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Moments Caught On Google Streets



Before it was possible for the Google Streets feature to provide us with a first person view of areas from around the world, it would require that Google employees drive around in the iconic street view cars with top-mounted 360 degree cameras.
This came with some unintended consequences though! Click NEXT for the most hilarious Google Street View photos you will ever see.

Street Dog Squeeze

It seems like this dog got a little more than he bargained for, as the attempt to squeeze through a very narrow fence opening appears to have left him stuck. Why didn’t the Google driver stop to help out?!

Can’t Hide From The Law

Unfortunately in some more crime-ridden communities, it’s not uncommon to see a traffic stop taking place. Here, one of the officers appears to be distracted by the Google car, while the other continues frisking.

Struggling To Control The Horse

As Google’s vehicle made it through this countryside, it happened past a man in a suit riding a majestic black horse, but it seems the horse is having none of it. We may never know if it escaped back into the wild or not.

Burning Van In Front Of A House

Yet another van was caught engulfed in flames, this time in a much more residential neighborhood. Hopefully this family was able to catch it before things got any worse.

Poppin Wheelies!

Nobody likes a show-off, but when this shirtless dirtbiker saw the Google Street car, he just couldn’t resist. Not a bad wheelie, but let’s hope he invests in a helmet and maybe a shirt.


Looks like the Google Street car may have had to wait for this epic sheep crossing before continuing along its route, but that’s okay, because sheep need to cross the road too. The handler looks panicked though.

Bombs Away!

Here we find another man who clearly has a problem with the Google car surveilling his city, as he’s decided to chuck his gatorade straight for the camera. Good thing these things were built for the unpredictable.

Perfect Timing!

Nothing like witnessing a perfect moment that is also one the couple may not have even had a picture of to begin with. Hopefully they noticed the car driving by and found the moment was etched forever on Google.

Naked In The Trunk, The Dog Doesn’t Mind…

We certainly have a lot of questions as to what’s going on here. Naked man coming out of the trunk, garage open, who knows what on the ground. Hard to believe some sort of investigation didn’t take place after this one.

In Case You Were Wondering If People Still Planked

As soon as this man saw the Google vehicle making its way down the street, he knew exactly what to do. Get out of the passenger side and immediately plank on his buddy’s hood. Nice reaction, man.

A Man With His Alpaca

Occasionally you just have to take your alpaca out for a walk. This guy casually took his for a stroll down the street, and it decided to stop for a hello and some pets from a friendly man. What a nice town.

Some Poultry Waiting For The Bus

A variety of farm birds, including roosters, turkeys and chickens appear to have meandered on to the local bus stop, but unfortunately they didn’t disclose their final destination. The perfect escape plan.

Just Add Water…

These kayakers look to have ended up in the wrong place, because anyone will tell you that you’re not going to make it too far on the grass. They’re probably just waiting on a ride though.

Garbage Man

Don’t show this to the ladies who enjoy calling men trash, because this man actually is? How on Earth he got in there is a huge question, but what the heck the point of it was is the even bigger one.

He Actually Heads Up The Neighborhood Watch

This skull and bones making his way down the bike lane in his wheelchair raised the question – was this taken on Halloween or does he always dress like this? Either way, fear the reaper.

This Is Still A Thing!

One of the most classic pranks is throwing toilet people all over someone’s yard, and it’s hilarious that someone “TP’d” this house as the streetcar happened to come by.

Great Timing!

This man’s proposal is immortalized forever on Google’s street view, as he and a bunch of others, including his (hopefully) future fiance’s daughter are all captured. Awkward if it didn’t work out.

Wearing A Horse Mask, Sitting At A Table, Eating A Banana, Between Flamingos

The sight here is just so bizarre, you almost have to think this guy knew exactly when the Google vehicle was coming so he could just pose in the most ridiculous way possible.

Evidence That Aliens Exist!

As you can see here, there is at least Google Street proof that an alien, as we depict them, is captured chilling on a chair on a random sidewalk. Is it real? Probably not, but definitely funny.

Mystery Machines

It seems this person is such a big fan of Scooby Doo, they actually collect Mystery Machines as a hobby. Not only is this pretty peculiar, but it’s also kind of awesome to think everyone in the household can just hop in this iconic vehicle.

Have You Seen This Man?

From this screen cap, it looks like an inmate has apparently escaped and is on the loose. He appears to be fleeing the nearest town and making his way to the countryside. Before they saw him, it was probably too late.

Some Sort of Santa…

For whatever reason that we won’t even try to explain, this man dressed up in a red suit and coincidentally resembling Santa is near a remote power plant looking fed up. We’ll let him be.


