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The Amazing Attractions of Dubai



You’d be wrong in assuming that every big city in the world is the same. If you think Dubai is just like the rest, think again. Dubai home to some of the most astounding sights and sounds, and there’s literally something for everyone to enjoy.
In this article, we’ve compiled some of the craziest and the coolest activities Dubai offers, and they all prove one thing: there is nowhere in the world quite like this city. Don’t believe us? Continue on to see exactly what we’re talking about.

I’ll Have a Jeep, Wrangler, And Make It a Double

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that the people of Dubai don’t know how to ride in style. In fact, they’re so in-style that even a double-wide Jeep doesn’t turn as many heads as you might assume. The one downside to one of these, though? They’re a real pain to get through the drive-thru.

Serving It High-Rise Style

While you wouldn’t normally consider tennis to be a very extreme sport, try playing a few sets 50 stories up! The Burj Al Arab hotel boasts having the highest tennis court in the world, but you have to make sure to keep the ball in the court…otherwise you’ll never get it back!

Taking The Cat For a Quick Drive

While the rest of the world owns plain, boring felines, people in Dubai are buying SUVs large enough for their pet cheetahs. Only in Dubai is texting and driving not the most dangerous thing you can do in the car.

The Sky’s The Limit

Dubai is home to some of the most unique and fascinating architecture on the planet, and that includes the Burj Khalifa. This skyscraper is just over half a mile in height, making it the tallest building ever constructed. Fun fact: this is the very same skyscraper that Tom Cruise scaled in Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol.

Going Gold

Investing in bullion is such a popular thing in Dubai that they have special ATM machines that only spit out 24-carat gold bars and coins. You could say this is slowly becoming the gold standard of cash on the go.

The Speedy Police

Dubai sits so deep in the lap of luxury that even their police force drives around in style. While it might seem odd to see flashing lights on top of a vehicle Bruce Wayne would drive, you gotta admit one thing – there’s no outrunning these cops!

Big-Bucks Coffee

While you certainly wouldn’t be surprised to find the world’s most popular coffee chain in Dubai, you probably would be surprised to see it in a place like this. Yet another example of how this unique city blends the modern with the traditional.

Just Chill Out, Will Ya?

If you can handle the -6 degrees, Dubai’s Chillout Ice Lounge features some of the most unconventional amenities you’ll find in a bar. Everything – from the sculptures to the furnishing – is made entirely out of ice. But not everything there is cold, as you can order a wide range of hot foods including soup.

What Traffic Jam?

Like any big city, Dubai has more than its fair share of traffic conundrums. Fortunately for the rich and famous (or at least just the rich), a quick helicopter ride is all you need to solve this issue.

Walk The Lion

Walking the dog is so commonplace. Why own a pet that you have to walk when you can own a pet that will carry you around like your own personal steed? It’s a sure-fire way to prevent yourself from getting mugged!

Sidewall Skiing

“Sidewall skiers” are a real thing in Dubai. It’s a risky stunt that will absolutely wear your tires thinner than a middle-aged man’s hairline, but the upside is that you’ll look absolutely rad while doing it.

Shark Encounter

If you’ve ever wanted to swim with sharks without risking an attack, then the Dubai Aquarium is the place for you. These unique shark encounters allow up-close (perhaps a little too up-close) looks at some of nature’s most powerful creatures.

There Is No Escape

Just when you think Dubai’s fleet of police vehicles can’t get any more eclectic, they introduce yet another wild piece of tech. These amphibious ATVs prove, yet again, that escaping the police is virtually impossible.

The Horse RV

Stallions are such prized possessions in Arab countries that there are even specially designed transports fitted with horse treadmills. The result is something that looks like the popemobile, but probably way nicer.

The Palm Islands

From the air, it looks like a palm tree design stretching out over the water, but what you’re seeing are artificial islands filled with upscale homes and hotels and lavish beaches. The site has a slew of negative environmental issues, but it still looks pretty amazing nonetheless.

The Gold Standard Of Automobiles

Dubai loves their gold bullion so much that only do they dispense it from vending machines, but they also cover their vehicles in it. Good luck trying to pawn that thing!

The World Islands

Dubai boasts having some of the most unique man made islands in the world. Their uniqueness comes from how they’re arranged to look like earth’s entire land mass.

Suns Out Turbans Out

Even traditional Arab garb won’t stop some people from enjoying the beach life. Dubai’s aquamarine waters are so gorgeous and so enticing that you’ll find people on watercraft of all sorts surfing about.

Stunning Views

The sights and sounds in Dubai are truly extraordinary and unique. In fact, so much of the architecture looks so futuristic that it almost seems unreal.

One-Of-A-Kind Architecture

Just to prove how adept Dubai is at creating unforgettable architecture, the majestic Burj Al Arab hotel looks like it’s shooting straight up out of the gorgeous aquamarine waters.

