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Unscripted Lines That Made Movies Better



‘She Talks in Her Sleep’

The Indiana Jones trilogy is widely regarded as one of the most cherished film franchises in history, with each movie outdoing its predecessor. The final film in the original series, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, was particularly special with the addition of Sean Connery as Indiana’s father, a winning formula for the box office. Though each film has numerous standout moments, it was an unexpected and unrehearsed quip that had the entire crew in stitches. When Indiana (Harrison Ford) and Henry Jones (Connery) are caught, Indiana questions his father on how he knew that Elsa (Alison Doody) was a Nazi. Henry quietly replies, “She talks in her sleep,” causing Indiana to break into a sly grin. The line was not in the original script, and Connery had ad-libbed it on the spot. The moment was so uproarious that the filming had to pause. Spielberg reportedly declared, “Well, that’s in,” solidifying the line’s inclusion in the final cut.


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