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The Worst Neighbors In The World



Ah, neighbors. These are the people that we get to live next to for the rest of our lives – whether we like it or not. The best bit? Every house comes with a brand new family next door. Some people love their neighbors and will water each other’s plants or take out the trash while they are on vacation. Others? Not so much. It appears as though some people make it their life mission to make sure their house stands out from the neighborhood, and not always for the right reasons.
Many of us know the ones. The neighbors that others whisper about over the picket fence, avoid eye contact with at all time while at the store, or rush to hide from as we return home from work. Thankfully, some neighbors certainly know how to brighten up the neighborhood – even if no one asked them to in the first place. Someone’s gotta do it, right?

Pink Elephants On Parade

Many of us love a lawn ornament or two, but what about when you want to turn your green space into the ultimate shrine for Dumbo?
Yes, it looks as though the dreams of having your own pink elephants on parade could be one step closer to coming true than we ever believed thanks to this inspiration. The best bit? It appears that this elephant already knows how to party.


A pool in a pool? Not something all of us crave, but it’s certainly one way to get people talking at a pool party. Sure, pools can be a great addition to many homes, but they can also come at quite the price.
Rather than forking out on the expensive luxury, it could be time to take a leaf out of this neighbor’s book and grab your own inflatable version before adding those sophisticated finishing touches.

An Honest Mistake

It comes to something when you become the talk of the neighborhood. Unfortunately for this neighbor, it wasn’t for the right reasons. Many of us love relaxing in the bathroom and singing along to our favorite songs in the shower.
So what if you discovered you were putting on a show for the rest of the street? It might be time to hire a window fitter – or invest in some curtains.

The Perfect Spot

Bigger cars have their ups and their downs. Sure, you can fit the entire soccer team in the back, but they can be pretty tough to park.
This person appears to have combated their issue by making their own space – no matter how much it annoys the rest of the neighborhood. Driveways are so yesterday. Now, it’s all about standing out. Who wanted to walk on the sidewalk anyway? Hopefully, no one on this street.

Becoming Friends

Neighborhood pets can be one of the biggest complaints. It looks as though this pair wanted to make sure their furry friends became best buddies before they got off on the wrong foot.
That was until they had different ideas. The kitten might have thought it was in charge, but this rabbit had an agenda all of its own. Hopefully, the two managed to share their space before it ended in a full-blown turf war.

The Mowing V

Have you ever found yourself trying to enjoy a weekend lay in only to discover your neighbor thinks it’s the perfect time to mow the lawn? So what about if you were awoken by a chorus of mowers all working in unison?
Yup, this neighbor really did want to push things to the next level with their genius lawn mowing hack. At least he would have got the job done quicker, right?

Nosey Neighbors

Some of us have listened in to the conversations over the fence while some have even been brave enough to take a peek through the crack. However, this neighbor apparently wanted to make sure these people thought as though they were being watched at all times no matter what.
What’s more terrifying: creating this nosey neighbor piece or telling your neighbor that their sculpture makes you feel uncomfortable? Hopefully, we won’t have to find out.

Painting Skills

Living in a neighborhood means we often have to make compromises and accept that not everyone has the same idea about home decor as us. Bob had other ideas. It looks as though he wanted this fence to match up to his high painting standards.
His neighbor? More than happy to oblige in the most perfect way possible. We’re sure that Bob won’t be asking for any more yard renovations any time soon.

Child’s Play

What happens when you let kids design the yard? Apparently, you end up with dolls on stilts. That or this person lives next door to someone hoping to recreate a scene from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.
Whatever the case, it appears as though the fun didn’t end with the yard. No, the neighbors even had room for an extra one hanging onto the fence. It’s the pièce de résistance of it all.

Neighborly Love

Some neighbors want to spread the holiday joy with a sweet offering at Christmas time. Although it looked as though this neighbor had lovingly brought around a plate of cookies, it appears they had ulterior motives.
Sadly, no one knew the truth until they finished the entire plate and flipped it upside down. Now, it’s just a waiting game to see who will come out the other side victorious. There can only be one winner.

Call The Doctor

There’s loving Doctor Who, and then there’s discovering that your neighbor could actually be the time traveling time lord jetting around the universe that you’ve watched for so many years.
They may have never noticed the yard addition before, but did this neighbor ever wonder why? No, all they think about is themselves and not the creatures of the galaxy in need of their help. Some people can be so selfish.

