personal items from sand while also hiding them from thieves by making a holder out of empty suntan lotion bottles. Simply hollow and rinse it out, then use the top as a cover.

Condiment Tray

Use an empty muffin tray to serve condiments at your next barbecue. That way you can avoid the messy bottles and save space, while also making sure people don’t take too much.

Glasses Stand

Use your glasses as a stand to hold your phone upright by placing it in between the lenses and the arms. This is easily adjustable regardless of phone size.

Rubber Band Handle

Apply a rubber band to one door handle, then twist it into an “X” shape and fix it to the other side of the door on the other handle. This way you don’t have to worry about being locked out if you shut the door.

Colored Keys

You can use different color paints or nail polishes to identify your keys, so that way you will easily know which color coordinates with which lock and saves you time fumbling around.

Salt Down Your Drain

If your kitchen sink or shower is clogged, you can add one cup of salt to some hot water, then wait for it to dissolve. For heightened effect, include a cup of vinegar and a half cup of lemon juice, and boiling water should help with the toughest jobs.

Wash Potatoes in Dishwasher

You probably never thought of washing your potatoes in the dishwasher, but you’d be surprised to learn how well it works. Not only does it scrub the skin clean, but it allows you to wash a bunch at once!

Dish Soap In Toilet

If your toilet has a clog of its own, put dish soap in there and let it sit for about 20-30 minutes. It should lubricate the pathway since it’s more dense, and slowly let it break down whatever’s in the way.

Grape Cubes

Don’t water down your wine by chilling it with ice cubes – freeze grapes instead. This way you get even more added flavor, while also having a delicious treat to eat at the end if you wish.

Wrapping Rolls

Another use for the empty toilet paper roll – cut straight through one of the sides and wrap it around wrapping paper, and this will keep it from unwinding and getting ruined.

Walnut On Furniture

Before spending money on expensive scratch removal products for your wood furniture, try rubbing a walnut on it first. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how nicely it looks, and how cheap of a fix it is.

Water Pan Transfer

When your sink is too small to fit a bucket in but you need to fill it with water, you can use your dustpan as an extender to get the water into the bucket as it sits on the floor. There should be a path through the handle to allow the water to travel over the counter.

Zipper Ring

If you’re having zipper trouble, try attaching a key ring for added leverage. This should help if the zipper is jammed, or has fallen off altogether. Key rings are just small enough and work well.

Lock Habits

If you regularly leave your house and wonder to yourself a couple minutes later if you in fact locked your door, try doing something unusual when you leave, such as pat yourself on the head, or tie your shoes. This way it will be easier to remember thanks to an added task.

Noodle Bumpers

Pool noodles make for the perfect bumpers in your garage so you don’t ding up your car door. Simply drill them into your walls at the height and location of your doors and you’re all set.

Crib Desk

When your baby finally outgrows their crib, a smart idea is to repurpose it into something, like a desk. You can simply do this by keeping one end and propping a leftover hard surface on top of the connecting bars.

USB Ports

Did you forget the plug for your phone charger? No worries, there are many pieces of technology out there that now conveniently have USB ports at the back. Try checking the TV, monitors, speakers or even gaming consoles.

Cord Binding

If you tie two cords together, you not only help keep them from coming apart, but you also clearly see where they connect to ensure they’re not being strained in any way.

Ice Bottle

Fill your water bottle halfway and lay it on its side in the freezer. You will be able to fill up the other half for a cool bottle of water that will actually last much longer than just normal ice cubes.

Solo Speaker

For those who don’t want to spend the extra money on a bluetooth speaker for your phone, you can create a makeshift speaker using two red cups and an empty toilet paper roll. Cut holes in the sides of the cups, add a slit in the toilet paper roll, and wahlah, sound will be amplified.

Spaghetti Match

Don’t burn your fingers by trying to light a candle that’s wick is burned too far down. Instead, use a piece of spaghetti, which will give you the reach without risking burning your skin.

Vacuum Ponytail

Get every strand of hair in the ponytail by using a vacuum to pull it all together. You may have seen this marketed exclusively as a “dad hack,” but anyone can do it to save time. It’s not as dangerous as it may appear.

Luggage Ribbon

Quickly identify your luggage at the airport by tying a distinct and bright colored ribbon onto one of the handles or straps. This way your suitcases and duffles will stand out, and detract nearby swipers.

Dryer Sheet AC

If your college dorm or small hotel room is smelling a bit funky, you may be able to freshen it up by placing some dryer sheets over the intake vents on your air conditioner unit. This way, at least the air will get some purification on its way out.

Dorito Fires

Doritos actually make for great kindling material, so next time you’re looking to start a fire pit or small cooking fire from scratch and you have them handy, they’ll get the fire ignited in no time!

Wax Waterproofing

In case you don’t feel like buying the professional stuff, coating your shoes in beeswax also makes for a great water deterrent. It’s much cheaper and does just as good of a job.

Newspaper Liner

Put old newspapers in the bottom of your trash liner to soak up any liquids that get thrown in there. This way you prevent any messy wetness from leaking through, which causes odor and attracts insects.

Liquid Lantern

Put the light from your phone under a drink bottle to make a lantern that will give you ambient light. This way you don’t have to rely on one bright source, and can enjoy the glow without being blinded.