Mall Or Zoo?

Dubai is home to the largest shopping mall in the world, but it has so much more to offer than overpriced souvenirs. Shoppers can saunter out of a store that offers gold-plated everything and find themselves staring at a giant aquarium filled to the brim with all manner of sea creatures.

Miracle Garden

While it may look like something out of Alice in Wonderland, this is Dubai’s world famous Miracle Garden. With over 50 million flowers, including a full-sized jet airliner covered entirely in greenery, it’s the largest garden you’ll find on the entire planet.

Cool Cat

Apparently all cats like sitting on top of cars, no matter what size or shape they are. However, you’d be hard pressed to find a pet lion just chilling on top of a cherry-red Ferrari. Only in Dubai!

Need For Speed

Dubai has some of the lowest crime rates in the world, and it’s easy to see why. Whether by land or by sea, the police force comes well equipped with cutting edge vehicles that send a clear message to any wrong-doers: If you run, we will catch up to you no matter what!

Vehicularly Confused

Sheik Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al-Maktoum, one of Dubai’s wealthiest residents, apparently grew tired of regular watercraft and decided to invest a cool $800,000 in some amphibious vehicles. Whether cruising around on land or at sea, these cars have you covered.

Unexpected Passengers

Only in Dubai can you take a leisurely drive with your pet falcon one minute and then find yourself feeding the local wildlife the next. Just goes to show you how wild as well as advanced Dubai can be.

Sleeping With The Fishes

While the term “sleeping with the fishes” has some pretty negative connotations, in Dubai it has an entirely different meaning. If you’re willing to pay a few grand per night to stay at the Burj Al Arab hotel, you’ll find that the view is pretty indescribable.

Luxurious Traffic Jam

We’re all too familiar with traffic jams, but only in a place like Dubai are their traffic jams so luxurious. While you’d think this is a supercar parade, this is just ordinary rush hour traffic in Dubai.

Camel Parking Only

Reserved spaces for smart cars are becoming a real thing, but Dubai is smart. They realize that the smartest car is the one that requires zero gasoline! No fumes, no breakdowns, and it’s 100% eco-friendly.

That’s a Stretch

In Dubai’s ongoing effort to be one of the most advanced cities on the planet, they just recently upped their public transportation system with the Superbus. These super-limos can carry up to 23 people at a time and reach speeds of up to 160 miles per hour!

Fun In The Sun

Because nothing says “I’m filthy rich” like taking your pet lion out on the yacht. While everybody else is taking their boring pets like dogs on the boat, Dubai is once again proving that you can think outside the box and still have loads of fun.

Tailgaters Beware

Not everybody can afford special transports for their animals. Sometimes you just gotta knock out the back window of your van and look like the traveling circus. At least this guy doesn’t have to worry about tailgaters!

Clash Of Cultures

Despite being highly modernized, Dubai is still home to many denizens who still practice traditional Arab customs. As such, it’s not uncommon at all to see people showing mostly skin and barely any skin in the same spot!

Providing For The Needy

Even in a technologically advanced city like Dubai, they still don’t forget about those in need. Anyone who’s down and out can walk into nearly any convenience store and pick up some food and drink, completely on the house.

Something Fishy On The Metro

Whenever you see a prohibitive sign that seems very out of place, you know for a fact that somebody has tried it. While you probably wouldn’t think to bring your fish companion with you on the subway,apparently it’s common enough in Dubai.

Off To The Camel Races

Camel racing is one of Dubai’s oldest traditions, but it’s also becoming highly modernized along with the rest of the city. Robot jockeys have largely taken the place of human ones, providing a little extra speed due to their reduced weight.

How’s It Hanging, Tiger?

One minute you’re stuck in traffic, and the next you’re staring eye-to-eye with the tiger in the car next to you. Just another day in the bustling city.

Grooms On Demand

Dubai may be technologically advanced, but they still cling to a few customs. As such, you’ll still find ads for grooms in the paper as nonchalant as if they were looking for a new maid.


As a melting pot of modern innovation and traditional standards, you’ll find street fashion in Dubai to be varied and distinct. The results look like Ali Baba and Gucci had a baby.

Ride Like The Wind

What do you get when you cross a merry-go-round with a chopper? You get normal Dubai traffic. Sights like this are not as uncommon as you might assume, but notice how he doesn’t have some gorgeous babe on the back. Wonder why that could be.

Camel Race Track

Camel Racing is one of the oldest and most popular middle eastern traditions, and one that dates back to the 7th century. Al Marmoom is a favorite heritage destination, and the experience is nothing short of authentic. All the pros are there, and stands are filled despite festivities starting at 7 a.m., due to heat, of course.

