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Incredible Vintage Photos From Studio 54



Back in the ‘70s and ‘80s, you’d never truly partied unless you’d been to Studio 54. It was the nightclub where rules didn’t exist, and you were free to run wild.
Artists, musicians, fashion designers, models, and actors all came together to make Studio 54 the hottest club in New York City, and their unforgettable experiences now live on in these vintage photos. The only trace of the nightclub’s heyday is in all these photos.

The Place To Be

The venue was one of the hottest spots in New York City, and everyone wanted in. The club had a strict guest list, and if you weren’t on it, you weren’t getting inside.

The Famous Faces

You never knew who you might spot during a visit to Studio 54, but you were almost guaranteed to see a celebrity like Andy Warhol or Brooke Shields.

Wear What You Want

Zoot suits were a big hit with men who wanted to look swanky and sophisticated. However, at Studio 54, it wasn’t just the male guests that enjoyed wearing them.

Cher’s World

When this photo was taken, Cher had already racked up several number ones on the Billboard Hot 100 and was on the verge of going big with her disco music.

Give Us A Song

While most people went to Studio 54 expecting to drink and dance, they were sometimes treated to live performances by celebrity guests like Diana Ross.

Be Yourself

This man certainly had no reservations when he stepped on the dance floor dressed in lingerie with a full face of clown makeup. He’d never felt more comfortable.

Woman In Gold

If you wanted to get into Studio 54, looking a little out of the ordinary probably helped your case. There was nowhere else in New York City where you could be quite so free.

Release The Doves

The ‘70s were a great decade for Liza Minnelli. She was a regular at the New York City spot, as was her fellow partygoer, Bianca Jagger.

Opening Night

From the start, the club needed time to earn a reputation amongst the celebrity crowd, but Rubell and Schrager put everything into making their venue a success from the start.

Free Love

No one at Studio 54 was ever going to stop you from being yourself. It didn’t matter if your interests weren’t considered the norm at the time, the club provided a safe space for everyone.

Stars In Their Eyes

So many incredible people were present at Studio 54 during its heyday. This photo sees Michael Jackson, Steven Tyler and Cherie Currie all enjoying each other’s company.

Special Anniversary

To celebrate the club’s first anniversary, an “East meets West” theme was arranged which saw the owners collaborate with designer Issey Miyake.

The Guest Of Honor

It was only a few weeks after Studio 54 had opened its doors that this picture was taken. Already, the nightclub had attracted a wealth of famous faces, including singer Bette Midler.

Rocket Man

When Elton John was welcomed into Studio 54, it became clear that the club had a bright future ahead of it. He was a man in high demand.

The Gang’s All Here

At one event in the ‘70s, the club played host to artistic genius Andy Warhol, Blondie singer Debbie Harry, and model Jerry Hall, among others. What a night!

All Hail The Queens

With Studio 54 being the perfect venue for free expression, it’s no surprise the New York drag queens were regulars at the club. Their campy costumes and love for letting loose made them ideal patrons here.

Make Way For Greatness

Fresh off the success of A Star Is Born, Barbara Streisand was a massive draw for the club. This funny girl was someone many people wanted to meet.

Taking To The Floor

Jayne Kennedy is certainly living up to the stereotype here, but she doesn’t care. The actress-turned-activist is completely lost in the moment here.

Disco Sally

What would you do if you were getting on in life and your partner passed away? Well, if you’re anything like Sally Lippman, you’d go to the most famous club in New York City.

Hopelessly Devoted To Studio 54

You’ve probably heard of the 1978 movie Grease. The movie was such a hit that its premiere was held at Studio 54, and the actors certainly enjoyed the summer night.

Who Needs Space?

There’s no denying just how popular Studio 54 was. This hectic scene is precisely how the dance floor looked on a regular basis, especially on themed nights and special events.

Tuckered Out

When you’re in the moment, you don’t realize how much energy you’re using up on the dance floor. However, once the music calms down and you take a break, it all hits you.

Reach For The Stars

You might think this would be a strange sight to see in the middle of a nightclub, but not at Studio 54. People on stilts were no more bizarre than the other guests in attendance.

Before The Madness

Before the rush of clubbers came in ready to dance the night away, the venue was incredibly quiet. This picture shows the calm before the storm.

