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The Most Hilarious Tattoo Mishaps



Your body is a temple, but it’s also yours to do with as you please. What you get on your body is entirely up to you, but it’s advised that you choose something you’re not going to regret in a few year’s time (or when you sober up the next day).
After all, that ink isn’t going away anytime soon. Unfortunately, even if you have good intentions for the tattoo you want to get, things don’t always go to plan.

Destiny / Fate

Some people get one face tattoo and then think every additional, seemingly random design that comes after that is no big deal. The flowers look nice, but we can take or leave the text. But it’s still self-proclaimed fate.


Furious? Glorious? Notorious? Whatever it says, it is absolutely ridiculous. And we don’t even want to begin to imagine the feeling of tattooing your outer lips. Oops, now you’re thinking about it.

Problem Child

We can begin by saying her family and friends should be concerned about her life choices after seeing these tattoos, and we don’t blame them. These face tattoos imply bad choices, you know, in addition to the tattoos in the first place.

Blue Pattern

This man loved his wavy blue tattoo so much, he stylistically trimmed his beard to mirror the pattern. Regardless, he could easily fit into the Blue Man Group, but normal people are probably caught off guard.

Circular Patterns

The move to shave the head and get some intricate circle art on her forehead is a boss move, and the entire chin line being detailed into the neck really shows her love for tattoos is artistically driven.

He Wants Starbz Too

Even if you look like this, you deserve to enjoy the secret purple drink from Starbucks. This dude really seems to be enjoying his, and despite the amount of tattoos, his smile is still very infectious.

Keep it Simple

When it comes to face tattoos, oftentimes less is more. This woman honored that by adding a butterfly and rose on one side, and a couple nice patterns on the forehead. The moon under the right eye is also a nice touch.

Butterfly Guy

This man is beautiful even when wearing his mask because he has two lovely butterflies perched right on his forehead. Not sure what they symbolize, but wouldn’t be shocked if some people thought they were real.

Blossomed Rose

In a turtleneck, you may never know this subtle rose on the right cheek is growing from a much more complex neck and chest piece. However this tasteful flower is probably startling to those who see her from the left.

Tribal Head

This guy’s tribal tattoos are really something to behold, as he seems to amidst a ritualistic ceremony judging by the additional paint on his face and head. Either way, imaging this work being done is painful.

Pain is Pleasure

While we typically think nothing could possibly hurt more than a face tattoo, we remind you of people like this, whose piercing obsession honestly provides more chills than the idea of a needle in your head.

Live Free

Don’t forget that a guy with a bunch of tattoos all over his head is just your local neighborhood dude, too. Just because we look different doesn’t mean we should judge one another – to each his own.

Flower Trend

It seems women who decide to get face tattoos really have a thing for roses, as many appear to get them inked on one side on the other. Compared to others of this nature, this one seems so simple.

Not Sure

Usually the hope for people who get face tattoos is that they somehow signify something important, whereas this, however, does not. Random circles, squiggles and lines just isn’t very redeemable.

Pencil Etchings

It almost looks like this young lady has pencil markings all over her face, so we’re unsure of what the artistic intention was, but the striking greys really accentuate her eyes. Could use some more color though.

Ink Masker

This guy really wanted to proclaim his allegiance to his gang, so he decided to go with a trendy facemask, because since everyone’s wearing them all the time now anyway, why not tattoo one to your face.

Work of Art

Some people’s tattoo endeavors really do create character-like qualities, and this woman’s outlining face tattoos are clearly just the beginning of her bodily canvas. Somehow these look like they belong there.

Symmetrical Structure

Its seems like the trendy thing to do is get patterns on the forehead whole going with random catchphrases and other words on the cheeks. There’s a lot going on here, but somehow it doesn’t look half bad?

Say What?

Maybe it’s just us me, but face tattoos immediately become more confusing if you can’t even read what they said. However, the most intriguing piece is the cute little worm squiggling down her face.

X Marks the Spot

We’d guess the “X” implies she’s straight-edge, and another “beauty” tattoo means it’s yet another common staple in the face tattoo world. But here, the forehead tattoo is a bit distracting, and also random.

Itsy Bitsy Gosling

Who doesn’t love Ryan Gosling? We wouldn’t be too happy if we saw a spider running around with the actor’s face on its body, no matter how much of a heartthrob he is.

