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Unedited Historical Photos From The Past



Many of us snap away with our phones each and every day and don’t ever think about it. Perhaps your pet is being adorable, or you need a new upload for social media? Maybe you’ve just ordered a unicorn frappuccino and need to show it off to the world? Whatever it is that has you reaching for your camera; chances are they’ll get a bit of an edit before they head online. It could be cropping out the random people in the background, playing around with the brightness, or even adding a filter over the top of your snap.
There are so many ways we can play with our pictures before releasing them to the world. However, sometimes we need a photo to prove something happened. No, we’re not talking about those gym snaps; we mean the unedited photos captured from the past that give us a glimpse at what life was really like all those years ago. Sure, many of us have read about the moments and people in history that have changed the world, but what if we got to see them with our own eyes? It’s only then we can begin to appreciate the wonders of this planet and everything it has offered us over the years.

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