Out On The Town

After working together on their sports film Paradise Alley, Sylvester Stallone and Joyce Ingalls developed a friendship which was cemented with public appearances at Studio 54.

Business As Usual

Although Studio 54’s run was shorter than we would have liked, it nearly came to an end even sooner after it closed down in 1980. The club reopened the following year, and it proved to be as popular as ever.

All For Him

During one visit in 1978, Elton John was in attendance with Rod Stewart and Lana Hamilton, and the singer was the guest of honor.

Come Rain Or Shine

If you had a cast on your leg, dancing would probably be the last thing on your mind. However, this woman wasn’t going to miss the chance to lose herself in the atmosphere.

Watching The Show

While Studio 54 was first and foremost a club designed for wild parties, that wasn’t its only function. Sometimes it was used for presentations, like broadcasting the 1978 Academy Awards.

The Ringmaster And His Guest

While actors, singers, and models were frequent guests at Studio 54, they weren’t the only famous people in attendance. A lot of fashion designers also visited the nightclub, including Valentino.

Rolling Into The Club

Of all the intriguing outfits that were worn to Studio 54, Rollerena certainly had one of the most captivating. The drag queen was famously known for skating around New York City on a pair of roller blades.

Still A Star

When Muhammad Ali visited Studio 54 in March ‘78, he didn’t think people would be interested in speaking to him after his boxing loss. However, people adored the man, and they all wanted a piece of him.

Center Of Attention

If anyone knows how to capture attention with her looks, it’s Grace Jones. The supermodel and singer has always been famed for her looks which favor boldness and androgyny.

Happy Birthday

No one embodied grace and glamour better than Elizabeth Taylor. The actress was a legend on the big screen, and everyone wanted a piece of her.

Lighting Up The Room

You don’t become a comedian if you don’t know how to enjoy yourself. Luckily, Phyllis Diller knew how to get a good laugh, and she loved nothing more than spending time at Studio 54.

Jesus On The Dance Floor

Apparently, all sorts of people spent their nights at Studio 54, including the son of God. Guests at the nightclub certainly weren’t expecting to see Jesus walk through the door.

Double Denim

Before Britney and Justin were serving us sass in their double denim outfits, this guy was starting the trend. Studio 54 was just the place to make big fashion statements.

Here Comes The Bride

When it came to Halloween, Studio 54 was determined to throw the best parties. The club hoped to be the place where everyone wanted to be on All Hallows’ Eve.

Don’t Stop The Party

For this party in 1978, a couple of guests decided to show up as punks. They definitely pulled off the look well, even if they did end up exhausting themselves.

Letting Her Hair Down

We may have lost Carol Channing in early 2019, but her spirit lives on in this photo from 1978. The actress and comedienne was in attendance for the Grease premiere party at Studio 54.

Send In The Clowns

Although it was the women who were known for their dazzling costumes, the men at Studio 54 liked to be eye-catching too. This guy used one of the club’s Halloween parties as an opportunity to pull off a Pierrot clown costume.

Living In The Moment

No one seems to embody the carefree spirit and love for letting loose quite like Diana Ross does in this photo from 1979.

Strike That Pose

While Studio 54 might have been a club intended for dancing, not everyone was interested in getting their groove on. Some people were just there to soak up the atmosphere.

Make Way For Glamour

If people weren’t trying to look outrageous, then they were probably aiming for something a lot more glamorous. This outfit that Bianca Jagger wore in 1977 was the epitome of that.

Behind The Curtain

It seems the owners weren’t running as honest a business as people wanted to think, and the IRS soon got on their case.

Tax Evasion

Eventually, the truth of what was happening behind the scenes came to light. It was discovered that Rubell and Schrager hadn’t been entirely honest about their profits, and were charged with tax evasion.

All Eyes On Her

Before things started falling apart at the club, though, the world’s biggest celebrities continued to spend their nights there like there was nowhere else to go.

The Fountain Of Youth

This photo was taken all the way back in 1977, but you wouldn’t think it to look at Cher’s face. More than 40 years have passed since this night at Studio 54, and the woman barely looks any different.

On The Horse

Perhaps the most famous moment from Studio 54’s illustrious history was in May 1977, when a horse was present at the club. The image of Bianca Jagger riding the white steed is one that many people associate with the club.

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