Queen Elizabeth 2

This iconic cruise ship now has a new home in Port Rashid, and now restored, tourists can take in all the luxurious amenities it has to offer without needing to set sail. Patrons can enjoy the rich history of the once famous ocean liner, and guided tours include access to lavish food, drinks, and entertainment at the bars and restaurants on board. There’s even a spa and theater too.

Sky Dubai Dinner

Brought to you by the Westin Dubai and chef Le Meridien Mina Seyahi, dining at Sky Dubai is an experience that you’ll never forget. First, strap in your seatbelt, as you’re hoisted over 160 ft. in the air, then get ready to eat some of the most interesting cruising available in the region. If you aren’t afraid of heights, you’ll enjoy some spectacular views of the Gulf.

Dubai Fountains

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas and thought that fountain was impressive, Dubai’s tops it by a mile. Each of the shows daily feature over 22,000 gallons of water being shot up 500 feet throughout the 30 acre Burj Lake, which is also right there if you’re shopping at the Dubai Mall. There’s also a new floating deck that allows you catch an even better view than ever before.

Aquaventure Waterpark

Every hot place needs a water park, right? Well Dubai’s no different, they just wanted to get more extravagant than others. Perfect during the warm desert summers, Aquaventure is now the world’s largest water park after its recent expansion. It features a private beach, the region’s longest lazy river, 30 slides (including some record-breakers) and even some rides. Oh, and you can also pet dolphins, sea lions, and stingrays.

Global Village

This unique and worldly attraction is a favorite of all travelers, as the gigantic Global Village is more theme park than shopping center. The entire place is kid-friendly, and dining, concerts, rides and more are available for families to enjoy. Then for shopping, it gets even better, as boutiques from around the globe sell everything from spices to fine jewelry and instruments.

Starlight Camping

Starlight Camp is a “glamping” experience, but also one catered to the unique adventure of stargazing in the desert. Featuring special tents that allow you to see the sky, a queen bed with optional kid’s mattress, and wooden camping shower and toilet, you’re bound to get the full experience. They’ll even lend you a telescope, which will surely slow down your fast-paced trip


LegoLand has begun to start taking the world by storm, and they didn’t miss out in the middle east. The fascinating attraction for both the young and those who still aspire to be showcases over 15,000 models throughout the park, and has more than 60 interactive rides. The whole facility was built with 60 million legos, and features 6 different areas, both inside and out.

Giant Frame

Fancy yourself taking your own postcard pic? Well look no further than the Dubai Frame, which sits metaphorically at the border between the new and old cities of Dubai. At almost 500 feet tall, you can actually travel up it in the panoramic glass elevators and walk across the glass walkway that spans the width. The gold frame is said to be the largest in the world, and is a great photo-op itself with the cityscape in the background.

Zip-Line the Marina

XLine Dubai really wanted to offer travelers the chance to feel like they are superman or woman. From a height of 560 feet and speed of up to 50 mph, both some of the highest in the world, you can travel down from the Jumeirah Beach hotel down to the Dubai Marina, passing pools, hotels, highways, and much more on the way. Surely something you could never replicate, and you can even do tandem rides with friends. Are you daring enough?

Abra on the Creek

A traditional way of travel in the middle east was always a casual abra ride down the waterways, and you too can experience that by taking the wooden boat down the Dubai creek. They fit up to 20 people, and it can be a convenient way to travel around town and beat the crowds, and road traffic especially. It also gives a unique view and perspective of the city, especially if you’re going to old Dubai.

Dubai Mall

Once again, Dubai takes the world title for largest mall. And it truly is a doozy, drawing over 100 million visitors throughout the year, which isn’t surprising when you realize there’s more than 1,200 shops, with everything from high fashion to mind-boggling toy stores. It’s a great place to escape the heat, and a crazy fact is that it alone attracts more people a year than New York and Los Angeles.

Kite Beach

Arguably the most popular beach in Dubai, Kite Beach is like a more grandiose version of Miami. Packed with kite surfers, you can play volleyball, run on their rubber track, swim in the crystal clear water, or just sunbathe in the desert sun. Surely, if you like the beach, you’ll have a blast here either with your family, or with your friends.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is actually located within the Dubai Mall, and is the third biggest indoor ski slope in the world. It gets packed early with families who are getting on rides and visiting the penguins, but you can also tube and of course rent skis for the day as well. There’s two ski runs and a freestyle area, but you may be disappointed if you’re an avid mountain skier.

Top of the Burj

If you’re familiar with Dubai, you know the Burj Khalifa stands above not just all the buildings in the city, but all of them in the world. And of course, if you can, you should visit the top, with breathtaking views unlike any you can imagine. At 160 stories, you’ll take the speedy elevators up to witness the captivating scenery from the observation deck. You’ll need tickets in advance, though.

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