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Unedited Historical Photos From The Past



Many of us snap away with our phones each and every day and don’t ever think about it. Perhaps your pet is being adorable, or you need a new upload for social media? Maybe you’ve just ordered a unicorn frappuccino and need to show it off to the world? Whatever it is that has you reaching for your camera; chances are they’ll get a bit of an edit before they head online. It could be cropping out the random people in the background, playing around with the brightness, or even adding a filter over the top of your snap.
There are so many ways we can play with our pictures before releasing them to the world. However, sometimes we need a photo to prove something happened. No, we’re not talking about those gym snaps; we mean the unedited photos captured from the past that give us a glimpse at what life was really like all those years ago. Sure, many of us have read about the moments and people in history that have changed the world, but what if we got to see them with our own eyes? It’s only then we can begin to appreciate the wonders of this planet and everything it has offered us over the years.

Time To Study

If you thought your study periods were tough, then wait until you have seen this contraption. The Isolator looks as though it should be straight out of a sci-fi movie, but it was actually someone’s way of staying focused on their studies.
The mask was invented back in 1925 and was supposed to shut you off from the world around you with only the eye holes to keep you looking at your books. As if that wasn’t enough already, see that pipe? That’s to pump oxygen into the mask to try and help keep you awake and on the ball.

Building The Future

Trains were once at the forefront of pioneering as people all around the world gathered together to build railway tracks to move these great beasts. Although they might now be run on electricity, trains used to be powered by steam.
Back in 1935, these were the latest inventions to hit the tracks and were about to pave the way for mass transport. The carriages might have weighed a ton, but they still needed to be hoisted into the air as they were prepped for their debut on the tracks. It was a dangerous job and one that still amazes many today.

Safety First

World War II was one of the times in history that went on to change the entire world. People on the planet feared for their safety, with Britain being one of the countries in biggest danger. Perhaps that’s why parents would go to any lengths possible to protect their young ones?
Here is a British mom ready as she is fully dressed up to take on the world. Not only that, but this mother has also prepared her youngster for the danger by creating this gas-proof stroller. The public were nervous for their lives and weren’t willing to take the risk.

Trip To School

Believe it or not, but this isn’t an adventure weekend away, or a trip for the kids but is actually a group of school children all making their way to class in Modena, Italy. Next time you hear a tale of how things used to be “back in the day” perhaps it might be time to think about this unusual method of transport?
The photo was taken in 1959, but it seems as though the river stood in the way of the children and their school. Fear not; they soon had an ingenious way to make it to the other side on time.
He snapped a shot and didn’t think much more of it. However, three decades after taking the picture, the man behind the lens realized it was legendary actor Robin Williams. The actor was still a student and was yet to hit Hollywood.

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