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Camouflaged Ferrari 488 Challenge Testing



The Ferrari 488 Challenge was debuted at a Gala event during the 2016 Ferrari Finali Mondiali this past weekend at Daytona Internation Speedway. As of next the Ferrari Challenge racing series will still allow the current Ferrari 458 Challenge to compete in the series but the following 2018 season will be dedicated to the brand new 488 Challenge chassis only.
Source: Josh Cartu
Auto Overload was on hand for the debut at the event in Daytona. The 488 Challenge will incorporate a much more aggressive front and rear aero package compared to the 458 Challenge of previous years. The drivers will also have not one but two manettinos on the steering wheel for manipulating traction control while on track. During the event, a Ferrari representative explained the key components of the two manettinos. The first manettino like the street 488 will control when traction control activated and the second will control how aggressive the traction control kicks in.
Source: Auto Overload
Source: Auto Overload
With the inception of the 488 twin-turbo engine, this Challenge car will be the first time the Ferrari Challenge series enters into the turbocharged world. Ferrari has claimed that the 488 Challenge has lapped its’ Fiorano test track in Maranello a full second faster than the 458 Challenge.
Source: Youtube

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