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Do You Live In A Hot Spots for Car Thieves



Fresno, California

Fresno continues to hold the top spot for auto thefts. The car owners in the city, which has a population of a little around 500,000, have lost 7,621 vehicles to car thieves in 2014. The number is a slight decrease from the 7,559 cars stolen last year.
Theft Rate in 2014: 808.25
Total Cars Stolen: 7,621
Theft Rate in 2013: 812.4

Modesto, California

Theft Rate in 2014: 639.32
Total Cars Stolen: 3,315
Theft Rate in 2013: 753.81

Bakersfield, Cailifornia

Theft Rate in 2014: 615.23
Total Cars Stolen:5,240
Theft Rate in 2013: 669.7

Spokane, Washington

Theft Rate in 2014: 594.56
Total Cars Stolen in 2014:2,614
Theft Rate in 2013: 586.35

Yakima, Washington

Theft Rate in 2014: 529.25
Total Cars Stolen:1,308
Theft Rate in 2013: 520.49

San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont, California

Theft Rate in 2014: 528.87
Total Cars Stolen:23,223
Theft Rate in 2013: 521.68

Anderson, South Carolina

Theft Rate in 2014: 483.32
Total Cars Stolen:911
Theft Rate in 2013: 371.94

Vallejo-Fairfield, California

Theft Rate in 2014: 480.71
Total Cars Stolen:2,002
Theft Rate in 2013: 578.69

Visalia-Porterville, California

Theft Rate in 2014: 472.78
Total Cars Stolen:2,124
Theft Rate in 2013: 544.8

Stockton, California

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