Welcome, To Jurassic Park

Getting older isn’t something that all of us look forward to, but thankfully it seems as though this family is there for their friend Carol.
She might not be a dinosaur just yet, but that doesn’t mean they can’t remind Carol – and the entire neighborhood – of her birthday, right? The addition of hundreds of dinosaur sculptures really helps to drive the point home that Carol is still in her prime. Good job, guys.

The Brightest Spark

Some neighbors love to pull pranks. Others wish they had never moved into the building and are now looking for a way out of their lease. This neighbor apparently thought they’d play a trick on the entire building by adding a photo of a light switch above the real thing.
Why? We’re not sure, but at least they can sit back and wonder how many people have reached for their decoy over the years.

Making A Point

Some of us can tune out that irritating noise while others can’t do anything to rid themselves of the nuisance. This neighbor apparently couldn’t take the sound of the turbine any longer and needed a way to make it stop.
Not only can they walk away proud of their incredible aim, but it looks as though the neighborhood can finally start to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep once again. Not all heroes wear capes.

Frozen In Time

Many of us have sprinkler systems, but there’s a reason they need to be turned off over winter – and here’s why. This neighbor went to sleep next to a green yard only to wake up and be greeted with a scene straight out of Narnia.
Or should that be Narniyard? We don’t always have to head on vacation to see a winter wonderland. Sometimes, it’s brought straight to our door instead.

Keeping A Theme

Upcycling seems to be one of the latest crazes taking over the world. No longer do we have to worry about ridding our homes of all our old things; they can now be used to create some of the most unique pieces.
We just have to wonder how this person ever got their hands on so many toilets. They certainly will be the only ones in the neighborhood with a yard quite like this.

Christmas Comes Early

Christmas time can see the best – and the worst – come out in many of us. Sure, the holidays are supposed to be about coming together with friends and family, but we all know it comes down to who has the most impressive decorations, right?
This neighbor apparently wanted to make sure they were in the running for first prize of the street and decided to throw everything they had at their decorations. Literally.

Keeping Things Colorful

Why have just one lawn ornament when you could have hundreds? It looks as though buying this neighbor a Christmas gift might not be hard unless you find yourself trying to choose one that they haven’t already got in their collection.
Thankfully, this lawn gives the neighborhood the added oomph that it needed. However, mowing around them all without recreating the display every time probably brings more challenges than anyone first expected.

Stack ‘Em High

Life in a trailer once used to mean we were confined to the limits of those four walls. Not anymore. This neighbor has taken their love for a mobile home one step further as they have created a thriving metropolis out of their beloved trailers.
Now, they can enjoy a separate trailer for every room and might soon find themselves as the leaders of the next generation of builds as a result.

Help A Guy Out

It might be nicer to believe that rather than moving his snow to his neighbor’s yard, this neighbor is helping out his friend. Perhaps the person next door loves winter and really wanted the snow to last as long as possible?
Maybe this man thought they could do with the extra exercise and tried to give them some more snow to shovel? That or they really don’t care where their snow ends up.

An Evening Stroll

Some of us walk our dogs. Others like to take their cat or even a reptile out for a stroll. So what about when the local parrot owners want their birds to enjoy some fresh air?
It’s certainly a sight to behold, and one that many of us probably aren’t going to forget anytime soon. Sadly, it seems as though only one bird is trusted enough to make it out of the cage – for now.

No Backsies

There have been many rumors about the local house that doesn’t let you have your ball back if it goes over their fence. We never thought the stories could be true. Until now.
This person apparently had enough of the local kids kicking their balls over their fence and wanted to make sure they would never return. Now, they are left with a shrine of all those childhood memories that were crushed before their eyes.

Spot The Difference

Ah, balconies, the perfect way to take in the joy of the outdoors when there’s no yard in sight. These neighbors appear to have different ideas about how to enjoy their outside space.
One loves to grill up everything in sight with the help of their plastic chair while the other wants to surround themselves with as many plants as possible. Each to their own. Hopefully, the plants don’t mind the smell of grilled food.

Monster From Beyond

It appears as though this neighborhood is built on some kind of radioactive waste. That or they really want the world to know they love the franchise – and all 35 movies so far.
Perhaps they’d had enough of worrying about protecting their property and thought they would get the ultimate guard animal to keep them safe? This statue sure does make for a conversation starter while passing through the neighborhood.