Charger Shield

Use the spring from a pen on the end of your phone charger to prevent it from bending and breaking. We all know how easily these cords tear and lose energy flow, so this way you can rest assured yours has ample protection.

Binder Prop

If the feet on your keyboard break off, try using a binder clip for the support instead. Not only are they the perfect size, but they’re angled perfectly.

Spoon & Pot

Place a wooden spoon over the top of a boiling pot to prevent the foam from flowing over the top. It acts as a security net when you’re busy in the kitchen and accidentally forget to look over before the pan erupts.

Frozen Sponge

Freeze a wet sponge inside of a Zip-Lock bag to make an ice pack that won’t drip everywhere when it thaws. Thanks to the sponge freezing, you’ll know when it’s ready for round two by seeing how much water accumulates in the bag.

Bed Bumpers

Tape pool noodles under the fitted sheet on the edges of your child’s bed to keep them from rolling off in the middle of the night. It’ll keep them right where they need to be and cause less fear when going to sleep.

Life Hack #45

Did you get in trouble and get forced to write sentences? Tape 5 pens together and get them done five times faster. For the parents, look for anomalies in the sentences to detect whether the actual handwriting itself looks different.

Razor Clips

Binder clips make for the perfect razor blade cover. If you’ve lost the small plastic ones that come with or bought one without, you can easily use this common item to protect the razor and those who might not see it.

Toothpaste Binding

Another great use for binder clips, get the most out of your toothpaste bottles by tightening them on the end and pushing up. This way you won’t leave a single drop behind.

Tape Clip

Put a bread bag clip on your roll of tape so you can always find the end. Oftentimes it gets lost, or people have trouble picking it off due to the adhesive. Paper clips work great as well.

Floss Cutter

Unflavored dental floss can also be used to cut cheese, as it’s thin, strong material acts as a knife against the softness of the cheese. Seems odd, but who cares if it works!

Bottle Fastener

Cut the top off of an empty plastic bottle and use it to close up your opened bags. Do this by sliding the opening through the mouthpiece, then folding it over and applying the cap to seal.

Screwed Oil

If you want to add oil to your car but don’t have a funnel, you can run the oil down the side of a screwdriver. Its convenient rivets give enough of a slide for the oil to make its way down perfectly.

Velcro Rugs

Use Velcro to keep your rugs from sliding around. Simply apply some adhesive on the floor where you want them, then the attachment piece on the bottom of your rug and it’ll never slide again.

Stacked Cheeses

Make a tray of grilled cheeses by placing them between two cookie sheets. The sandwiches will be crisp on the outside, and the cheese will be nice and gooey on the inside.

Clothes Bags

Wrap your hanging clothes in plastic bags when you are moving. This way, like at the dry cleaner, it keeps them all protected and prevents dust or and marks when transporting.

Phone Bag

Put your phone in a plastic bag so that you can mount it to the seat in front of you while traveling. This way you can watch it as if it’s the screen that’s usually attached to the seat in front of you.

Nutella Ice Cream

Get the last bit out of your jar of Nutella by making it into an ice-cream treat. Delicious and efficient.

Carabine Carrier

Use a large carabiner to carry several grocery bags at once. This way you can increase your carrying capacity and not have to worry about straining the plastic handles.

Egg Bottles

Separate egg yolks by sucking them into an empty water bottle. Simply squeeze the bottle, place the opening up to the yolk gently, and release.

Watering Jug

Make a watering can out of an empty milk jug. It’s as easy as poking a few holes in the cap!

Lazy Fridge

Put a Lazy Susan in your refrigerator. This way you can rotate the items in the biggest compartment instead of having to pull things out before being able to get them.

Shoe Holder

No cup holder? No problem, just use your shoe. This one is old school.

Straw Holder

Turn the tab on your side can around and use it as a straw holder. This one’s so convenient, it’s almost too classic.

Oreo Dipper

Stick a fork into the center of your Oreo’s and use it for dipping rather than making a mess with your fingers. Just be careful that you don’t crush the cookie.

Sticker Heat

Use a blow dryer to heat up the glue on unwanted stickers to make them easier to remove.

Nylon Vacuum

Put a nylon stocking over the end of the vacuum and use it to collect valuable small items from hard to reach places without sucking them up.

Shower Head & Vinegar

Clean the gunk off of your shower head by filling a plastic bag with vinegar and attaching it to the head with a wire tie or rubber band. Leave overnight, and the solution with polish the shower head off, good as new!

Tennis Ball Holder

Cut a slit in a tennis ball and use it to hold items, such as keys or mail. It’s a lot more convenient than you’d think, and everyone has one lying around!

Bacon Pancakes

What could be better than combining your bacon and pancakes into one? Kids love it, and adults only fear looking silly doing it. Indulge yourself!

Cat Box

If your cat tends to walk on your desk while you are working, put a box out for them to lay in so they don’t walk on the keyboard. As funny as it is, they’re easily distracted by boxes.

Bathroom Rack

Use a magnetic rack to declutter your bathroom. Almost all tools used are metal, and this will free up the drawer and cabinet space quickly.

Ring Remover

Use a staple remover to easily open key rings. It’ll help you pry open really tight ones to help get keys off and on.

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