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Cameramen That Captured Much More Than They Expected



There are those times where something so spontaneous happens it just can’t really be explained, and sometimes there just happens to be a camera present and snapping a picture at that exact moment. Click NEXT to see some of these most ironically captivating moments.

Obama With A Dragon Ball

Who would have guessed that Obama was a dragon ball master? Look at how he controls this orb of light like it ain’t no thing. Obama has some serious skills!

Water For Hair

Here is a perfectly timed photo. It looks like this kid is in serious need of a hair cut.
His “water” do is getting seriously out of control.

Horse Head

This lady is quite literally “horse faced.” Forget those popular horse masks you’ve seen people wearing lately… the real deal is right here. A living, breathing, horse head person!

A Visit To The Doctor

It appears that one player needed an urgent medical exam performed, and that the other player who is wearing the airline headrest was giving him a hand. That is the only explanation for what could possibly be going on here.

Perfectly Timed Baseball

There is not much to be said about this, other than it looks like it really hurts. We wonder if he still caught the ball. Hopefully he is OK, he probably is because he is still clapping.

A Bird’s Eye

The similarity between this guy and his bird’s eye is actually pretty unsettling. This is also a talking bird which makes it even stranger.

Just A Man And His Skirt

The man wearing a skirt has some super slender legs. But what’s even stranger is that the woman has no legs at all.

Gold Diggers

This brings new meaning to the term “gold digger.” At least these guys are willing to help each other out.

Checking Out My Own Cartwheel

Either she kicked her own head right off of her shoulders, or she is trying to get a 3rd person type view of her own cartwheel. Either way, she is extremely skilled, still no gold though unfortunately.

Taco Tuesdays

This guy put way too much hot sauce on his tacos. As the old saying goes, “beans, beans, the magical fruit, the more you eat, the more you…….”

A Statue And Its Toy Plane

Nope nope nope, “you are going the wrong way” said the statue. Good thing these passengers are now heading in the right direction, thanks statue.

Another Ball To The Face Incident

It would be interesting to know how often someone gets caught on camera being pummeled in the face with a ball.

Camo On The Beach

Does anyone know where the girl in this photograph went? We are having trouble locating her. Oh wait, there she is, dressed just like the beach.


These dogs would make for the perfect home security dogs, so long as everything is made flame retardant. Otherwise they could burn the place down when they bark at the mailman.

A Sky High Giraffe

Yet more compelling evidence that people should stop big game hunting. Giraffes are starting to grow to never before seen sizes, and taking a bite out of planes as they come in for the landing.

Breaking The Sound Barrier

Sonic boom anyone? We are told that this pilot actually broke the sound barrier when flying over a highly populated beach in Florida.


It’s not really political to see the truth in this, it’s just a matter of reality. At least this soldier is trying to get the message out.

Fish Kid

This lies somewhere on the spectrum between fish and human. I suddenly have a strange urge to watch the movie Waterworld.

Jet-Powered Eagle

The newest kind of attack drone being tested by the military is a jet-powered eagle. It will be used to spread liberty in high risk combat zones.

What’s At The End Of The Rainbow?

You probably don’t really want to find out what is at the end of this rainbow, as you might end up extra crispy. Better just sit this one out.

Never Skip Leg Day

Every time you go to the gym, take a look around and notice that the guys with the most jacked upper bodies tend to have really skinny chicken legs. This kid is making sure to do things the right way, look at how jacked his legs are.

Kicking The Fat Away

After thinking about what is happening here for a minute, it seems like this probably
hurt the kicker’s foot quite a bit. Sort of like a belly flop.

Hacky Sack

Not a game of hacky sack for the faint of heart, as it involves playing with the sun. A mistake could mess up the whole solar system.

Fruit Ninja

The inspiration here HAS to be the game fruit ninja. If you have not played fruit ninja yet we recommend trying it. This girl is clearly topping the leader boards with her skills.

Swimming Technique

It doesn’t get more aqua-dynamic than this. Only the most experienced swimmers have the ability to make the water form around their body and it looks like they are wrapped in plastic.

An Eye For An Eye

This looks like an eye right? Wrong, it’s actually water spiraling down a drain. But at least no one got soap in their eye, which is probably what you were thinking as you first saw this.

Casting A Spell

At first glance is appears this young girl is coming straight out of Hogwartz and casting a sick spell. When in reality, she is just popping a bubble. She also looks like she may have gotten some in her eye based on the facial expression.

Hopefully That Wasn’t A Rental

Since this appears to be a homecoming or prom photo, it is very likely that these chaps are wearing rented tuxedos. It is going to be quite the dry cleaning bill that someone is going to have to fork over here pretty soon.

Copying A Statue

The pilot of this plane seems to be trying to have a sense of humor. Or maybe it is just a coincidence.

Attack Of The Giant Birds

Speaking of dry cleaning bills, this guy is in store for a massive one if this giant seagull has anything to do with it. Quick! Run!

It’s Official, Hover Cars Exist

The problem with the newly invented hover cars is that they keep getting stuck upside down.
Hopefully they don’t have somewhere to be any time soon.

Liberty Bolts

What did you expect when you placed a giant metal statue out on an open body of water. It would be interesting to know how often the Statue Of Liberty gets struck by lightning. Hopefully no one was inside!

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