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Perfectly Timed Photos That Are Hilarious



Photography has captured tons of humanity’s best moments, whether they be personal or cultural, but so many of the most priceless pictures ever taken aren’t seen by the masses.
These are some of the world’s most hilariously-timed photos that show nothing’s better than catching people in ridiculous situations, and never letting them live it down. Enjoy these perfectly-timed pictures.

Dodgeball Fail

It appears this girl missed the fundamental rule of dodgeball which is to…dodge the ball. We’re pretty sure she’s going to feel that tomorrow!

Goat Attack

If this woman is so terrified of goats, then why is one in her bedroom? From the look of this picture she’s about to get head-butted, so we would probably be screaming too if we were her.

Flying High

While this guy may have had dreams of flying, gravity always steps in to remind you that it’s not actually possible. Hopefully he stuck the landing, because that looks like it could have been one nasty fall.

Water War

Even in the air force you have to take time out of your day for some friendly pranking. Hopefully this guy was a good sport about it, otherwise the guy dumping the water should sleep with one eye open. Revenge is sweet, after all…


Those happy, smiling faces most likely turned to looks of concern after he got pegged with that soccer ball. Pools are meant for swimming. Leave soccer balls on the field where they belong

Chasing Its Tail?

Talk about terrifying…what is going on in this picture? Is the dog trying to bite its own tail? Here’s hoping that wasn’t the case, because that definitely would hurt.

Klutzy much?

Everybody’s going to trip and fall at some point in their lives. It’s inevitable, but the perfect timing of this photo is too good to be true. From the look on its face to the sprawled out legs, we can’t help but laugh at this picture.

Bathtime Scare

This is one unhappy kitty. Knowing how much cats hate water, we can imagine the trauma this poor cat experienced after this unexpected bath. That cat really won’t be going near water anytime soon.

Frisbee Mishaps

This photo is relatively self-explanatory, but still just as hilarious. Whoever threw that frisbee probably felt terrible afterwards, but the look on this dog’s face is just too funny to not laugh at.

Surprise Shower

This poor, unsuspecting woman was having a great time tanning in the backyard when she was ambushed by this guy. The look on her face clearly shows she had no idea what was about to happen to her, so here’s hoping she took the joke well…

Going For A Swim

How fortuitous is the timing of this photo? This guy was just posing for a normal photo when the woman behind him got a little too close to the edge of the pool. It looks like her friends’ reflexes aren’t that great because neither one of them thought to grab her before she fell in.

Raging Party

Protip: Find the drunkest person at the party and stay far away from them unless you want to end up like these people. At least they’re wearing black, so hopefully any damage won’t be too noticeable.

Life Of The Party

Now this is a party trick! We’re really hoping he cleared that fire pit though, otherwise that would have turned from party trick to party travesty really fast!

Beer Bath

This poor lady definitely got the short end of this unfortunate incident. That other guy probably ended up with only a couple of drops on him while she was covered in beer. If he’s any kind of gentleman, he’ll buy her a new outfit, drink, and meal.

Karate Kick

There’s no denying this is a pretty cool shot…for the guy on the left. The guy on the right looks like he came prepped for a fight with all that chainmail and leather, but that kick to the chest is definitely going to knock some of the wind out of him.

Floating Woman

This spectacular optical illusion has us double-taking, because at first glance it appears this woman is floating above the sand on this beautiful beach! But then you realize her hat is tricking the eye, appearing as a false shadow! Great shot!

Fly Like The Wind

We’re not sure what exactly is going on in this photo, but it looks like that girl was just catapulted through the air. Hopefully those guys are running over to make sure she’s okay…

Levitating Lady

Admit it…you had to do a double take because it looks like this woman is levitating on that platform. While the shadow of the flagpole is what gives it that illusion, this photo does have you wondering for a moment if magic actually is real.

Honey, Can You Watch The Kids?

This is what happens when you let Dad play unsupervised with the kids…chaos ensues. We’re sincerely hoping they stuck the landing so this picture can have a happy ending and not a tragic one.

Look, Mom! No Hands!

This guy thought he looked really cool…until this happened. Maybe he was intentionally going for an artsy upside down shot, or maybe he’s really not good at wakeboarding and should pick a different hobby.


