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Declassified Photos By the US Government



Although it seems as though we have access to just about any kind of information we could want, it turns out there could be things we’re not supposed to see. That’s right; these are declassified photos by the US government that they would much rather none of us ever get to see.
It might be amazing to see how much is being hidden from us right underneath our noses with none of us ever being any the wiser…Until now!

Keeping it Clear

What happens to all the radioactive waste once Americans are done getting the most from it? It allegedly goes here to the top-secret Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Facility hidden somewhere in Nevada.

Miles From Anywhere

Nuclear weapons have been tested for many years; it turns out the government has been using a secret military airbase found somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean as their test ground.

Man On The Moon

It looks as though we might never know if we ever really set foot on that big ball of rock up there in the sky, but this declassified government photo sure seems to suggest we did.

A Lasting Memory

The astronaut took a family photo with him and made sure to leave it safely behind before the end of the Apollo 16 mission. Chances are, it should still be there as we speak.

Unidentified Flying Object

It seems as though the man in the photo is just as amazed as everyone else at the idea that a UFO could have crash-landed on our planet.

Controlling the Planet

It’s said this telescope can transmit the strongest signals on the planet, but many feel as though there is an ulterior motive.

An Unimaginable Size

This project was titled Trinity, and the bomb in question was given the name The Gadget. It was set off in the desert in New Mexico.

Flying Above Them All

Here, we get the chance to see the zeppelin airship on one of its many journeys past the Capitol building. The mere size of the ship was enough to leave many people staring in awe.

Peculiar Plane

This picture of an unusual looking aircraft is just one of the many that have been spotted entering Area 51, which actually turned out to be a stealth bomber.

Hidden Deep Below

The government released information that they had built a number of underground bases throughout the Cold War with the Soviet Union, but claimed they had all been abandoned.

Covering the Truth

This declassified photo is one of the many taken from the original site of the Roswell UFO crash, but chances are we may never get to the bottom of the entire story.

Keeping Themselves Busy

Believe it or not, this really is a photo of two Russian soldiers surrounded by chemical weapons. Many of these weapons have now been eradicated from the planet, but were once a typical part of any war.

Crashing Back to Earth

It’s not just reported UFO crashes that the government has wanted to keep away from the public; it seems as though they would rather keep many aircraft disasters a secret, too.

Making Everything Perfect

This was the nuclear bomb used in the Nagasaki bombing and was given the nickname ‘The Fat Man’ thanks to its large appearance, but soldiers needed to ensure everything was just right for their plan.

Testing the Effects

One of the many things that got people wondering was what effects a nuclear bomb could have on the body. The military used mannequins as a test before releasing a nuclear bomb on the world.

Up She Goes

This declassified photo was taken back in 1884 when the Statue of Liberty was still being built, giving us a chance to see the many hundreds of workers who all came together to raise her to the sky.

Practice Landing

One year before the voyage, in 1966, the three men from Apollo 1 were busy practicing their water landings in a swimming pool. If only they had known what was to come.

Causing a Stir

It’s back to Area 51 as the US government released this declassified photo of some of the things that really go on inside the walls of this secretive base.

Secret in the Mountains

It’s rumored these bunkers are found all across the country to keep any important people out of harm’s way, including this one said to be hidden in the Virginian wilderness.

Out of the Way

The US government funded a secret mission called Operation Highjump, as they allegedly wanted a research facility built in the Arctic. However, the base was also going to be a place to spy on Russia.

Coming Through

If you like a conspiracy theory or two, then why not enjoy watching the deliveries that make their way in and out of Area 51? This is one of the many trucks that has got people scratching their heads over the years.

Covering the Evidence

The Roswell crash sight in New Mexico is one of the most famous sightings amongst conspiracy theorists as the government released a document describing the UFO crash – only most of the information was blacked out…

Testing Out Technology

This photo gives us a rare glimpse into one of the may testing facilities as researchers stand back and watch someone catapult up into the air. Hopefully, they made it back to the ground in one piece.

The Surviving Few

The Titanic only had enough room on its lifeboats for around half the passengers meaning many had to stay behind. This ancient snap shows us the lucky few that managed to bag themselves a seat on the lifeboat.

Wakey Wakey

The prototype for pilots was designed to help fight any signs of fatigue meaning people could literally be held awake and fly for much longer periods of time.

A Close Capture

John McCain was a prisoner of war for five-and-a-half years after his plane crash landed in 1967. This declassified photo was taken as his captors were pulling him from the water.

The Truth of the Damage

This photo was only recently released to show the true extent of the damage from the 9/11 terror attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers.

Major Standoff

Bonnie and Clyde were a criminal pair who traveled up and down America committing crimes and ending the lives of anyone that stood in their way. Police officers opened fire more than 130 times until the couple were finally brought to an end.

The Real-life Effects

Perhaps it’s no wonder the US government kept this photo declassified for so long? The survivors of Hiroshima were left permanently scarred for life, including this small child who suffered incredible burns from the attack.

Getting Some Air

In the beginning of the 20th century, many parenting books spoke about the importance of getting fresh air. However, many mothers lived in large cities where it was hard to find any room to breathe let alone find clean air.

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