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Funniest Airport Welcome Home Signs



Airports are weird and wonderful places. They are full of happiness, sadness, and a whole host of other emotions. As family members and friends make their way through the doors after time away, it’s become customary to greet them with a loving sign.
At least, most of the time it’s loving. There are other people who decide to go against the grain and try something new. They test out their humor, they whip out their insults, and they decide to thoroughly embarrass their loved ones.

Sorry, Simon

Ouch, that had to hurt. As Simon made his way off the plane and into the arrivals lounge, he was probably expecting a very different scenario to the one that greeted him.

When In Doubt, Go Commando

You don’t realize what you have until it’s gone, and that’s exactly what happens when your mom goes away. Without any clean underwear, they had to let their mom know just how much they missed her…

All About Those Hugs

She was going to pour her heart and soul into making a beautiful sign that would show them just how much she cared. However, she just couldn’t do it, so she decided to publicly humiliate them instead with this hilarious airport sign.

Welcome Home, Mom!

We have a feeling mom may have just turned back around and bought herself another ticket out of there when she saw this, though. Time to be a convict on the run. Bye!

Can’t Handle The Sass

It’s a tough world out there for those who can’t handle the sassy individuals of the world. With a refreshed outlook on life, these three sassy orphanz were finally reunited with their non-sassy parents.

Like, Totally On Fleek

This dad wanted to make sure his daughter was welcomed back in a way only she could understand. He knew exactly what to say to put a smile on her face.

Too Cool For School

His mission? To be as embarrassing as possible! As if the Christmas suit and tie wasn’t bad enough, he then decided to add some dark sunglasses into the mix, alongside an iPad.

Welcome home!

When this person decided to write a sign for their loved one, they decided just to come out and say it. The couch was ruined, but it wasn’t their fault. Blame the dog.

Hey, Baby

This military wife decided to welcome home her husband with an epic sign, but she did have a few apologies. Oh, and she also wanted him to be prepared to meet their baby and his mini-me. No biggie, right?

Where are you?

To make sure that Mokie knew exactly where they were, these friends made a tiny cardboard cut-out of Mokie’s most attractive photograph of all time.

Just Sayin’, We Kinda Hate You

Instead of being warmly welcomed home by an emotional sign that bowled them over with love, they were rudely interrupted by this young man and his harsh truths.

Running Out Of Dollars

While we don’t know whether this man really is her sugar daddy or just her averagely-paid husband, we love the fact that they have this kind of relationship.

The Awkward Encounter

Yikes. The man on the receiving end of this hilarious airport sign had a few questions to answer when he landed on solid ground.

What She Said

Does anyone else have any guesses? Perhaps we could enlist the help of a code breaker?

In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

He wasn’t going to let her return to the nest without a warm welcome. He donned his favorite mask, took one deep breath, and made his way to the airport with an awesome sign in hand.

Bizarre Gate Announcements

Everyone’s been there – you’re at the gate, charging your phone, waiting in agony for your delayed flight – then all of a sudden, the concierge running the gate’s desk hops on the speaker to announce an embarrassing message that conveniently makes your day at someone else’s expense.

The Airport Stomach

We can only assume that Sarah rang ahead to her boyfriend before her plane landed, and asked him to bring a little something to soothe the squiggles.

Welcome Home “Babe!”

She had access to his cell phone records the entire time…looks like he are going to need a new cell phone number and girlfriend now.

McBeckenheim III

We seriously doubt this man really is called Princess Consuela Banana-Squeegie McBeckenheim III.

Only The Brave

Kids do everything they can to irritate you and to cause a scene, and it’s safe to say that these kids have completed their mission.

Call Me Baby?

Thankfully, Harper is super cute, and we have a feeling that her father probably does know that she exists. At least, we really hope that he does.

Oh, Great…

If your relationship is based on your mutual respect for teasing each other, you’ve got it made. If you don’t quite know what we mean, just take a look at these two.

That’s A Threat, Not A Promise

Sure, she wanted to welcome the love of her life back into her arms, but she wasn’t going to make a routine of it. She would not be making her way back to the airport again anytime soon…

The Ultimate WANTED Poster

These two were eager to get home for Christmas, but in their eyes, they could have done without the ultimate WANTED poster.

A Tale Of Two Halves

After all, there’s nothing more embarrassing than having to turn down a marriage proposal in front of a giant audience who all want you to say yes. This man is either the epitome of romance, or he’s the ultimate genius.

All About The Specifics

To avoid any confusion, this man decided to be really describe who he was waiting for. He wasn’t just waiting for an average-looking Italian chick.

What A Cute Face

This person decided to show the world just how normal they were with this super cute airport sign. Did we tell you it’s cute? If not, it’s totally cute.

National Margarita Day

While we don’t know how legal this is, we have to give this man credit for being super inventive. After all, anyone can turn up to the airport with a sign that has someone’s name on it – but this man decided to go one step further.

Poor Anna

We have a feeling that Anna wasn’t pregnant with another man’s baby when she saw this, but she may have contemplated making the sign a reality. Poor Anna.

Douglas Is Coming

Let’s be honest; there isn’t a soul alive who hasn’t heard of Game of Thrones. Well, the McGregor family have decided to create their own little clan, and they aren’t afraid for the rest of the world to know.

Aww, How Sweet!

Instead of complimenting this returning traveler, this person decided to insult them. After all, you’ve gotta start as you mean to go on, right?

Would You Like Some Sauce?

This person obviously saw this language barrier for themselves when they arrived in Asia. You know, unless their name really is Hot Gravy.

Playing It Cool

While we know that there is a talk show in the United Kingdom called Loose Women, we have a feeling that he wouldn’t fit the whole cast and crew into his car. So, what’s really going on?

What A Welcome Home!

Not only did she show her support to her country with her red, white, and blue garments, but she also decided to get a little saucy with her sign.

I’ve Got Another Puzzle For You

This really is a man dressed up in an Oompa Loompa costume while waiting for someone called “Chocolate Johnny.”

Your Turn Now, Daddy

This daddy was probably worrying about his wife and his child while working away from home, but little Kaden decided to lift his spirits when he got back.

Doesn’t Fall Too Far

There are some families that have little traditions they just can’t live without, and this mom and daughter duo take the crown for the most inventive tradition. There’s no doubt about it; these two are geniuses.

For The First Time

We’re not crying; you’re crying! While those in the military love their jobs, working away from home can often take its toll.

Dropping That Bombshell

We can only assume that Matt is a rather protective older brother, and wouldn’t be too happy about the fact that his baby sister has got a bun cooking in the oven.

A Bit Whiffy

To welcome back her family, she wasn’t going to conform to what society wanted from her and she wasn’t going to write a heartfelt sign that showed them just how much she missed them.

You Did Your Best!

While they may be young, there’s no doubt about the fact that they are going to go far in life. The coming-back-from-rehab sign is an absolute classic, but these kids went one step further with their genius sign.

5th Time’s a Charm

If you really want to make a statement when you’re picking someone up from the airport, you’ve got to be original. That’s exactly what this kid did when they were picking up their father.

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