A Helping Hand

Believe it or not, but there is more to this story than meets the eye. It turns out the person’s cat ran away and returned home pregnant. Rather than a lengthy and drawn-out court battle for parental support, the neighbor thought they would help any way they could and left a child support offering by the door.
Cue one bag of cat food later and a feline father now missing in action.

House of Horrors

Many of us have seen Monster House and know that things don’t always end well when houses come to life. It looks as though this neighbor wasn’t set with their home becoming possessed by a lost loved one and wanted to make sure the neighborhood knew their house had plenty to give.
If you’ve ever felt as though you’re being watched, then you might want to avoid a late night stroll down this street.

Seat With A View

There’s no better place to people watch the neighbors than by dragging your reclining couch up to the roof and sitting back, is there? That’s not the most impressive part.
It looks as though this man needed the help if a crutch to get up to the porch roof. At least now he’s up there, this man will have plenty to watch as he waits to recover from his injury.

Lawn Envy

It looks as though someone didn’t want to confront this neighbor, and we don’t blame them. After all, who really wants to talk to people anyway? Now, it looks as though a full-on flamingo-fuelled war has erupted.
Not only will the neighbors get to sit back and watch as the drama unfolds before their eyes, but they could soon find themselves surrounded by more lawn flamingos than they ever thought possible.

An Intricate Trap

It’s not just people living next to people that can lead to neighborhood wars. It turns out the fire station in this neighborhood wanted to make sure the police stayed off their turf once and for all.
Their plan? To lure the officers in with their ultimate kryptonite: donuts. It didn’t take long for one of the patrols to catch a smell of the offering and make their way to the trap.

Hunting In Style

2016 might feel as though it was an eternity ago, but it looks as though this neighborhood is still enjoying the joy of Pokémon Go. Thankfully, the kids no longer have to run around in the street trying to catch the next best creature.
No; they can team up with the local tractor enthusiast who has created the ultimate Pokémon hunting vehicle to take them on the adventure of a lifetime.

Birthday Bash

Some families want to go above and beyond to celebrate those important milestones. She might have grown up, but this woman will always be their baby. Of course, the best way to celebrate is by putting out giant cardboard cutouts of the birthday girl for the world to see – all plastered with her age.
We’re sure the woman on the cutouts loved whoever thought this would be a grand addition to the neighborhood.

Welcome To Crystal Lake

Slashers – they’re great, right? Sure, the acting might sometimes leave a little to be desired, but the movies have created some of the ultimate villains over the years. Jason Voorhees is thought to be one of the greatest of all times.
It looks as though he’s taken a break from terrorizing Crystal Lake in favor if working on cars. If only he’d discovered his hidden talent back in 1980…

Stick It Together

Sharing a yard can be a tough burden to carry. After all, whose responsibility is it when something breaks? Thankfully, it looks as though this neighbor was willing to step up and take responsibility for the repairs.
This might not be the final product everyone else had in mind. A lot of things can be fixed with sticky tape. Fencing? Probably not one of the items on the list, but we love their effort.

A Generous Offering

It appears that some people are more bothered about untidy yard than others. Dandelions are just weeds to some, but they can be a huge inconvenience for others. This neighbor had enough of walking past the mess.
Have no fear; they had the perfect answer. There was no need to go to all the effort of removing the plants when they could let the rest of the world do it for them – all free of charge.

The Passive Aggressive Neighbor

Conflict isn’t for everyone, and sometimes there’s nothing left to do other than leave a passive message and hope your neighbor gets the hint. Little did this house know that their neighbors would not only see the message, but they’d reply in the best way possible.
It looks as though the player has been played with this one as the free show might have been part of their neighbor’s plan all along.

Making A Point

Something tells us that this person has endured more than one issue with their cats running out the door. One note used to be plenty, but it looks as though the message just wasn’t getting across clearly.
Now, the game is on as people need to make it in through the door faster than they ever believed before they get in trouble with one angry cat owner. Time to get the running shoes on.

Deflated Dreams

There is only one thing to do when the neighborhood kids just don’t seem to get the point: let their dreams deflate in front of their eyes. Hopefully, people will soon learn that this window is not to be messed with.
Sadly, this neighbor has probably accidentally created a whole new game that involves aiming the ball straight for one of those spikes. At least it adds a little decoration to the window.

