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Auto Strikes Expand to 38 Locations Across 20 States, Targeting Stellantis and GM



Courtesy of uaw.union/Instagram
The United Auto Workers broadened its strike against major automakers on Friday, with workers at 38 General Motors and Stellantis parts distribution centers in 20 states walking off the job.
In addition to the initial 13,000 members who initiated the strike one week ago, an extra 5,600 workers have now joined the strike.
Ford managed to avoid further strikes because the company has made “some real progress” in recent negotiations, UAW President Shawn Fain said Friday.
“We still have serious issues to work through, but we do want to recognize that Ford is showing that they are serious about reaching a deal,” Fain said.
However, Fain highlighted a different scenario with GM and Stellantis, citing the companies’ rejection of the union’s proposals encompassing cost-of-living adjustments, job security, and profit sharing.
The UAW strike, initially against Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis (collectively known as the Detroit Three), has generated rallies across various U.S. states. Just one day before the September 22 deadline, hundreds of workers and supporters gathered at a Ford assembly plant in Louisville, Kentucky, while around 100 individuals in Chicago displayed signs that read “Stand Up, End Tiers,” reports said.
The standoff has raised concerns about disruptions in production, supply chains, and their impact on the U.S. economy.
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