Unfortunately for these folks, Google happened to catch the moment the fuzz busted them. With it being engrained in street view history, it will surely be a moment they’ll never forget.

Random Baby Outside of a Gucci Store

Strangely enough, as the Google car made its way past this Gucci store, it somehow managed to capture a baby crawling on the ground. Surely it has to be someone’s, right?

Penny-Farthing And Penguin Towing

This is just a “what even” moment, because not only do you never see people riding those bikes with the giant wheel, but pulling a penguin too? Now that’s just bizarre.


Somehow this seems like a setup, considering this Big Foot sighting couldn’t have been by chance unless he really does exist. Unless someone knew how to deceive the masses.


Someone made a big whoopsie, as they let the tiger out of its cage! Unless it’s a wild tiger just making its way around town. Either way, that must’ve been an alarming sight for anyone in town.

Near Collision With Seagull…And Its Food

This seagull must’ve been very frustrated to see the Google car impeding it’s return to the nest, as it clearly has some food it’s trying to bring back home to its young. That was a close one.


Not sure we’ll get an explanation for why these people are ominously lined up on a trail with pigeon heads, but it’d be even more surprising if the Google employee didn’t ask themself. Oddly cult-ish.

Some Sort Of Bird Costume?

This giant bird-looking piñata seems to be ready to make its way onto the streets of Pittsburgh, but let’s hope there’s no children with long objects around. I’m sure they couldn’t resist giving this costumed person a whack.

Are Those Rubber Duckies, Or Peeps?

As you can see here, this man is just hanging out on the street corner with 200 of his closest rubber ducky friends. Unless they are in fact Peeps, which probably is not very sanitary.

No One Was Hurt

Timing is everything with these street view captures, and this particular moment is more astonishing than most. Gladly we can report no one was injured in this nearly fatal situation.

Taking The Road Less Traveled, Clearly

You often see random cars stranded on the side of the road, but not in such a, let’s say, reckless fashion. This vehicle clearly took an unexpected turn, leaving the driver to abandon it nose down.

Car Kabob

Every town has that one notable sculpture that the citizens can’t decide whether they like it or not, but the fascinating nature of six cars stabbed on a spike is sure to make people stop and take a picture.

Park On The Side Of The Building, They Said

Keeping up with the theme of not being able to keep your car on the road, this artistic comcept is mighty interesting. Probably best its seen on Google Streets, instead of crashing while trying to figure out what’s going on as you pass by.

Probably Stuck

As the Google vehicle made its way down this road, it caught someone’s unfortunate circumstance of having their car smashed by a closing garage door. Hopefully the door came back up.


Patriotism comes in many forms, but flags on the front and back hoods, with another propped in a cone on the roof seems a bit odd. The caution tape is the real question though. Wonder what’s going on in that home.

Just A Cat On A Guys Head

Whoever spotted this has a keen eye. As the Google camera made its way through this city, someone caught a cat sitting perched right on a man’s head. Oh, nothing to see here.

Where Are His Pants?

Rural roads means less people, but it seems the people are a bit stranger. This guy was caught cutting wood with his chainsaw in his boxers, and seems a bit shocked by the car’s camera capturing him.

The Median Is Now A Moo-dian

This particular intersection is much different than normal, as there appears to be a herd of cows just grazing in the grass. We’re not quite convinced these are actually real, but still, interesting lawn decor.

Traffic Lights VS Car

Google’s cars didn’t only catch the weird and quirky, they sure caught some dangerous moments too. Here a particular driver found himself wrapped around a traffic light. Thankfully the firemen were able to come to the rescue.

Laying On The Ground, Surrounded By Beer Cans, Wearing A Crown

This one’s a tad hard to see, but a man appears to be passed out against the wall, with a ton of beer cans all around him, and to top it off, he has a crown on. We can only imagine how his night went.

The Mutt Cuts Van

There’s a lot going on here, as we not only have a dog car with its tongue hanging out, but a cop also is tailing the Google Street car on his motorcycle. Quite the moment to capture.

Throwing Away Some Mannequins

At first glance this appears to be a very morbid situation. However, once you process it, you’ll realize these are just a bunch of mannequins being thrown out in the alleyway trash. Another interesting find.

Easter Bunny And Kid

The Easter Bunny and a child who presumably wanted to specifically show him which shoes he’d like in his Easter basket look on as the Google car passes by. What a thorough bunny.

Fire Hydrant

The moment the car happened to be driving on this street, it passed a busted fire hydrant that was shooting water in every direction. You can even see a man in the background trying to get away.

