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Celebrity $1Million Cars!



Chris Brown – Bugatti Veyron

4-Chris Brown Bugatti

Justin Bieber – Ferrari LaFerrari


Aaron Paul – Shelby Cobra AC

1 Aaron Paul AC Cobra

Kanye West – McLaren SLR Stirling Moss

15-Kanye West McLaren SLR

Scott Disick – Bugatti Veyron

25 Scott+Disick Bugatti Veyron

Dan Bilzerian – AMG Brabus G63 6×6

6-Dan Bilzerian AMG G63 6x6

Dan Bilzerian – Shelby Cobra


Steven Tyler – Hennessey Venom GT

27 steven-tyler-million-dollar-car

Christian Ronaldo – Ferrari LaFerrari


Gordon Ramsay – Ferrari LaFerrari

Gordon Ramsay

gordan ramsey

Lewis Hamilton – Koenigsegg Agera S


Deadmau5 – McLaren P1


Mark Zuckerberg – Pagani Huayra

22 Pagani Huayra Mark Zuckerberg

Floyd “MONEY” Mayweather – 3rd Bugatti Veyron

10-Floyd Mayweather 3rd Bugatti Veyron

Jerry Steinfeld – Porsche 918

13-Jerry Seinfeld Porsche 918

Flo Rida – Bugatty Veyron


Drake – Bugatti Veyron

8-Drake Bugatti

Ralph Lauren – McLaren F1

18 mclaren-f1-lm-ralph-lauren

AfroJack – Bugatti Veyron

2-AfroJack Bugatti Veyron

Nicolas Cage – Ferrari Enzo

21 Nicolas Cage Ferrari Enzo

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Bugatti Veyron

3- Arnold Bugatti

CJ Wilson – McLaren P1 / 650S

5 CJ Wilson McLaren P1

Pharrell William – Enzo Ferrari

23 Pharrell-Williams-Black-Ferrari-Enzo

Simon Cowell – Jaguar Eagle Speedster

26 simon-cowell- jaguar eagle speedster

Lewis Hamilton / Nicole Scherzinger – AC Cobra

16 - lewis hamilton - nicole scherzinger AC COBRA

Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) – McLaren F1

20 Mr Bean rowan-atkinson- McLaren F1

Rod Stewart – Lamborghini Miura SV

24 Rod Stewart Lamborghini Miura SV

Jay Leno – McLaren P1

12-Jay leno-mclarenp1-newtoy

Jay Kay – Ferrari LaFerrari

11-Jay Kay Ferrari LaFerrari

Michael Schumacher – Ferrari Enzo FXX

19 Michael Schumacher

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