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Organization Hacks That Will Change Your Life



Lost Sock Jar

The Harry Potter theme is, of course, optional. If you’re tired of dealing with lonely single socks in your laundry room, keep a jar around to stick the singles in. If you come across a sock without a mate as you’re doing a load, check the jar!

Use A CD Holder To Organize Container Lids

A simple and inexpensive CD holder is the perfect way to organize all those multitudes of Tupperware lids and storage containers. CD holders are also great for storing small saucers or plates as well.

Make Custom Magnet Plates For Small Metals

You can get really creative by painting a small glass dish and then glazing it. Or you can simply glue a magnet onto the back of the plate and then use it to your heart’s content! It’s a great way to store small metal things like paper clips, sewing pins, and bobby pins! You can even mount them on the wall so they don’t take up counter space.

Use An Outdoor Wall Planter In Your Kitchen For Fruit

If you have limited kitchen counter space but ample wall space, a great idea is to bring an outdoor wall planter inside to hold your fruit or vegetables. Just hang it on your wall and load it up!

Laundry Room Storage For Small Spaces

If your laundry room leaves something to be desired as far as space, this storage idea might be a winner for you. It’s a good way to keep the chemicals out of the reach of small children and it’s out of sight from whoever is in the laundry room.

Easy Bib Accessibility

All those times you have to search around frantically for a bib are long gone! Stick a Command hook on the back of your baby’s highchair to hang bibs on. You’ll always have one or two at the ready!

Hang Pot Lids Under Cabinets

If you have limited kitchen space (I know I do!), this is a great way to get all those pesky, inconveniently-shaped pot lids out of the way. Stick a few Command hooks under your higher cabinets and hang the pot lids with handles from them. If nothing else it frees up some space in your cabinets!

Use Ice Cube Trays To Organize Your Eye Shadow

If you’re like me then you have a bunch of those individual eye shadows that ALWAYS end up getting lost in the black holes of your drawers, never to be seen again. This brilliant solution is so simple. Stick an eyeshadow container in each slot of an ice cube tray and place them in your drawer. You’ll never lose another single eyeshadow again!

Use A Sunglasses Case For Your Earbuds In Your Purse

Keep your phone charger and earbuds safe and secluded in your purse by keeping them in an old sunglasses case. It’s compact and you won’t have to worry about spills or losing them in the abyss of your oversize bag.

Save Multiple Trips After The Grocery Store With Laundry Baskets

When you plan on going to the grocery store, keep a couple of laundry baskets in your trunk to save yourself some trips when you bring them in. The baskets are easier to get a good grip on and won’t break from sharp corners.

Keep Garbage Bags In Place With Command Hooks

Command hooks are really the holy grail of organization ideas. If you use plastic grocery bags on small garbage bins, use Command hooks to keep the bag held in place.

Keep Washcloths In A File Organizer

You can keep your washcloths organized and easily accessible by rolling them up and keeping them in a file organizer. Put them on a shelf or under the sink to stay out of the way and away from unwanted germs.

Use A Desktop File Sorter For Your Cutting Boards

Store your multitudes of cutting boards in a desktop file sorter. Keep them in a cabinet with extra space or mount it to the cabinet door to be out of the way and easily accessible.

Use Drink Dispensers for Laundry Detergent

If you’re tired of looking at the ugly and cumbersome bottles of detergent in your laundry room every day, try using pretty glass drink dispensers. It’s easy to clean, keeps it upside down so that you get every last drop, and it looks nice! Use it for fabric softener, delicate detergents, or whatever you want! It’s a cheap and easy way to spruce up your laundry room.

Make A Drying Rack From An Old Crib Spring

Hang an old crib spring from your laundry room ceiling with chains and a screw hook for an easy drying rack. Hang the clothes that can’t be tumble-dried on hangers from the spring and leave them be!

Organize And Get The Most Out Of Your Condiments

Make the most out of your condiment bottles by turning them upside down in an empty egg carton. It keeps them organized and easy to find!

Use Pieces Of Pool Noodles For Your Boots

Cut cheap pool noodles into piece and stick them in your boots so that they don’t slouch over. It creates more space in your closet and makes your boost last longer!

Use A Magazine Rack For Canned Goods

Use a magazine rack to keep your canned foods organized and together. Turning the rack sideways and inserting a large bobby pin at the end will keep them from rolling away.