They Appear To Be Laughing At Her

A poor schoolgirl has taken a spill here, but rather than helping her up, her fellow classmates look to be laughing at her expense. Pretty mean, but kids will be kids. Hopefully she’ll get the last laugh.

Nothing To See Here….

If you happen to see any people walking around in pure gold, you’re going to ponder what the occasion is, and more importantly, if it’s real. They could all be C-3PO cosplayers, but painted gold is more fun to imagine.

Golfing In Hazmat Suits, Doesn’t Look Very Fun

These dudes were caught on the range, but not in the usual garb you’d be expecting. These guys are in full Hazmats, but more considerably, they look ready to partake in some kind of altercation.

Google Street Fleet

One of the best images of all, this screen cap captured the moment a Google Street car returned to its home base, where it could park next to all of his friends before they get up and do it again tomorrow.

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

People get unapologetically excited when they see the street view car, but this man took it to a whole other level, deciding to flash the vehicle as it drove by. Not sure the driver was too amused.

Hope He’s Alive…

In a rather strange moment that could have just been odd timing, we see a man laying flat on his back in the bed of a truck. Hopefully he’s just catching a ride and not, you know, dead…

Good Place For That?

These folks wanted to show off in front of the whole town, as they practice their cheerleading routine on the crosswalk of what is hopefully a red light. Can’t they go to a park? Concrete looks unsafe.

Not Sure What To Think About This…

These people walking down the road are completely unidentifiable, and that alone raises questions about what they’re up to. Cleary they don’t want anyone to see their faces, but why?

This Is Not An Alfred Hitchcock Movie!

In this case however, it seems the Google vehicle made its way through a swarm of seagulls, who clearly are rebelling against the amount of cars taking over their lunch spot. May need a car wash after.

A Google Street Tricycle

Not all Google Street machines are cars either, as you can see here. This one happens to be a trike, and a fancy one at that, with an entire computer and advanced scanner all built in.

A Relative Of The Minotaur?

For whatever reason, people have begun to love wearing these random horse heads in attempts to be funny or quirky. However, all it’s helping them do is remain anonymous.

Ready For a Space Race

On the side of the road here, we see a dude who looks less than pleased according to his stance with his arms crossed. Was he trying to audition for SpaceX? Is he a racecar driver? Who Knows

Whoops, There’s a Wall There

This poor fellow was either trying to stop or was on his way down when the car passed by, and as you can see, he then got trapped under his bike. Dust your shoulders off and hop back on young man.

Assault On Gumby

Poor Gumby. Not sure what he did to deserve being abused by a couple of kids, but he looks like he’s at least able to defend himself. Probably caught somewhere between frustration and inability to fight back.

Lawnmower Men

Sometimes you just have to post up on the street with your buddy and all your favorite lawnmowers. These guys seem happy just watching people pass, so I’m sure the Google car was a nice sighting.

San Francisco Legs

These unsolicited legs hanging out of a home in San Francisco aren’t just intrusive, they’re flat out weird. Why anyone would voluntarily place them outside their window is beyond comprehension.

Armed Robbery By Toddlers

There’s some concerns with this scene, as you’d never really expect to see toddlers with guns pointed at anyone. They’re probably just toys, but the fact it was captured in this still frame is bizarre.

Just Walking His Sex Doll

Well, if you’re attempting to draw way more attention to yourself in public than ever necessary, you be like this guy and just walk down the street with your sex doll. C’mon man, keep that to yourself.

Where Is He Going?

How anyone noticed this man climbing out of his window in broad daylight is beyond me, but not knowing his true intentions is unfortunate. Unless he’s chilling out there, he’s probably up to no good.

Dog Looks Happy!

Wholesome findings on Google Street view are always welcome, and as the car passed by this man pulling a little cart, you can see his happy little dog friend sticking his head out. How adorable.

In Today’s News…

What looks to be a normal bus stop with patrons waiting is immediately upended when you realize the man on the right is wearing a g-strap and reading the paper. Couldn’t you put some pants on, sir?

That Time Google Streets Was Mooned

This dude is clearly one for jeers, unless he has a personal vendetta against Google. Either way, he decided to pull an old fashioned “moon” when he saw it coming, probably to the annoyance of the driver.

Diggin For Gold

You know how they tell you not to pick your nose in public because you don’t know who’s watching? Well that’s because the whole world will now remember this man after he was caught in the act.

Top Secret, But Can’t Hide From Google Streets!

Whether it’s the SWAT team, military police, or some other kinda special forces, even the best can’t hide from the Google Street machines! When it passes by, it will see you.

