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Obama’s Post Presidency Adventures



What do you actually do with your time after you were running one of the most powerful countries in the world for 8 years straight? President Obama took some time for himself and family after passing the torch to the current president.
From a new 2019 mansion purchase, jet setting, authoring a book, President Obama has actually managed to stay out of the political chaos that has brewed over the last couple of years. Lets follow what President Obama has been up to after he has left the Oval Office.

Being The President Isn’t Easy

After 8 long years in the White House, it’s pretty understandable that the President would need to blow off some steam. Barack Obama managed to relieve his stress in spectacular style!

Obama Did Have To Take Care Of Business First

Before leaving, the sitting president had to initiate the incoming President Trump. The meetings were clearly a ton of fun!


On January 20, 2017, Barack Obama waved farewell. It was party time!

What To Do First?

Obama pondered what to do… There were so many things to try now that The Secret Service was no longer banning certain activities…

Time To Rebel!

Will the real Barack please stand up! Mr. Obama went wild by beginning vacation with his hat on backwards! Scandalous!

Does He Care What You Think?

No. Haters Gonna Hate.

Time For A Treat

The ex-president desperately tried to lose his beach bod. Apparently the Secret Service isn’t fond of sugary treats either.

Obama Purchases A New Mansion

In 2019, Barack and Michelle purchased a sprawling $14.85 million Martha’s Vineyard estate which they had previously had been renting and loved it so much they made it their families private home. The previous owner was Boston Celtics owner, Wyc Grousbeck. The estate sits on 29.3 private acres which will give the president and his family years of privacy to look forward to.

Apparently He Works out!

Sure, he’s not jacked, Barry is in pretty great shape! On a side note, our sources have confirmed that that smile is Obama’s biggest in the last 8 years. And that’s not fake news!

Intense Focus!

Barack focused intently before taking on the biggest challenge of his life… Kitesurfing of course!

Richard Branson

Oh yeah, what kind of exotic vacation would it be if you aren’t partying with billionaires? They seemed to be having a good time, but if this had occurred during the presidency, Branson may have been in trouble…

Time To Go!

He finally made it up onto the board. Now was the interesting part… A fail at this point would have been all over the news! The pressure was on.

It Turns Out That He’s Pretty Good!

It was his first time kitesurfing, but the former president turned out to be a natural. Surf on Mr. O! Surf on!

Vacation On A Private Island

Not only were the Obama’s with Richard Branson, but they were also with him on his private island in the British Virgin Islands.

Necker Island

Branson purchased the island in 1978 for the cost of just $180,000. Not a bad deal for a piece of paradise.

Speaking of working out…

Remember when we mentioned that Obama worked out? Check out those calves!

Another Record Breaker

Dammit. Our research team has confirmed that this grin broke the 8 year record once again. It must’ve been a fantastic vacation!

Time For Relaxation

After a long day of surfing, Obama snapped his hat back and chilled out with Richard in the tropical oasis.

The Cool Dad

It’s a long range picture, but it’s easy to make out the ex-prez’s massive grin and cool dad look.

Favorite Part Of The Vacation!

If it isn’t clear yet, it should be obvious that Mr. Obama likes backwards hats, and he has obviously missed wearing casual clothes. Who can blame him after 8 years in a suit and tie.

Remember The Dad Jeans?

Obama’s dad style was legendary during his presidency, so if you don’t remember, here are a couple reminders. Those jeans are endearing, but are not exactly the pinnacle of style…

Last Reminder

The dad jeans even came out on the national stage, so he clearly enjoys wearing them…

New Style!

Obama’s style has elevated significantly since leaving office. Sure, there’s room for improvement. However, jeans that fit well are a good start.

Was A Vacation Needed?

Even with his controversial vacations while in office, it’s pretty clear that the position took a clear toll on him.

First Public Appearance!

After a couple months of vacation, Obama finally made his first public appearance in April of 2017. Notice that even during a speech, he isn’t wearing a tie… The smart money is on Barry never wearing a neck noose again!


The 44th president will certainly be missed. One thing is for certain, the man knows how to have a good time!


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