Michaela Jackson

Ah, Michael Jackson, a great musical artist gone too soon. With that in mind, it almost seems like an insult for his likeness to be tarnished in the form of this person’s tattoo.

Demon Reborn

This horrific image is sure to give nightmares to anyone unfortunate enough to walk behind this woman. It’s too late for this woman, but the rest of us can still escape with our lives.

Howling At The Moon

The image of the wolf howling in front of the full moon is an iconic one, and as a tattoo, it looks pretty impressive. Unless, of course, you get it done at the same place as this person.

Day Of The Dead Design

This looks more like a children’s art project than something you’d choose to have inked on your body forever. What’s more, nothing in this tattoo seems to go together. What connects a peace sign with the Day of the Dead?

Third Time’s Not The Charm

Beetlejuice isn’t a character that you ever want to run into, especially if this is what he looks like. This person clearly wanted to get a tattoo showing their love for the Tim Burton-directed film.

A Symbol Of Strength

Many people tend to get animal tattoos because of what they symbolize. This person likely opted for a tiger because it represents strength and power, although the end result does anything but.

Is This Love?

Far too many people think it’s a good idea to ink their body when they’re in love, not realizing that those feelings might fade in a few years time.

Started From The Top

People show devotion to their favorite artists in many different ways. Can you take a guess at who her favorite artist is?

Benjamin Button

Having a child is one of those beautiful moments in life that few things can compare to. Some parents are so in love with their little ones that they get their likeness tattooed on their body, although that doesn’t always work out so well.

Lost In Translation

We’re not sure whether the customer asked for their tattooist to make a mockery of their design, but either way, they now have to live with the unfortunate outcome. Could this be any worse?

What Have You Done?

This baby’s only just been born, but already it can tell that its mother hasn’t made some great decisions in her life. The worst of these, of course, has to be the tattoo covering half of her face.

Than and Then

It’s easy to make mistakes when you’re writing something – we accidentally spell things wrong all the time – but usually, you have the option to delete whenever that happens.

On the Cross

Showing your religious expression through tattoos isn’t something we’d have expected several decades ago, but times have changed.

A Strange Hybrid

Unfortunately, the artist responsible for creating this leopard design wasn’t the best in the business. Most of them look more like mini black hamburgers than anything else, and now we’re getting hungry.


Pikachu, the beloved mascot of one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises, has been immortalized in ink on many different occasions. This end product is not impressive.

Nowhere to Hide

Having a realistic portrait tattooed on your body is not something we’d ever go for, mainly because they always seem slightly unsettling. It’s impossible to miss his inking of a child given it’s plastered across one side of his face.

Unnecessary Additions

Every other element of this tattoo has come out relatively well, but the animal’s face… we have no words.

Not Quite Right

Tattooing beloved family members onto your body isn’t a rarity, but that doesn’t mean it’s a great idea. We’re not sure that the dog would be too impressed by its likeness.

An Obsession With Food

Avocados are one of those food trends that just won’t go away. We can’t remember when they started being the go-to food for everything healthy, but it now seems like a rarity to find a meal that doesn’t have avocado in it.

A Face Full of Stars

You’d think that if you were having a tattoo done, the last thing you’d do is fall asleep. That is unless you’re this woman apparently.

All Eyes On You

Imagine your horror at encountering this tattoo when you least expect it. This guy certainly took losing his hair as an opportunity to get creative, rather than letting it get him down.

An Awkward Likeness

We imagine they wanted to treasure the woman’s memory by getting a beautiful portrait of her in tattoo form, but things didn’t quite go to plan.

Wrong Name

Props to this guy for making the most of a bad situation, although maybe he should have learned from his first mistake and not made it worse.

Always Plan Ahead

Maybe if they’d followed their own advice, they wouldn’t have made such an error with their inking.

Work In Progress

The good news is that this tattoo appears to be a work in progress still. The bad news is that it hasn’t gotten off to a great start (and that’s putting it lightly).

It Takes Courage

Thankfully, the spelling error isn’t too noticeable, but this guy still has to deal with having “coarage” inked on his body forever.

A Merry Proposal

We have no idea what convinced this person that a tattoo proposal was the way to go, but we sincerely hope that Nina said yes.

A Stretch Too Far

A spelling mistake is one thing, but when there are multiple errors, you have to wonder what was going through the person’s mind.

A Bad Dicision

One day, people will get an inspirational quote tattooed on themselves and it will be spelled correctly. Unfortunately, that day is not today.

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