A Moose

On the scenic roads in the US, of course there’s less hustle and bustle, but there sure is some cool nature. Here however, we spot a Moose on the run, perhaps even cutting off the car. Better watch out!

Erik Estrada Would Be Proud

Something went horribly wrong here, as a police duo on motorcycle seem to have wrecked, leaving the rear officer kerplunked on the sidewalk. Boy, Google Streets has really shown us some pain.

Probably Should Have Left The Window Up

Drive-through zoos have been a pretty popular attraction in recent years, but they can go wrong quickly if one of the animals isn’t fond of your car. Like this ostrich, who clearly just wanted whatever they had inside.


Another quality nature capture was caught by Google Streets here, as it caught pandas lounging in a sanctuary on the side of a road. They all look so calm and peaceful, as they should be.

Another Successful Sticky Note Prank

Google Streets caught another awesome prank in the moment it went through this neighborhood, as it captured two women pulling the sticky note prank off to perfection.

It’s Morphing Time!

This particular Iron Man looks quite exhausted, as he’s passed out in plain sight, still dawning the morphsuit. Hope he’s enjoying his nap, because he needs to get back to saving people soon!

Hot Tub Party!

When you have a big property, you might as well use it all, even if it means moving the hot tub all the way to the edge of the road. Maybe they knew the Google car was coming, but whatever the case, we want in.

Santa Claus, Just Released From Jail

This Santa isn’t in the North Pole, and that’s because he was released from jail, presumably still in the suit he was in when arrested. We’re pretty sure he wasn’t expecting to be photographed leaving, but at least he has a disguise on.

Land Based Scuba Attack!

These two are not only wearing full SCUBA gear on land, running through the middle of the street, but they also look to be engaging in a full-on fight. How this started, we can only fathom.

Segway Guys

Segway tours may now sadly be a thing of the past since they stopped production, but in recent years many people have taken tours around cities on them, and this may have been one of the first.

Man Watches Van Burn

This guy seems to have come out to see what all the commotion is about, but considering his van is up in flames, he may not be very happy. Google Street cars have truly seen it all.

Scuba Guys Taking A Load Off

Not sure if these are the same two SCUBA dudes who were fighting in a previous slide, but they seem to have worked things out. Still haven’t found the water yet though, apparently.

Some Acrobatics

As we pass The Grove here, we see yet another male who decided upon seeing the Google vehicle, he would do something embarrassing to be immortalized forever. You win this time, but man, rough view.

Running From The Police…

As you can see, people here are scrambling around the corner, likely to avoid some kind of repercussions for their actions. But was that cardboard worth it? Probably not.

Spooky Desert Road

This is not a road we would recommend driving down, especially after seeing this. Clearly these four men don’t want any unwanted guests rolling through, but it seems they gave the Google car a pass, thankfully.

Suburban Samurais

In the spirit of live action roleplaying, or LARPing, these men seem to be enjoying a nice 1-on-1 battle in the fields by their houses. Can’t blame a man for wanting to practice his hand-to-hand combat.

So That’s Where Secret Super Hero Meetings Happen

At this restaurant and bar, it seems there’s been a gathering of strictly superhero related figures. Are they theme park workers or just comic book fanatics? Regardless, incredibly random.

Someone Tipped Them Off!

You would have to assume this is some kind of Google facility, considering all these people were apparently informed the good old Google-mobile would be making its way past their office.

For When You Really Have To Go!

This car was captured by the Google Street car as it decided to park next to one of the least private rest areas of all time. All jokes aside, it’s beyond strange anyone would just put a toilet outside like that.

They Reportedly Drove At A High Rate Of Speed

This red, old school hot rod was caught whipping down the expressway, but despite the cool ride, all attention was turned to the passenger’s epic goggles, which were pretty clutch considering the small windshield.

After All These Years We Finally Found Him!

Sometimes the only thing more interesting than catching crazy things is finding irony in real life, and that’s exactly what it feels like finding Waldo on Google Streets. What are the chances.

Is This… Planking?

We know the fad of planking has been pretty popular worldwide, but something about this person laying face-down on the sidewalk leads us to believe that it wasn’t on purpose. Did anyone help them up?

Caption This!

Here is yet another person caught by the Google vehicle taking an absolute plunge into the street. It seems whenever the car drives by, people lose all their bearings in excitement.

This Looks Suspicious….

Truckers don’t really have the best reputation when it comes to safe relation practices, but it’s almost like this lady knew exactly what she was getting caught doing once she saw the camera on the car.

Nothing To See Here…

Perhaps the most questionable scenario is carrying out what appears to be a body shaped object out of your house, in daylight might I add. We’d all like to think it was just carpet, though.

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