Plants Vs. Zombies

This appears to be a battle that has stood the test of time and will continue until there is no one left to fight. Will zombies and plants ever learn to get along?
Apparently, the person tried explaining the man in question needed to invest in a scarecrow. Little did they know that this man had the ultimate way to ensure the birds wouldn’t be landing on his vegetables anytime soon.

A Subtle Scare

If you ever feel as though someone is watching you but can’t quite figure out where from then it could be time to take another look around. This neighbor’s tactics were subtle yet effective when it came to keeping the rest of the town on their toes.
Just when you thought those paranoid feelings were all in your head, there really could be a mannequin’s head watching you as you walk.

Time For A Clear Up

There are so many questions. How did all this trash end up there? Was there a massive party? Perhaps these neighbors really don’t like to clean? It looks as though someone thought they would take advantage of their parents being out of town and invited a few friends around.
Little did they know that house parties have a reputation. Hopefully, it was all gone before mom and dad got home.

Open To Offers

Getting on the property ladder can often seem daunting, but it looks as though there could be the perfect starter home coming to a neighborhood near you any day soon.
This person has gone to the effort of writing an entirely honest ad and even labeled the rooms to make sure there’s no confusion. What more could you ask for when looking for your first home? A few drapes and you might never notice the cracks.

Going All Out

Scary movies, great costumes, and plenty of candy? Did someone say “Halloween”? Some of us love to go all out with our decorations. Neighborhoods can quickly turn into a battleground as many want to make sure they have the spookiest house on the block.
This neighbor sure was in the running for decorations of the year thanks to their efforts with their door decs. Sometimes, less is more. Others? Less is still less.

Out For A Spin

Plants can be a great housewarming gift. However, we’ve never heard of anyone receiving an agave plant for their truck. Until now. This person was apparently so proud of their new plant that they wanted the world to see it for all of its glory.
Just better hope this truck doesn’t need to make an emergency getaway or someone behind could be taking a closer look at the plant than they intended.

Creativity Level 10

Many of us have dreams of running away to become a princess or knight when we’re younger. This person appears to have high hopes of one day joining a pirate ship. No sea? No problem!
All they needed to do was become an adult, spend every hour of the day working hard to pay for their own apartment, and voila! They could finally enjoy a pirate ship in the comfort of their own home.

Quick Pit Stop

Some neighbors can leave us scratching our heads. Carter took this to a whole new level. This person was about to get the request of a lifetime when they heard a little knock at the door. It was Carter, and he needed a banana – now.
Thankfully, they had one in stock ready to hand over before this brave soldier continued on with his epic adventure around the neighborhood, one pit stop at a time.

Fitting With The Theme

Thankfully, this neighbor wasn’t trying to recreate the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It turns out they didn’t want to take their Halloween decorations down and instead decided to bring them to life with each holiday that passed.
These skeletons no longer had to be the spooky bunch people once imagined. Now, they can enjoy the Fourth of July just like the rest of us, pool party and all.

Duck Takeover

It might take a moment to spot the addition, but once you’ve seen it, there’s no taking your eyes off the number of ducks waiting patiently. Apparently, one of the neighbors wanted to feed the birds, and now it seems as though they have moved in to take over the neighborhood.
Some people wake up to the sound of singing birds or crickets. This street? They get a choir of quacks to welcome the day.

A Tough Meeting

There comes a time in many of our lives where we are forced to have a talk we would rather avoid. The time had come for this man to sit his watermelons down and explain the situation.
There were going to be some changes, and everyone needed to get on board if they were going to work. This neighbor better watch out. It might not be long before there’s a watermelon take over.

Keep It Clean

Have you ever found yourself wanting to go above and beyond any level of petty you have ever seen before? Look no further; these neighbors have the ultimate way to outdo any of their previous work.
All it takes is a keen eye, a steady hand, and plenty of soapy water. Sure, they could have cleaned the entire wall, but how would they ever make their point by doing someone else’s work?

Carpenter Cow

It’s not always people that cause us issues. In fact, it can sometimes be the four-legged neighbors that have us worrying. Move to the countryside, they said. It will be fun, they said.
That was until this person learned the cow next door planned on renovating their shed one piece of wood at a time. Sadly, this time the fluffy friend was caught in the act as they fled from the scene.

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