Wire Wall Baskets For Stuffed Animals

Do your kids have more stuffed animals than they have room for? Hanging wire wall baskets on the wall is a great way to store them. Make sure you keep the baskets low enough that they can reach them if you want them to be able to get them on their own, though.

Put Magnets On Containers For Easy Snacking Portions

Glue a magnet or use adhesive magnet tape on the bottoms of plastic storage containers for an easy portion of breakfast or snack foods stuck right to the fridge! Use it as a grab-and-go routine or keep it there for the kids when they get home from school. This is also a great way to store things like thumb tacks or paperclips.

Pencil Holder Magnetic Spice Rack

Take some cheap plastic pencil holders and hot glue magnet strips on them. Attach them to your fridge and you have a homemade spice rack to free up some cabinet space!

Make A Trash Can For Your Car

Use an old dishwasher tablet container and make it into a small trash can for your car. The container should fit easily into a center console. Get creative with it by hot gluing some pretty fabric to the outside of the plastic container.

Use A Filing Box For Your Hair Tools

Hang a wire filing box on the side of your bathroom counter to store your blow dryer or curling iron. It keeps the cords out of the way and your hair tools protected from water damage.

Organize Your Old Cables With Labels

We all have that box full of old cables and chargers somewhere in our house. Tame that stash a little by putting them all in individual baggies and labeling them with what they belong to. Then store them in a plastic storage bin or old shoebox, depending on how many you have.

Make A Painting Pallet For The Kids

Need to keep the kids occupied while you’re cleaning the house? Make them a painting pallet by gluing large bottle caps onto a large plastic lid (a container for Cool Whip is a good lid to use). If you want, you can cut out a small hole for your thumb.

Easily Dry Sports Sneakers

Tape a laundry bag to the inside of the door to your tumble dryer for easy drying of those smelly sports shoes. It’ll let you avoid tearing up your dryer with heavy shoes and still get the heat they need to dry.

Hang Power Strips Under Desks To Hide Cords

Hide all those messy power cords under your desk or TV by hanging the power strips on the wall or under the desk. Use velcro Command strips to stick the power strip up under the desk or against the wall behind the desk. You can use Command hooks to put the cords up and away from the floor by wrapping them around the hooks (like the cord on your vacuum cleaner!).

Organize Your Clothing Drawers With Shoe Boxes

Instead of going out and buying those cheap, plastic tension drawer organizers, just use empty shoe boxes to organize your clothes. They come in many different sizes and shapes, so you should be all set no matter what types of clothes you need organized!

Store Your Makeup Brushes In A Jar Of Salt

Fill a jar just over halfway full with salt to store your makeup brushes in. Salt won’t attract bugs, and it’s inexpensive. You can color the salt with chalk if you want to make it pretty. You could also use rice instead of salt for a similar effect.

Store Your Extra Buttons On Safety Pins

When you buy a new item of clothing that comes with an extra button, just put it on a safety pin for safekeeping! You won’t have to dig through a jar or junk drawer to find the extra should you ever need it.

Use An Over-The-Door Hook For Broom Storage

Hang an inexpensive over-the-door hook to store all your brooms, dustpans, and mops! This is especially useful if you have very limited closet space for storage purposes. It keeps the broom and mop off of the floor so they can keep their shape–and they won’t fall on top of you every time you open the door!

Cut Up Old Cereal Boxes To Organize Your Junk Drawer

Use the bottoms of cereal boxes and snack boxes to make free organizers for your junk drawer. You can make them pretty by hot gluing some thin fabric pieces around them once they’re cut.

Organize Your Makeup Brushes With A Sushi Mat

Make a portable makeup brush holder out of a sushi mat. Simply weave a piece of elastic through the straws of the mat, then slide the brushes through the loops! You can even roll it up for later!

Make A Wine Rack From Empty Coffee Cans

Make an easy wine rack with empty coffee cans. You can take the bottoms off the cans with a can opener. Then just use a little Gorilla Glue or other heavy duty adhesive to stick them together, let them dry, and you have yourself a wine rack! If you’re extra inspired, paint the cans to make them look a little more aesthetically pleasing.

 Label Electric Cords With Washi Tape

Worry no more about that clutter of tangled cords in your power strip. Wrap a bit of Washi tape around the base of the cord, stick the two ends of the tape together, and write the label name on the tape with a permanent marker. For a little extra flare, cut out a little triangle from the tape to make it flag-shaped.

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