This is exactly why our mothers insisted we wear elbow and knee pads when we were younger. It was this exact image that she had in her mind and feared would come true. At least this guy is wearing a helmet, so he probably didn’t severely injure himself.

Pop A Wheelie

What are the chances that in the middle of your race your front wheel comes completely off? Either this was just a freak accident, or someone didn’t do their job properly and make sure the bike was in top working condition.

Floating Boat

These tourists were able to back up their stories of just how crystal clear the waters on their boat tour were, because you would almost believe the sightseeing craft was floating above the water of these insanely blue springs. How beautiful.

Grandma To The Rescue

What’s funnier? Their faces, or the fact that grandma thinks she’s going to be able to catch them if they fall off? Teach your kids how to drive before you let them get on a four-wheeler or ATV.

Crash Course

It looks like this dog realized just a little too late that there was a tree right in front of him when he was trying to catch that frisbee. He may be cute, but he isn’t too intelligent by the looks of it.

Playground Pup

That face you make when you realize you’ve just made a grave mistake is the exact same face this poor dog is making. Slides are meant for kids, not animals.

Think Fast!

It’s a little disconcerting that someone would throw a book at somebody else like this. Books are meant for reading, not injuring poor, unsuspecting people with.

Personal Space

The world of sports is cutthroat and competitive. Sometimes, in an attempt to stop a player or block a ball, people will get injured. Other times, they’ll accidentally get their nose picked by another player.

Stay Clear!

Well done, Dad, for failing to keep your kid out of harm’s way as you’re attempting a science experiment. If that isn’t bad enough, this dad will probably use this photo to embarrass his son for the rest of his life…

Photobomb Perfection

This stingray just wanted to be part of the photo, but these girls don’t seem to be loving the fact that he photobombed them. Either way, it made for a hilarious vacation photo.

Titanic Pose

We’re pretty sure Jack and Rose didn’t have to deal with seagull attacks during their romantic moment. This couple had a great idea, but sadly their attempts were foiled by this rogue seagull.

Like One Of The Girls

This man saw an opportunity and boy did he take it. His photobomb is subtle and somewhat difficult to spot, but hilarious, nonetheless. Sometimes you just have to make fun of girls when they pose like this.

Double Take

This photo really makes you do a double take when you first look at it. Once you realize the front of the bar is a mirror it all makes sense, but thinking of the bartender standing back there wearing a skirt and heels is pretty funny.

Swinging Siblings

Neither one of the kids in this photo look like they’re doing too great. From the girl who looks like she went on the swings one too many times to her little brother who obviously couldn’t stay on them, this whole situation is truly comical.

The Winning Trick

Behold! A man strong enough to lift a horse! In actuality, it’s just the angle that this photo was taken from that gives it that illusion. If he could actually pick that horse up though, he would probably win this competition and every one after that.

Sick As A Dog

Imagine trying to take a quick and easy selfie with your dog when…it throws up everywhere mid photo. Her face says it all. Nobody wants to be in that situation. Hopefully after she gets her car cleaned (deep cleaned) she’ll be able to laugh about it.

Soapy Surprise

The timing for this photo was perfect, but we almost wish there was an after shot as well. There’s no way that dog enjoyed eating soap and being surprised by the bubble when it popped.

New Advertising Strategy

Forget hunky, shirtless models…Abercrombie and Fitch should just pay people to stand outside their stores holding kittens. It would almost guarantee a huge spike in their sales.

Faux Hair

How embarrassing to have thousands of people thinking you have long, luscious locks only for them to realize it was actually the woman behind you. Either way, this guy looks great with long or short hair!

Air Control

Well it looks like this statue does not want planes flying by. Obviously that’s not actually possible, but the idea of statues picking planes out of the sky and rerouting them is pretty hilarious!

Smell that (H)air

Oops! We’re pretty sure this girl wasn’t sniffing her friend’s hair, but the way they’re positioned in this photo really does make it look like she is.

Frozen Stiff

Do you know that feeling when something is coming towards you and you see it coming, but have no time to prepare yourself for impact or ability to stop it? This dog knows exactly what that feels like, terrified look and all.

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