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The Bugatti Veyron accident that will make you cry!



Think you are having a horrible Monday? Think again, the owners of the ever so elegant Bugatti Veyron wrecked in Austia after losing control of the car during some wet conditions on the A2. The Bugatti went smashing through a guard rail and ended up sliding more that 30 years down a hills.
Thankfully the wealthy driver had some luck on their side and escaped the $1mil wreckage.
Bugatti-Veyron-crash-01 Bugatti-Veyron-crash-02 Bugatti-Veyron-crash-03 Bugatti-Veyron-crash-04 Bugatti-Veyron-crash-05 Bugatti-Veyron-crash-06 Bugatti-Veyron-crash-07 Bugatti-Veyron-crash-08 Bugatti-Veyron-crash-09 Bugatti-Veyron-crash-10

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